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OdrirgWed 24-Jan-07 12:05 PM
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#553, "Gmuer Sabourin(Muouk)"


Well. Got myself a 100 dollar laptop. At first, it was really painful being forced to be away from cf, now I'm not sure if I still have the "chops" to come back. With some RL stuff going on at the moment, I unfortunately feel my "unlimited interesting roles" producing organ has failed. I used to come up with 10 roles a day that I would like to play, sometimes based on my dreams. Now I can't think up any.

Anyway. Here is Gmuer's role. I really liked it, but at first was surprised when it won the role contest, because I thought it wasn't as good as some of my past ones that only got honorable mentions, or didn't place at all. Until I started playing it, and I probably had more fun playing this role than any I've ever played.

***I had many other role additions waiting to go in, but never got to go in, so I won't include those. And I am going to excise some personal information that I put in there, as an explanation to the immstaff on why I dissapeared for a month the first time, that's not pertinent to the role***

desc + Epicanthic folds drawn tight nearly completely hide the purplish hue of his
desc + eyes that sneaks out and seems to dart back and forth in a feaverish urgency.
desc + His round, flat face carries an otherwise open expression, if it could be
desc + said to carry any, which might be a stretch.
desc +
desc + His thick, sandy-brown hair, a full 4'9 from the ground, is shaved away from
desc + the lower part of his head, leaving a round helmet-like pate with a bottom
desc + parallel to the ground and even with his nearly non-existant eyebrows.
desc +
desc + Upon a closer look, it is not that his eyebrows are thin, it is more that
desc + their light blond color fades almost perfectly into his pale complexion.
desc +


Role subject Read this first, quick personality summary.
role +
role + To quote from "Serenity":
role + ******************
role +
role + Operative: I'm sorry. If your quarry goes to ground,leave no ground to
role + go to. You should have taken my offer. Or did you think none of this was your
role + fault?
role +
role + Malcolm Reynolds: I don't murder children.
role +
role + Operative: I do. If I have to.
role +
role + Malcolm Reynolds: Why? Do you even know why they sent you?
role +
role + Operative: It's not my place to ask. I believe in something greater
role + than myself. A better world. A world without sin.
role +
role + Malcolm Reynolds: So me and mine gotta lay down and die... so you can
role + live in your better world?
role +
role + Operative: I'm not going to live there. There's no place for me
role + there...any more than there is for you. Malcolm... I'm a monster.What I do is
role + evil. I have no illusions about it, but it must be done.
role +
role + ******************
role +
role + Basically he hates evil. Despises having to do evil. But is convinced that
role + pure Order and Justice, without the defiling influence of the corruption and
role + whim that is rife in the Empire, will bring about perfect peace and harmony
role + to the whole world.
role +
role + He does what he does, because he himself thinks it would be a worse sin to
role + see the path to the better future for all creatures till the end of time, but
role + not do what is necessary to bring that world about because of a squeemish
role + stomach.
role +
role + He is fond of using this rationale, at least to himself, to justify
role + what he is doing and to convince himself that he is not really "evil" inside.
role +
role +
role + If the sacrifice of one lightwalker's pinky finger could bring about eternal
role + bliss for an infinite number of beings for all eternity, would it be worth
role + it?
role +
role + What about that Lightwalker's hand? Arm? Both legs? Life?.......soul?
role +
role + What about 10 Lightwalkers? 100? 1000?
role +
role + He is willing to be the one lightwalker to lose his soul for this goal.
role + Because the goal is worthy. But he also has no compunctions in making any
role + number of other law-breaking lightwalkers pay with their lives. Because it
role + will bring the greater good.
role +
role + He also has somewhat of a "short person" complex.
role +

role subject Read this second, outline of history Part one.
role +
role + This will give the basics instead of the 14 page version. This will just
role + attempt to touch on the parts that formed his beliefs and personality as it
role + exists now.
role +
role + Born in a far off, civilized, corrupt, evil society. Doesn't know where it
role + is now.
role +
role + Loved his Mother very much. Oedipal? not really, he was too young.
role +
role + His Father, hating the corruption and evil, faught against the government,
role + Robin Hood style, leaving his family for long periods of time.
role +
role + The Govt found out his father's identity, and came looking for him, but could
role + not find him. According to the Law, his family must pay. This started him
role + down the road of hating his Father.
role +
role + He and his mom were sentenced to 10 years. The first five they would be
role + Seperated. She was to work as a palace whore, he was to stay in the "hole".
role + After five years, they were moved to a "rehabilitation" camp where they
role + helped feed the Govt by growing crops. After their term, they would be
role + free.
role +

