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RafkutFri 11-Jul-03 11:58 PM
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#31, "Rafkut's role: (Short!)"


This wild-eyed dwarf stares out with a fierce glare from underneath
two bushy, tangled eyebrows. Rather hulking for a dwarf, his
tightly corded muscles look awkward on his frame, seemingly at
fault for an obvious lack of grace. His thick red beard is lopsided
from some failed attempted to shape it, and harbors any number of
small pieces of food that have crept into it. He seems to breathe
in fits, huffing mightily with a noise most similar to a snort as
he waddles along on his stumpy legs.

Rafkut is something of a moron.

Possessed of a furious temper and unwavering fanaticism for whatever occupies his dim mind at the moment, he has never learned to keep his emotions under any sort of control, or even why you might want to. His mouth tends to say whatever he is thinking, and the concept of a secret or lie is lost on him.

He was always physically large relative to other dwarves, and his peers stayed very clear of him as a child, mostly out of concern for their own safety. His father was a miner who worked late into the evening, and paid little attention to a son he did not particularly like. His mother thought Rafkut had 'a touch of the Abyss' in him, and unsuccessfully tried to get him to attend church regularly, in hopes that the clergy might heal him, or at least put him in protective custody.

Vainly hoping to find a use for an otherwise useless juvenile, Rafkut's parents enlisted him in the Akan military. A kindly captain attempted to take Rafkut under his care, as he had high hopes for the youth's obvious physical prowess and seeming immunity to pain. He spoke with Rafkut at length on the topics of discipline and honor, and Rafkut bit him. Rafkut isn't exactly sure why he did that, but if asked he will likely tell some story about how the captain gave him the evil eye. Rafkut doesn't really know what the evil eye is, but if he gets it in his head that someone has given him the evil eye, violence usually ensues.

Outcast from the Akan military with a category of dishonorable discharge rarely used, Rafkut traveled west in search of his new career. After 2 weeks of job hunting in Tar Valon, he found himself barred from the Healer's Guild entirely, and a town order prohibiting him from coming within ten paces of a tavern barmaid is still on the books. He did make a few coppers carrying altar stones east of the town, however, before getting fired for stealing several.

It was around this time that Rafkut started to complain of "th' gout". This probably has roots in memories of his father rubbing his knees and doing the same, except Rafkut just interpreted "th' gout" as being any source of pain. He will frequently clutch his head, stomach, and other places if it gives him an excuse to complain. If anyone tries to explain that gout afflicts the joints, or otherwise suspect him of faking or whining, he will likely accuse them of being a spy (for who, Rafkut may not know), being touched by the Abyss, or giving him the evil eye.

Most recently, Rafkut has turned his hatred upon local magi. This is mostly because he has no idea what the heck magic is, and it confuses him. Plus, 'witches' are easy targets for any number of superstitions Rafkut believes heartily in, and will be blamed for whatever has irritated Rafkut most recently, such as a poor ale. Rafkut will readily agree with whatever people accuse witches of, and might make a fine crusader against them some day.


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