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#554, "Meagara (long)"


I dunno if I'm supposed to post this here since it's available in the PBFs but hey, it said role contest winners so here we are.

This was one of the only chars that I continually changed the description on - and I did that because so much detail of the desc was on stuff that would change as you age - facial smoothness, etc. Her demeanor also changed - she started out young and she had "youthful exuberance" but by the time I deleted her she was getting old and had become more grim and dour.

An aging, yet beautiful human female stands here. Her face belies
a soul that has seen many battles. Mature and curvy, her body is
quite fit, though her gait makes apparent that she used to move with
much more grace than she currently does.
Her hair is cut in a plain fashion, with a ponytail that reaches
the middle of her back. All of the hair is grey, with splashes
of reddish leftovers from her younger days.

Her face is still quite beautiful, especially considering her age,
A firm jawline works its way down to a smooth chin, which serves
to support two full, lush lips.

Looking more closely, you see that her body is dressed in simple
but form-fitting clothing. Covering that, you can see:

Added Sun Jul 10 14:30:46 2005 at level 5:
Meagara is a dragon. Ok, she doesn't know that. She just thinks
she's a normal human, and she seeks to aid the Light and destroy
the Darkness. She's 100% certain that Shokai is the God that she
will seek for Empowerment. She dreams of smiting duergar and drow
each day, and zealously preaching to cloud giants and gnomes each

What she doesn't realize is that she's become the next in a long
line of hosts to the soul of the Golden Dragon of Ofcol. He's
been attaching his essence to regular mortals for quite a while
now, ever since the Golden Citadel in Ofcol was burned.

The Golden Dragon was always a champion for Good in the world,
and so he always chooses men and women who walk in the Light...
but until this point he has not fused with any priests of any kind.

HIS plan is to seek out the Dragon God Drokalanatym. He can
possess the body of those he inhabits, without their knowledge, when
the mood strikes him. He intends to implore the Dragon God to empower
this young beauty, if for no other reason than to alleviate the boredom
of one of his dragon-kin.

Added Tue Jul 26 23:38:14 2005 at level 13:
Meagara is ecstatic about the empowerment that Shokai has given her.
She greatly admires him and has heard tales of his deeds as a mortal.
She finds the thought of such a powerful being once being a mere mortal
hard to believe, but he does not stamp out the tale, so she decides that
however unlikely, it must be true.

The Golden Dragon inhabiting her, however, is not as delighted.
He is thankful that his host has been empowered, and certain that
her life will not bore him as much as it might have. However, he
considers being empowered by Shokai a bit...demeaning. He was
quite certain that the Dragon God Drokalanatym would provide the
empowerment, and for his host...a mere attain success
where he found only failure - is disconcerting.

In addition, the Golden Dragon of Ofcol remembers watching the
mortal Shokai fight (and frequently fall to) many members of the
Shadow. As difficult as it is for Meagara to accept that Shokai
was once mortal, it may be even more tricky for the Golden Dragon
to forget the mortal and see Shokai as the powerful God of the Light.

Occasionally the Golden Dragon thinks of "the good old days" when
Gods like Galadriel, Twist, and Trouble watched over the Light.

Added Fri Aug 5 19:35:40 2005 at level 20:
A bloodoathed fire giant asked Meagara to group today, and she replied that
she'd rather see him swimming in his own excrement in the Malebolge. Upon
uttering this insult, she found herself wondering what in Shokai's name
"Malebolge" is.

The Golden Dragon's influence has begun to slightly tinge the manner of the
young human woman. In times of battle, she becomes more grim, and her speech
reflects this.

This is the first time that Meagara herself has noticed any sort of change.
She is somewhat confused, but not truly worried. If anything, she assumes
that it is all a side effect of her bond with Shokai.

More evidence of the dragon
Added Mon Aug 8 23:29:35 2005 at level 23:
Meagara learned from her groupmates Ixullathan and Zueltas that she
had suddenly begin speaking quite loudly to them. Something about that
they aid this "Young Human" quite well and will surely be rewarded by
the Gods above.

She has no memory of speaking those words, and is a little embarrassed
about it.

Inducted into Maran
Added Mon Aug 15 23:28:25 2005 at level 30:
As Meagara spoke with Dorn, Marshall of the Maran, the Golden Dragon
made another appearance. He divulged more to Dorn than anyone (including
Meagara herself). Dorn then spoke with Meagara about herself, and a bit
about Dragons and losing spots of time.

Her answers seemed to satisfy Dorn, though he surely remains wary
of a Maran who may not be in complete control of her own actions.
Dorn ended up inducting Meagara as a Squire.

Added Thu Aug 18 22:08:12 2005 at level 31:
Meagara has suffered many failures this day...three times
managing to snatch defeat from the jaws of Victory.

She has pledged via prayer to Shokai that she will not allow
the failures to daunt her, and presses on.

The Golden Dragon, however, is not amused. He has grown silent
within her, not venturing his Voice outward.

Chain Famish
Added Sun Aug 21 01:25:24 2005 at level 35:
Meagara had another encounter with the Voice today. Her groupmate Mylinos
told her about how she was saying things. She has no memory of that.
Meanwhile, while she meditated in Shokai's shrine, the Golden Dragon called out again
to Drokalanatym, and was answered.
Meagara now has a new skill that she doesn't understand. Mylinos has
assured her that this is Shokai granting her a boon because he is
proud of her progress. She is not so sure.

Joining the Brigade
Added Sat Aug 27 21:21:25 2005 at level 42:
When Aarn saw fit to make Meagara a member of the Brigade,
the Golden Dragon finally decided his choice in this mortal
was the right one. He knows now that he will see many battles,
and (he hopes) many dark souls laid to rest.