role subject Outline of history part two.
role +
role + During his time in the hole, he hated the unceasing, hateful, blinding, total
role + darkness. He yearned for the Light.
role +
role + His one comfort during this time, was a friend in the next cell, Dimity, a
role + young girl who was to be released from the hole to work the rehabilitation
role + farm a month before he was to be.
role +
role + They became fast friends, and fell madly in love as only young children can,
role + making long plans for the future when they were free.
role +
role + That last month in the hole without Dimity to talk to was torture, finally,
role + he was released, and taken to the rehab farm. Dimity was there to meet him.
role +
role + She was ugly as sin. Worse, if that is possible.
role +
role + But he had learned to try to be honorable, and nice, and he really did
role + remember how great a personality she had, so he resolved to "get used to"
role + her appearance.
role +
role + She placed a hand over her mouth, and he saw tears in her eyes, and thought
role + them to be tears of joy...before she started laughing. Of the Bust-a-gut,
role + painful to breathe variety of laugh.
role +

role subject Outline of history part three.
role +
role + She was laughing, because he is a Runt. Very short. In a society that values
role + physical prowess, it was looked down upon as almost on the level of a crime
role + to be so short and thin.
role +
role + The Ugly bitch rejected HIM! After he had resolved to be the gentleman and
role + suffer through having to look at her face! Anger. Rage. Rejection.
role + Depression. Finally a bottomless pit of sadness.
role +
role + This was the beginning of his eventual revelation, years later, that the
role + Darkness was an equalizer. Shine too much light on a group of people, and
role + what you see are differences. This one has too long a nose, that one is too
role + fat. This one too short. But in the Darkness. Everyone begins equally.
Role +
role + And equality is the beginning of Justice. And pure Justice, is the
role + beginning of bliss.
role +

role subject Outline of history part four.
role +
role + The next three years were hard. All of the children, and even the guards,
role + would mock, and often beat, him.
role +
role + What kept him sane (if he can be said to be sane anymore, which might not
role + TECHNICALLY be true)was his Mother. She taught him of the law. And Justice.
role + How it was right that they pay for the crimes of his father, because
role + that was the Law. And without law, there would be only Anarchy.
role +
role + Sure, the govt was corrupt, but corrupt law is better than no law.
role +
role + She gave him unconditional, shining, love.
role +

role subject Outline of history part five.
role +
role + Time at the Rehab Farm was just becoming bearable, and in two short years,
role + he and his mother would be Free!
role +
role + Then his father returned. Found his family in a slave camp, and snuck inside.
role + He spoke at length about the evils of the govt. About how it was the job of
role + every lightwalker to stand against evil.
role +
role + How it was evil for his beloved wife and son to be slaves, just because he
role + was a "freedom fighter".
role +
role + He convinced his wife. They took their son, and tried to escape.
role +

role subject Outline of history part six.
role +
role + Rare is the night that he does not have nightmares linked to those three
role + hellish weeks on the run. Filled with conflicting emotions.
role +
role + Desperation to convince his parents they were doing wrong!
role + Frustration at them not listening to him.
role + Desire to return to the Farm, and finish his term and gain freedom.
role + Despair in knowing it was too late to do that, and that he was condemned to a
role + life on the Run, if he wanted to live.
role +
role + And growing anger and hatred of his Father, for even in his dreams, he knows,
role + loathes, and cowers from what always comes next.
role +

role subject Outline of history part seven.
role +
role + They were captured. Of course. His Mother was put to death as an escapee. His
role + Father rightly Impaled. He too, should have been put to death as an escapee.
role +
role + But one of the corrupt officials saw this small, lithe boy. And un-natural
role + desires took hold of his flesh. He was put upon a ship, to be sent to this
role + official's winter palace, and there to become a sex slave for the rest of
role + his life.
role +
role + (here is where he learns to hate corruption in the law, which is why he would
role + never knowingly join an organization as corrupt as the Empire).
role +
role + He spent winter and spring in an....icky...torture. At the end of spring, he
role + was shipped to the official's summer palace.
role +
role + A late spring storm blew them off course, for weeks it seems. Finally to be
role + ground into the coral reefs in a strange sea (turns out to be the western
role + aryth).
role +
role + By pure force of will, he survives the shipwreck, and makes his way towards
role + the signs of Civilization...and find himself in a massive city he had never
role + heard of before (seantryn modan).
role +

