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LhydiaFri 11-Jul-03 08:17 PM
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#30, "Here is Iriogam's (Entropy Orc Astein follower), I'll see if I can find the other four...."


Iriogam never was a ‘normal’ Orc. The way she was conceived was naturally the way it was always done, though what happened after with her mother Chaal was different indeed. Chaal had never been one to sit around the stew pot and watch life pass her by, she always used her natural gifts of cunning and ‘beauty’ to get her far in the clan. She happened to be one of the many wives of the chief of that time. Her home wasn’t located in the village, but in a cave about a mile from it. Figuring that she would be safer away from the almost constant raiding of the time, she traveled to and from the village daily, the chief not really caring where she was most of the time. Though she thought it would be a safe thing, it proved to be the opposite when a band of elven scouts stumbled upon her while she was making her way back to her home. She smelled them almost immediatly, and naturally ran for the safety of her dark cave. While running, she felt something hit her in the back of her head, then she remembered falling, then nothing else.
‘Ren ah floau sa tweirnia?’ she heard as she came around groggily. Her hands were bound above her head, her feet bound at the foot of what felt like a table under her. Hissing loudly to those around her and glaring icily at the first form she could focus on, she felt an unholy stab in her brain. The hiss turned to a whimper, and she slipped back into unconsciousness. Upon awakening the second time, she found that there was only one other person in the room with her. Finally able to see clearly, she saw that the other person in the room was an elf in flowing white robes, he was mumbling unintelligible words to himself, a sheen coating of sweat beads dotting his forehead. Then she noticed his hands were on her overly round belly, and she cowered for the first time in true fear, though not for the unborn child in her womb, but for her innards. The elf looked her in the eyes, and smiled softly at her, seeming to be finished with his work. He then placed a hand on her head, and everything faded from her view.
She sat up slowly and realized she was in her cave, everything seemed normal but the cramping in her belly, and the puddle of liquid she was laying in. Immediatly realizing that she was about to birth another child, hopefully a live one this time, she wobbled over to the village as fast as she could, wondering if the elves she had seen were even real, or merely a dream.
Finally on a dark, rainy night, Iriogam was born. After hearing the wailing of, not an Orc pup, but a grown Orc, Chaal sat up and looked for the first time at the slimy green ball of newborn Orc lying in the smelly hay under her. Her daughter looked as grotesque and normal as any Orc should, and even had three horns protruding like a crown out of her forehead, surely an accomplishment. Then she noticed the eyes staring back at her, piercing her very soul it seemed. They were not the beady black eyes of an orc, they were the full, almond shaped eyes of an elf, and they were the deepest shade of green Chaal had ever seen. Knowing that something was wrong with her child, she took it and wrapped it in a not-so-clean blanket, and hid it to her breast, then laid back and drifted into sleep.
She was awoken by a crying and something being lifted off her chest, she sat up and saw that a male had taken her child, and was starting to walk away. She jumped up and hit him in the head with a rock she had picked up. He fell and dropped the baby, which set upon a loud shrill of wailing. Knowing full well that they would kill her child, her only child that ever lived through a birthing process, she picked her up, and ran back to her cave, for fear of herself and her babe. She gathered all her belongings, and set out into the night, silent babe in tow.


Chaal taught Iriogam that her only loyalties should be to herself, herself and no one else. Love is a stupid emotion only felt by the fae folk, and is a waste of self. It is okay to let someone love you, so long as you gain something from it.


Sometimes the only way out of danger, is to distract you’re pursuer with the yearning of their loins. Iriogam was an unnatural beauty in Chaal’s eyes, because of her Elven features, and horns. Of course you could cower your way out, beg for mercy, but flaunting yourself would not only get you out of danger, but it might gain you material things as well.


Beings will always look at you and see what you wear and carry. If you look to ragged, they will take advantage of your weakness, if you look to good, they will fear you. Always look your best material wise, as well as physically wise. Carry a bigger sword or axe then your opponents, and they will fear you. Use whatever you can to take what you can of theirs.


If ever faced with a fight, whether you started it or not, run like hell. If you cannot run, or cower your way out, then fight like no ones ever fought before, use cunning, viciousness, spit, hiss, kick, bite, scrape, do anything to kill your oppressors. Always try to fight in numbers.


Do whatever possible to confuse everyone around you, pretend you’re a grape, yell like a rabid wombat, howl like a broken duck, disorder is the key to gaining an end. If people don’t know what is going on around them, how can they know what you are doing? Try starting fires, or causing hideous odors, these are the things that keep you safe.

These were the things Iriogam was taught by Chaal, and she was unusually quick to learn them. Not only did she inherit the elven eyes, but it seems a bit of wit, though she is far less intelligent then the elves themselves, she is as cunning as they come, and as vain. She sees herself as the only important being in the universe, she is the most beautiful by far, no one can even hold a candle to her. She is disgusted by her mother, and other Orcs she comes into contact with, though surely she does not tell them that, she will even flatter them in hopes of gaining something in return. She recognizes the fact that she is gifted, and won’t hesitate to let it be known. She dresses herself in gaudy jewelery at times that it is available, and paints her lips red, though a bit sloppily. She mimics the ways of fashion and tr end to the best of her Orcish ability, impressing herself far more then she impresses others.

After she can take the presence of her mother no longer, she leaves their dwelling place in search of something better, something worthy of her time and effort. She doesn’t even think of going back to the clan like her mother, though she knows she could be their queen. She seeks someone, or some place worthy of her time, perhaps someone better then herself..if there is such a thing.


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