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LhydiaWed 16-Jul-03 11:09 AM
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#37, "Onilyn (Entropy Bard Mayesha Follower)"


Twenty days after the birth of Onilyn marked the day of Princess Leridia’s birth. The small city of Eryn Galen was in celebration for days. A new princess meant that the throne of Aban D’ore was secure for another two generations at least. The wood-elves in this city were very politically focused of course, turning away from the more sylvan approach that there ‘brutish’ near relatives took. Onilyn was chosen even before she was born into the world to be Leridia’s best friend and hand maiden. The two were to be inseparable for the emotional health of the princess. King D’ore saw to it that his daughter recieved the best trainings and education from the most knowledgeable advisors. He also made sure that his niece Onilyn recieved training in less important things, things to keep his lovely Leridia entertained; Music, acrobatics, and small weapon training (just in case). In the perfect world, both the Princess and her handmaiden would grow old together, always friendly, always happy. But the wood-elves of Eryn Galen were never known for their humbleness. Onilyn was never happy. As a young child she always wondered why Leridia got the finer things, the newest dolls and toys made of the finest materials. She grew up in the Princess’s shadow, not understanding what made the princess so much better then herself. As she grew into adolescence she began to develope a hatred for Leridia, and the Eryn Galen society as a whole. She was caught twice trying to hide a few pieces of fine jewelry in her dresses, and punished harshly in both cases. She began to be a bit of a trouble maker, and sewed seeds of discourse throughout the courts. Onilyn would steal things from nobles and plant them in places throughout the city, on guardsmen, even on the princess as gifts, that is if she didn’t keep them for herself. She loved owning shining baubles and magical artifacts though more often then not, it was the princess and not her that had them. She coveted everything the princess had, opportunity, vast wealth, friends, power..needless to say, the relationship they shared took a turn for the worse. Onilyn’s mischief and theft did not go unnoted by the King or Queen, and eventually she was caught snuggling with one of the Princess’s suitors just because, in her words ‘She was good enough to unite kingdoms to’. This had a disastrous effect on more then a few people, and she was exiled from the city and ordered never to return.


Onilyn feels that the only true friend a person can have and trust is themselves, though she covets the ability to be blinded by friendship when she sees it around her by looking at the different people in her travels.


Onilyn doesn’t particularly like seeing the perfect lives of others in comparison to her sucky one, she has developed an unconscious ability to throw a wrench in the sprockets of every day society that usually leaves people worse for the wear, thus making herself happier.


Onilyn isn’t an overly unhappy person, shes not even a vengeful bitch who hates everyone. She just covets the things that she can’t attain for herself..she thinks she has every right to do what everyone else can do, or be whatever everyone else can be. Its not necessarily an equality issue, just a jealousy thing that floats around occasionally, particularly if shes in a bad mood. Being able to covet something means being alive, even if shes able to obtain the things she covets most, she’ll likely just move on to covet something else.


Onilyn hasn’t really ever known true love, though she uses both fake lust and love to obtain the things she covets, if its possible obtain them that way. In another way they are both desires she feels at times, she doesn’t usually covet either, but if she does, she has no problem overcoming any obstacles to obtain them, such as a wife or fiancé.

Music/Poetry/Bard-ish things

Onilyn likes the fact that most people cannot sing and play music the way she can, and will often sing even more prettily in hopes that people will covet the things they cannot have that she has: musical ability, etc.


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