role subject Carefully Crafted Cowardice.
role +
role + For much of his life, he plans on carefully crafting a persona of complete
role + cowardice, at least as far as he can take it without it affecting his rise
role + through the mortal leadership.
role +
role + Why? A few reasons.
role +
role + His father, damn him, used to try to teach him tactics. There is a thing
role + called a "baited ambush". When you first make contact, you run away as fast
role + as you can, only to turn and strike in full force after your pursuing foe has
role + decided you will be easy meat.
role +
role + Such a tactical device can also be used strategically.
role +
role + In his time at the Farm, he used to play cards with his Mother. Games even
role + like Spades, and poker (when you are desperate, you can even play those as
role + two-player games).
role +
role + In spades, it is possible to bid low, to make the other side bid high, then
role + you come out strong, and make them not hit their mark.
role +
role + In Poker, if you play very tight, and always check and fold, it opens up your
role + opponents to believe you when you bluff and bid alot of money.
role +
role + As such, he intends in his early life to try to make very sure that his
role + enemies see him as a non-entity, a coward who will run at the first sign of
role + trouble.
role +
role + This way, when the time comes and he comes into power, his enemies will fall
role + before him like straw, never knowing what hit them.
role +

role subject First years in Seantryn Modan
role +
role + He lived as a street urchin, never stealing but lowering himself to egging
role + to survive. Slowly, he learned of the world, and the ways of Thera.
role +
role + When he was old enough, he applied and was admitted to the paladin guild in
role + the City.
role +
role + After the first week, it was clear that very few paladin trainees ever had
role + the zeal and determination to work hard to make the world better.
role +
role + Unfortunately, this was not to last. In the fifth week of training, he got
role + into an...argument might be too light a term...with the guildmaster.
role +
role + It centered around where the "line" should be drawn. What tactics should
role + or should not be taken, in defense of the weak and innocent.
role +
role + It was Gmuer's decision that to save the life of the greatest number of
role + innocents, you must be as hard as your enemy, you must defeat him utterly.
role +
role + His attitude, and zeal, scared the Paladin guildmaster, and he was ejected.
role +
role + He was not back on the street for a full week before he was approached by
role + a shady figure.
role +
role + This figure talked long with Gmuer, about a guild in which nothing was
role + forbidden. A guild where the only limit on your strength and power and
role + influence on the world was you yourself, not some wrong-headed morality
role + that would force you to hold back from doing what needs to be done.
role +
role + Thus, the young Gmuer entered the Necromancer's guild, on the promise that
role + he may one day gain the strength to bring order, peace, and bliss to the
role + World.
role +

role subject Slave's name
role +
role + Gmuer is not above buying slaves to help him. Infact, he enjoys doing such
role + and will do so whenever possible.
role +
role + Partly, it gives him a chance to force evil creatures who are slaves to work
role + with him towards bringing endless bliss to Thera.
role +
role + Mostly, he likes to buy the biggest, ugliest ones he can find, so he can
role + tell them that their name is "Dimity".
role +
role + Just some small, ongoing revenge against that young girl from his time in the
role + Hole and the Farm.
role +

role subject Some clarification re:personality and alignment
role +
role + In Gmuer's own mind, he is a lightwalker who is just willing to do evil
role + things, and lose his soul, to bring about paradise for the whole world.
role +
role + In reality, such a decision has changed him to be truly evil, despite what
role + he thinks of himself.
role +
role + It would probably devastate him if his conscious mind ever became aware, but
role + he has started to really like the pain he inflicts on others, especially
role + the innocents that "get in his way". Even though he could never admit this
role + to himself.
role +
role + Also, he likes to think of himself as quite "even keel'ed" never getting
role + too upset. He tries very hard to not speak ill of others or use profanity,
role + as in his mind a true lightwalker wouldn't.
role +
role + But, there are times when he explodes in rages. And as he grows older, it
role + seems these times when anger grabs hold of his mind grow harder to hold off.
role +

Role subject rp reason behind absense part 1
role +
role + Gmuer has had a crisis of faith, and come out on the other side wiser,
role + sadder, stronger, and with a better understanding of the True meaning of
role + Justice.
role +
role + In his early life, he had largely convinced himself that much of his vast
role + reserve of inner strength sprang mostly form his ability to emotionally
role + distant himself from the necessities of life, and victory in building a
role + better world.
role +
role + Rage, anger, fear, depression, even joy, happiness and humor, he thought were
role + completely foreign to his nature.
role +
role + Indeed, he took great pride in his calculating world-view. He was about
role + bringing Justice, not about emotionally tangling in the world.
role +
role + But then, he started down the road of the True Religion, the Religion of
role + Justice.
role +
role + He was reborn, and in his rebirth, his father gave him what he thought at
role + first was a curse.
role +
role + For the first time in his life, an anger seethed within him in such force
role + that he could not ignore it, or say it wasn't there, even to himself.
role +
role + He thought of this as a weakness.
role +
role + But Gmuer is not stupid, of all the things that can be said of his corrupt
role + and secretly shriveled soul, stupidity is truthfully not one of them.
role +

