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MalcolmFri 13-Jul-07 01:23 AM
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#582, "Duule (Runner up June 2007)"


Birthed in Blood.

Goliath had planned the conception himself. The prostitute was not comely
by even human standards. She would not be missed. Taken in the dead of
night from the Whitethorn Brothel into the cellar of the dark, ruined
church below the inky stone of the Black Dragon Street. Ancient sigils
of conjuration, left over from a previous age, still emanating a sickly
green glow from the center of the floor. Rottings pews pushed to the
three unused walls leaving a charred and cracked altar upon a raised
dais uncluttered. Four chains placed in the floor bearing spiked manacles
were quickly clamped to the wrist and ankles of the unfortunate whore
causing excruciating pain, but it was nothing compared to what lay ahead
for her. Goliath himself consummated the desecration, the creation..

She was kept alive.. barely through gestation, given just enough to keep
her, but more importantly, the creature growing in her womb healthy and
growing. the time came and the young minotaur began it's emergence,
tearing and goring it's way through her womb and abdominal wall, eventually
ripping it's way through her abdomen. A dark human healer was commissioned
to keep the woman alive through the process, keeping her heart beating
through the horror befalling her. Finally as the minotaur emerged she was
skinned by her thighs and drained under the healer's hand, still alive, of
her warm life's blood. Her skin was stitched to hold her vital fluid. When
she was drained, she was finally allowed to die, screaming in agony. The
still warm blood was fed to the child who consumed it with gluttony.

The dark priest, along with Goliath stood at either end of the newborn.
Raising his voice to the night sky through the rifts of the old church
the priest called out, "Mother of the Night!" "Rapture of Blood!"
"Accept this child unto you that he may serve your desires as he claims
his birthright of power!" Red streaks of lightning pealed across the sky
as if in approval. His dark journey, upon a road awash with viscera, gore
and beauty in death began.


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