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HuttoWed 24-Feb-10 08:39 PM
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#618, "Punblinpo (winner 2003ish)"


Your role is:
Added Fri Nov 15 20:42:06 2002 at level 1:
The child of two adventurers, Punblinpotrublix inherited the combination of
both of his parents' wanderlust. His father, Loriwum, was an amateur thief
for a while. After giving up a short life adventuring, he ended up as a
regular patron in a local bar. It is said that late in the night, after many
drinks, he can be heard retelling the same tale. It involves an ancient
dragon, treasure, and his inspiring battle cry that shook the fright from his
companions so they could flee. Just as everyone was running away, he gives a
dramatic account of how he deftly severed a scale off of the beast, and
slipped out with the souvenir. Rumors run contrary. Instead, it is said that
he had drunkenly stumbled in behind the others, and was last to see the
dragon. As soon as he did, they say he squealed out in terror, wet his
pants, and was dragged out by the others. The only way they could get him to
stop crying was to give him an odd metal plate they had found, telling him it
was a dragon scale. Punblinpotrublix would like to think his father is
is telling the truth, but doesn't know.

Punblinpotrublix's mother, Mazidubra, was a novice wizard at a young age.
She had been forcefully thrust into that lifestyle by her parents, but ran
away from home when she was able. She didn't adventure for long. Seeking a
more stable and reliable environment, Punblinpotrublix's mother took as a
waitress at a bar, where she met Punblinpotrublix's father. It was love at
first sight.

Punblinpotrublix had intended to become a master chef. In fact, his complete
name is: Punblinpotrublixsonofloriwumandmazidubra... and so on, but he was called
Punblinpotrublix during his early years which simply meant: Beautiful Visions
of Food. Not the most graceful in the kitchen, but his passion, ferocity, and
creative imagination were unmatched. Unmatched until the day he decided to
try some of his mother's secret stash of herbs and spices in his own recipe
for stew ("Soupy Squashed Potatoes With Diced Carrots, Pickled Beets...." is
the beginning of its name). Punblinpotrublix isn't sure what happened
exactly after he started eating the stew. He vaguely remembers his sight
going fuzzy, and feeling like he was dreaming.

He's still waiting to wake up from that dream. He isn't sure where he is.
He had never been outside the city of Hillcrest, but somehow ended up roaming
the streets of Galadon, nearly blind. Even if he saw Hillcrest today, he
probably wouldn't recognize it. Punblinpotrublix has sworn he will cook no
more until he wakes up.

He met a helpful gnome in Galadon. The gnome suggested Punblinpotrublix put
his skill with daggers to some self-defense uses, and guided him to the
warrior's guild. The elder gnome (and in turn those of the warrior's guild)
began to call Punblinpotrublix by a shorter name, Punblinpo, that means:
Beautiful Blindness. After suggesting Punblinpo find a pair of thick glasses,
the kind gnome pointed Punblinpo toward the doors of the Academy and left.

Added Mon Nov 18 20:40:46 2002 at level 7:
"Can anyone help me acquire a pair of seeing glasses or spectacles?" cried
out Punblinpo. Amid the inquires about the questionable usefulness of
glasses, Punblinpo heard someone shouting from some distance: "I have a pair,
what is your offering or trade?" Rubbing his eyes and squinting as hard as
he could, poor Punblinpo couldn't make out much of what the warrior
guildmaster had given him. Punblinpo yelled back to the stranger, "Uh, I
have some maps, I think, can't see them too good, not sure what region they
detail.... this... this smells like an ordinary loaf of bread...", as he
fumbled around with his inventory. The stranger arrived unnoticed behind
Punblinpo. "Greetings" said the stranger's voice, the words slithering over
Punblinpo's shoulder. Unable to see, Punblinpo could only smile into the
unknown and offered everything he owned in exchange for the glasses. The
other chuckled at Punblinpo, the smell of pity and contempt filled the air.
"You can just have your glasses" the voice spat at Punblinpo. As Punblinpo
put the oversized green glasses on, the world became slightly more focused
for the first time in weeks. Punblinpo cheerfully thanked the stranger, now
seeing that it was a drow necromancer named Raynos. Punblinpo was still
unable to see much of anything beyond where he stood {no scanning, no looking
at exits outdoors, no using where}

Some time later, Punblinpo met a surveyor who had lost his lens
**SOMEWHERE**. Offering Punblinpo a reward for its return, Punblinpo
decided to see if he could help. Sure enough, he found it, and as he walked
back, Punblinpo held the lens up to his glasses and scanned the horizons for
the first time in months {scan}. He was also able to use the lens to peer
into the woods for nearby **CREATURES** {where NAME}, but the small vision still
hindered more general observations of the wood {still no looking at exits
outdoors, no using general where}. Punblinpo returned the surveyor's lens,
but later went back to the woods and discovered more lens for himself.