Role Subject rp reason behind absense part 2
role +
role + He had begun his career as a Magistrate with many goals, amoung them the firm
role + desire to prove to his enemies (and even friends) that he was a coward, so
role + that in the future when he had the power he needed, surprise would be a
role + weapon he could wield to cut the hearts out of those who's deeds cried out
role + for Justice.
role +
role + But his Anger took a vote, and it was unanimous. No playing possum for Gmuer.
role +
role + It started out with him being assaulted by a Cow Village berserker. In a
role + protected city no less.
role +
role + Caution, and his plan, led him to retreat at first. But then, his anger took
role + hold, and he went out, hunted down, and alone brought this villager to
role + taste Justice.
role +
role + More than once since then, his anger has forced him to act in ways that could
role + not be seen in any way as cautious, but every time he has let his anger
role + get the better of him, Justice has won the day.
role +
role + So even though he feared this anger, he saw the signs and knew it not for a
role + curse from his Father, but a blessing.
role +
role + And after much introspection, he realized his Father had not given him this
role + blessing of anger, but merely revealed what was already within his heart.
role +
role + This disturbed Gmuer, and went against everything he had based his
role + understanding of Justice upon.
role +
role + So, he took a leave of absense from his work, and went travelling. He had
role + never had a normal life, and he knew that somehow the answer to his internal
role + debate stood in an understanding of what it meant to have a true life.
role +

Role subject Rp reason behind absense part 3
role +
role + At first, he visited many small villages, always invisible to the normal eye,
role + and watched. He watched people at their worst, and people at their best, he
role + watched funerals, and many hundreds of Weddings.
role +
role + **As a side note, having watched all of those weddings, he noticed something.
role + **Without exception, the grooms are nervous, and the brides are calm and
role + **serene...even glowing with joy. And he realized this probably would tell
role + **him something about who really ran the world, if he took the time to
role + **ponder it.
role +
role + After seeing the Joyful part of life, he needed to see the other side. He
role + re-visited all of the happy couples he had seen married, a month of so after
role + their nuptuals, and slew all of the women in their sleep.
role +
role + This was not (in his mind, as he told himself) something he relished. But,
role + He knew he had work to do back in Thera Proper as a Magistrate, and that he
role + could not do it without the understanding that seeing these small tragedies
role + in life play out.
role +
role + He watched the men carefully, but did not learn what he needed.
role +
role + Next, he moved to larger cities, and began to watch crime, and it's victims.
role +
role + It is here that he finally, at long last, began to understand.
role +
role + Anger...this is a natural emotion. It is a necessary emotion. Even the beasts
role + feel it. It springs from being wronged.
role +
role + More importantly, it serves to give strength to those who have been wronged,
role + to give them the strength to seek to right those wrongs.
role +
role + In the most primitive sense, anger is the foundation upon wich the mansions
role + of Justice are built. But it goes further than this.
role +
role + In beasts, anger, revenge, and Justice are all the same. But in the sentient
role + mind. In beings with souls, it goes much deeper.
role +
role + Out of anger comes revenge. This is the basic formula. But in the Sentient,
role + Revenge can transform itself. It can ascend to a higher plane of existance
role + and transfigure into something truly divine. It becomes Justice, if done
role + correctly.
role +

role subject rp reason behind absense part 4.
role +
role + *explaining role contest rewards*
role +
role + In his travels, he had gone far, and now that he was ready to return, he
role + had far to return.
role +
role + He had many trevails on his journey, as if the forces of chaos and injustice
role + wished to prevent it.
role +
role + During these trevails, he noticed two things.
role +
role + With his acceptance of his own inner Anger, the acceptance of which was his
role + most prized gift from his Father, he found new strength.
role +
role + He found that by tapping into his own anger when cursing the souls of the
role + soon to be condemned, he could bring up a well of hurt and anger nearly
role + bordering on rage from the first instant of dejection by the ugly whore
role + named Dimity. He found this anger channel into his curses and fly towards
role + the condemned with a power that astounded and came near to frightening him
role + the first time he experienced it.
role +
role + Also, with his acceptance of this new well of strength within him, he finally
role + had the strength to accept his short stature. Even though remnants of the
role + culture of his youth where shortness was near to a crime still remain, with
role + his acceptance of his own stature, he has found it easier to fight those
role + stupid hulking brutes who take such pride in their own gargantuan size.
role +
role + Such people, he has realized, have such a deeply ingrained sense of how
role + wonderful it is to be large, that they can not conceive of anyone thinking
role + of any real ADVANTAGE of being small.
role +
role + And so, because they can not conceive of any advantage, and believe in their
role + deepest, worm-eaten hearts that no one else can either, that someone who
role + CAN find advantage in short stature can have an enormous advantage in
role + combatting these lugs.
role +
role + And so he returns to Thera, the burning, all-consuming light of the Magma
role + of his rebirth shining through him and newly forging him into a weapon for
role + Justice.
role +


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