Meagara goes on fairly unwitting about the Golden Dragon's involvement
in her life, though she begins to suspect. When the Dragon speaks
through her, often times those around her ask her what she was
talking about. She is as confused (or more) than they are, but
puts it behind her as no harm seems to come from these...outbursts.

Face to face with Shokai
Added Wed Aug 31 00:02:45 2005 at level 43:
Meagara was granted an audience with Shokai and was elated.
She had many questions, but before she could ask them, the Golden Dragon asserted itself
and requested that Shokai not reveal its presence yet. Shokai acceded.

Meagara has never felt more in tune with her God. As the Golden Dragon told Shokai, she is nearing
readiness to know the truth. As her strength and faith grows to new heights, so will her understanding
of her unique situation.

She knows...mostly.
Added Fri Sep 2 23:07:58 2005 at level 47:
Meagara is close now. Various conversations have given her clues
to what is going on:
An old being who knows little or nothing of conjurers.
A creature of the Light.
A creature that speaks of a Golden Citadel, and ancient Knights.
A creature that speaks as if it is Drokalanatym or knows the Lurker or has been possessed by the Lurker.

The Golden Dragon, of course, is ready, and believes Meagara is ready.
The "trail of breadcrumbs" it has left has lead Meagara
to the truth. Now she will seek confirmation.

Added Mon Sep 5 18:52:51 2005 at level 51:
Meagara prayed to Shokai and was granted an audience. Shortly after the
meeting began, the Golden Dragon once again revealed itself and spoke with
the Skyborn, telling him that Meagara was ready to know the truth. The Dragon
and the God conversed for a short while, and then Meagara snapped back to herself.
Shokai told Meagara most everything, explaining it in ways that she could
understand. She learned a bit more about Shokai, and Honor, in the meeting.

Meagara understands now. But that is not the end. It is truly only the beginning.

The visits comprehended
Added Thu Sep 8 23:00:14 2005 at level 51:
Meagara has begun to understand the Golden Dragon's episodes of possession.
More than understand, she is becoming able to sense when they have happened,
and recently, even have a vague idea of what was said.

The Dragon, satisfied that her mind did not shatter with the knowledge, has
made less frequent showings, seemingly displaying himself at random times.

Often the times are when battles are not being fought, for he does not wish
to distract her, or her comrades.

Added Sat Sep 17 02:47:10 2005 at level 51:
Aarn and Shokai have seen fit to make Meagara Marshall.
While she did not expect it, the Dragon had been expecting it
for a while. The Dragon, in fact, would have been
disappointed in Meagara if she had not been offered Marshallhood,
or if she had turned it down.

An Interview with a Dragon
Added Sat Sep 17 21:03:51 2005 at level 51:
Meagara and the Dragon have begun to converse, of a sort.
The Dragon will on occasion interrupt a conversation, and Meagara is able to hear
what is said. When she regains control, she will at times
address exactly what the Dragon said. Sometimes she is
irritated, sometimes in agreement.

On the Law and turning herself in
Added Fri Sep 23 23:43:00 2005 at level 51:
Meagara's reasons for breaking the law are obvious, when she does it.
She seeks the Destruction of the darkfriend she attacks.

Not so clear, however, are her reasons for NOT attacking, at times.
Meagara seeks to change the Laws of prevent the harbor of
darkfriends within the walls of the cities. She believes she cannot
come close to accomplishing this goal if she is not at least
seen somewhat as abiding by the she turns herself
in when necessary. It perplexes her mates within the Fortress,
but she cannot provide them an acceptable explanation.

After speaking with Dalteric and being counselled to speak with Seiichi,
Meagara has begun a (heated) discussion with her good friend the Provost.
Seiichi's cold demeanor with respect to the Light saddens Meagara, and
she prays for him to Shokai.

The Golden Dragon, meanwhile, is bored and wonders when she'll start
slaying darkfriends again.

Added Wed Sep 28 21:25:44 2005 at level 51:
Meagara and the Dragon have had their first true argument.
While Meagara prayed in thanks to Shokai, the Golden Dragon
"commended" the Lurker Drokalanatym on his aid of "this mortal."
Meagara prayed a final prayer to Shokai, apologizing for the
"unorthodox prayers", and then spoke directly to the Golden
Dragon, telling him he had to stop that. To an outside observer,
(had there been any), the argument would have looked quite amusing,
and somewhat disturbing, a human woman appearing to speak softly
and then yell at herself.

The beginning of an ending?
Added Sat Oct 15 22:02:49 2005 at level 51:
Meagara had noticed that the Dragon began to speak less and less.
When she sought an audience with Shokai about it, the Dragon
explained that she had no real need of it's guidance any longer.

In addition, the Golden Dragon of Ofcol revealed that it now
wanted its spirit to become one of the Tara'bal. It asked for
any aid that Shokai or Meagara could offer.

Meagara, for her part, was very unnerved to hear that the Dragon
might want to leave her. She still does not see her own self-worth,
and sees her own successes as owing to the Golden Dragon's influence.
The Golden Dragon made it clear to her that she must realize her
own worth. Shokai concurred, and granted her some inner strength.

Shokai said he would take the matter of the Dragon's request into

Alone, and dying.
Added Mon Oct 31 16:27:59 2005 at level 51:
The Golden Dragon of Ofcol has left her, and she finds no more
strength in her own body. She is glad that the Dragon has been
allowed entrance, and prays to Shokai that she, too, will enter the Azure
She is not sad, for she has lived a good life in service of the Light.
Her friend Hrugald tried to keep her alive but in the end, there was
no stopping the weakness of her body.
Her only regret is leaving the Fortress, but she knows it is in
good hands.


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