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Moderated Topics to Read Announcements Protected forum
Important announcements regarding the MUD, but relate to items that are not considered in-character.
Moderators: Umiron, Ishuli, Destuvius, Whiysdan, Twist, Scarabaeus
Tue 19-Sep-23 06:38 PM2 folders
503 topics
2548 messages
Topics to Read The Battlefield Protected forum
Where old and new players alike can come to mourn the loss of friends and celebrate the demise of enemies. The Battlefield is here to allow the fallen to share their inner-most secrets, including roles, descriptions, and logs of memorable battles, and to allow the living to pay their final respects.
Moderators: Ishuli, Umiron, Twist, Scarabaeus, Death_Angel, Azorinne
Mon 25-Sep-23 10:55 AM2 folders
33446 topics
141757 messages
Topics to Read New Player Q&A Protected forum
The New Player Question and Answer Forum can be thought of as an offline version of the newbie channel. This forum is designed to help novice players get acclimated to Thera, and learn the basics of choosing a character, figuring out what commands do, developing a role, exploring the lands, and the like.
Moderators: Ishuli, Twist, Scarabaeus
Tue 21-Mar-23 02:20 AM 832 topics
4885 messages
Topics to Read Gameplay Protected forum
Experienced players have many questions as well. This forum is dedicated to discussing the intricacies of CF such as Cabal Politics, Religions, Roleplaying and Tactics, and New Ideas.
Moderators: Ishuli, Umiron, Destuvius, Twist, Scarabaeus
Tue 12-Sep-23 08:22 AM 7723 topics
72720 messages
Moderated Topics to Read Events & Contests Public forum
Descriptions of ongoing/upcoming events and contests.
Moderators: RaryweyImm, Ishuli, Twist, Scarabaeus
Fri 01-Sep-23 09:24 PM 194 topics
1735 messages
Moderated Topics to Read Logs Public forum
A place for logs to be posted. PKs, RP, funny stuff, etc.
Moderators: Ishuli, Destuvius, Twist, RaryweyImm, Scarabaeus
Sun 21-May-23 03:59 PM 396 topics
2760 messages
Moderated Topics to Read Bug Submissions Public forum
Think you found a bug? Report it here and we'll verify it.
Moderators: Ishuli, Umiron, Scarabaeus, Ergush
Mon 25-Sep-23 09:53 AM 7862 topics
17093 messages
Moderated Topics to Read History & Lore Protected forum
This forum deals with questions about CF's lore and can also serve as a clearing-house for discussions about history, lore, or anything in-world related.
Moderators: Ishuli, The_Poison_Pen, Twist, Scarabaeus
Sun 02-Dec-18 02:00 PM2 folders
185 topics
566 messages
Topics to Read Marketing CF Protected forum
A place to discuss Marketing ideas, thoughts, etc.
Moderators: Ishuli, Umiron, Twist, Scarabaeus
Thu 26-Jan-23 10:14 AM 132 topics
837 messages
Moderated Topics to Read Santa Umishuli 2022 Protected forum
Santa Umishuli returns for 2022 with a sleigh overflowing with coal and maybe a present or two as well. Same rules as last year, details within.
Moderators: Ishuli, Umiron
Sun 26-Feb-23 04:22 PM 57 topics
118 messages
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