Added Thu Nov 21 22:47:51 2002 at level 25:
"Not really, it not for others to tell you..To be honest, must search your
own heart.." Some of the wisest words Punblinpo had ever heard, and they
were coming from a human?! Punblinpo had asked the man what meaning and
purpose lie within the world, beyond Punblinpo's short sights. What should
Punblinpo pursue now that his life as a master chef seemed hopeless? "Must
search your own heart." The words echoed in Punblinpo's head for days, and
he was unable to think of anything else. Then it struck him! Like a fire
giant's hammer coming out of the great beyond to crack him on the head,
Punblinpo had his answer: Perserve neutrality (which is innate in all gnomes
due to their great wisdom) and balance between the greater meanings and
purposes to which others dedicate themselves. It seemed to be the perfect
way for Punblinpo to truly follow his wise, gnomish heart and not the extreme
ideals set out by others. Not only that, but Punblinpo knew the Seekers of
Balance had a bond between warriors and mages. Maybe Punblinpo could find
someone to help be Punblinpo's eyes!

Punblinpo had long been curious about the religion of Eryndorial, even from
his time as a chef. At this point, it seemed the divine was calling
Punblinpo to begin to consider this religion more. It all seemed to make so
much sense to Punblinpo, and would be the perfect faith for his new path.

Added Thu Jan 9 19:42:59 2003 at level 44:
"Do you give your soul?" The jade dragon's question literally penetrated
Punblinpo's mind, to his very being. Swallowing hard, Punblinpo briefly
thought back to how he had come to this point. It began as little more than
an ideal, an aloof intellectual pursuit sparked by an insightful comment from
a stranger. An in-depth discussion with the old, wise gnome Kierning had
been fuel for that spark. This, together with Punblinpo's own observations
and understandings, had ignited into a strong belief that burned from within
Punblinpo's very core. Oh how far he had come from his days as a chef.
Punblinpo snapped back to the present. A serious look crossed Punblinpo's
usually playful face. "Yes."

Some time later, the warrior guildmaster, pleased with Punblinpo's fighting
experience, pulled him aside and began speaking of the Order of Macalla. The
guildmaster explained that Punblinpo's long years fighting without sight
would prove to be of great benefit if Punblinpo were to focus on a style
named Maelstrom of the Veils. Did it ever! Punblinpo put his non-sight
senses to use with extraordinary results! **LEGACY STUFF** even at a distance
without his glasses and surveyors lens! {where, where pk, scan, still no
looking directions outdoors} Punblinpo has grown used to his glasses, so he
continues to wear them anyway. He just keeps his eyes shut now to fully
focus on the Maelstrom of the Veils.

Added Tue Jan 14 23:48:04 2003 at level 50:
Again the warrior guildmaster spoke privately with Punblinpo, sensing that
there might be latent magical aptitude within Punblinpo and it would be
possible to evoke some of this with the proper training. Intrigued by what
was said, Punblinpo agreed to explore what is known in secret circles as
the Enigma of the Thirteen. Punblinpo ponders whether this aptitude comes
from his brewed concoction of stew, possibly inherented from his mother,
or from his time spent utilizing the bonds between mages and warriors within
the Rift. Deep within the underdark, Punblinpo agreed to a task by the
drow Master of War of helping him purge the city of gully dwarves. Although
Punblinpo was not excited about the savage and brutal layout of what was
to become a competition of sorts among the participates, he knew he could
not stand by and leave those of Battle to themselves to gain the favor of
such powerful teachers. So Punblinpo joined the task, and patiently waited
in a corner until he and another were the only two left surviving. He was
shown **QUEST REWARD** for his meager
efforts. Punblinpo has also noticed as he spends more time within the
Maelstrom of the Veil, he becomes more aware of his surroundings. {look at
exits outdoors, EXIT command, brief off if needed}

Hutto, the Sleepy Nitpicker

'Sorry, I'm not 72323slhlst. Or however you say Elite'


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