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#34, "Kiaspiflas (Scarab arial assassin, Cyradia's tattoo)"


There is more to this role, but this is all I can find.

Added Fri Jul 28 05:24:05 2000 at level 4:
Abandoned by whoever his real parents might have been, Kiaspiflas was raised for
a time at the orphanage of Balator. Due to his quiet nature and somewhat
repulsive appearance he was given less care and attention by the orphanage staff
and the people of Balator; in a sense this seems only natural, for they found
the time they spent on him less rewarding than that they spent with the other
children. As he aged, these same traits found him rejected by the other
children. Whenever they looked for someone to bully, torment, tease, or
exclude, there he was, the silent, funny-looking introvert. The adults of the
place never seemed to see it when the young arial was beaten or humiliated, and
they were all too eager to believe the word of the many loved children over that
of the disliked, outsider boy. When they did catch some hint of the child's
quiet suffering, they simply thought to themselves that kids will be kids and
that this sort of thing is not unusual. In truth, whether or not it should be,
it is not.

Sometimes, the innocent cruelty of children goes too far. One day, young Kias
was thrown by the other children into the cellar of the village falconer. With
jeers and taunts about fear of the dark on their lips, the child was locked into
that dank abyss. For a time, his cries for help amused the other children, who
laughed and made fun as children do. In time, they moved onto other childhood
games and forgot about the boy, whose cries could not be heard very far from the
shadowy reaches of the cellar. It took the orphanage staff several days to
notice the missing child, so used were they to his unobtrusive demeanor. They
interrogated the other children, who by now were beginning to realize that they
had done a thing that they could potentially be punished harshly for. Fearful
of retribution over their act of stupid cruelty, the children kept silent about
what had happened to Kiaspiflas, feigning ignorance.

It was several weeks before the boy was found. Criminals of surpassing mental
endurance and cruelty are frequently broken by a day or two of solitary
confinement and a dearth of stimuli. Here, a child of surpassing intelligence
and, had his life gone much differently, compassion, had endured it for
lightless weeks on end. As the grain and other dry goods in the room were
unfit for direct consumption, the child had eventually learned to feed himself
by hunting vermin in the permanent midnight of the cellar. Still, he emerged
a hair's breadth from starvation, half-feral and more than half insane. It
would be over a month before the boy physically recovered to something
resembling health, and years before he would speak coherent words again. But
never again would he expect the good or even ambivalent will of others, and
never again would he fear the dark.

The other children never fully grasped what they had done to the young Kias,
and so in time their childish games continued. This time, he would retaliate.
This in turn brought greater and bolder measures from the children, and so on
went the cycle of retributive cruelty feeding upon itself until the night when
Kiaspiflas killed one of the other children. He fled Balator by dawn. From
then through adulthood he made his way in the world by becoming a thief, thug,
mercenary, assassin, and anything and everything else that pays but is avoided
by most less-desperate people either for reasons of fear or morality.

Added Fri Jul 28 05:32:44 2000 at level 5:
Kiaspiflas revels in destruction, most especially that of other sentient
beings. Destruction to his mind can take many forms, including destruction of
the physical, mental, spiritual, moral, and so forth. He believes that all in
their secret hearts love to destroy as he does, but deceive themselves. Some
may "channel" this love of destruction into a narrow vein, such as a Maran who
seeks the destruction of those he sees as evil, a warrior who seeks the
elimination of magic and those who wield it, or even children who want to pick
on the child who is different. In this way they convince themselves that their
thirst for destruction is in some way acceptable. Kias could only concievably
respect others who admitted in some way that they, too, thrilled in
annihilation, but being as he is he would probably want to kill them anyway.
He is not in the least mindless or stupid, and so he is capable of tolerating
other sentient creatures and using them to his end, but he never likes doing
this, always preferring to destroy. It might be worth mentioning that it is
much easier for Kias to tolerate people that he literally can't (physically)
destroy, which is to say those the gods protect from him. These he is
significantly more likely to attempt to either destroy in other ways or
manipulate to serve whatever ends occur to him at the moment.

On the whole, compassion and the "lighter" emotions are to Kias as red might be
to a color blind person; he has heard of them and could describe them to some
degree, but they will always be alien concepts to him, things which exist "out
there" and not "in here." He is willful, hateful, capricious in the extreme,
and generally one mean bastard.


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