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RayihnThu 18-Nov-10 06:34 AM
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#631, "Fiene"


Won a few years ago, one run by Cyradia. Wood elf outlander bard, sphere fertility if I remember right. Prizes were some of the thief poisoning skills and a few outlander edges. All in all pretty fun, but I play too many mopey characters:

Fiene was born in the wilderness to a small tribe
of wood elves. From a very young age, she was quite
precocious, curious, and something of a rebel. She
wanted to try anything new, and, as she lived and
breathed nature, she found herself wanting to know
the secrets of the earth. Particularly, the workings
of plants fascinated her. With a bit of experiment
and a smattering of knowledge gleaned from other, older
wood elf women, Fiene became an herbalist. She learned
herbal remedies, poisons, medications, and even a few
more recreational things that can be mixed up in the
wilds. As she grew and matured, she used her gift
mostly to help other women. She became a midwife,
travelling to use her remedies and gifts to help women
through their birthing process.

One day, her village brought a man before her that they
had found wandering in the forest near Galadon. His wife
was having their first baby, and the birthing was not
going well. He was desperate for some assistance, and had
heard of Fiene’s reputation. Though quite young, she was
exceptionally talented. She agreed to help him, and he
immediately set off with her to Galadon.

Now, Fiene had never been to any of the large cities
before. She was excited to go to this birthing, looking
forward to seeing what Galadon would be like. She had
heard stories told, each one more fantastic than the last.

Fiene helped the mother birth a baby boy, and with her
remedies both survived intact and healthy. Fiene stepped
outside their small house, washing the blood and birthing
fluids from her arms, and she saw a young captain of the
town’s guard patrolling the street. He was half-elven,
young and proud and quite attractive. Fiene herself was
a rare beauty among wood elves, and she gave the man a
shy smile as he came past. He took one look at the trim
wood elf, with her long, russet hair and wide eyes and
asked her if she would like to go with him for a cup of
Galadon’s finest cinnamon flavored coffee. Also a new
experience to Fiene, she agreed.

The two talked for hours at the back of the small shop,
hidden away from most of the city. They had an instant
connection, and Fiene, who had never given herself over
to idyllic romance before, found herself captivated by
the young Tribunal. He was passionate about his job
and a rather ambitious man. He confessed to her his
desires and ambitions to become Provost one day. Fiene
herself knew extremely little about the law or the
Tribunal, but she thought that sounded like a wonderful
idea. The Captain asked if he could meet her again,
and so they began to date, in a manner. Quiet little
rendezvous in the backs of inns and shops, or she would
meet him at his small apartment in Galadon for their
trysts. Fiene very quickly fell hard for him, as deep
and true and pure as only first love can be.

One day, the Captain was escorting her out of the
City during the light hours of dawn. As they walked
down the city streets, they both saw a homeless man
run into the baker’s shop and steal a small loaf of
bread. The Captain immediately attacked the thief,
pinning him down and arresting him for his crime.
He apologized to Fiene, but insisted that they take
the man to the Tribunal’s office for justice. Fiene
was mystified. The man was hungry and he didn’t have
anything to pay for the food with or any skills to
trade for it. But he was still hungry, and men should
not be denied food. She attempted to convince the
Captain to let him go as they walked. The Captain,
however, would not be dissuaded. She followed, curious
to see what would happen to the man. She could hear
the man’s stomach rumble, and as they reached the
Tribunal office, Fiene took some of her own food from
her pack and gave it to the man. In sight of all of
those in the Tribunal office, she was immediately marked
as a criminal for aiding another criminal. All men in
the Tribunal office, they handled her roughly: just
another wood elf insurgent they had to deal with.

Fiene turned to her Captain in shock, pleading that
he explain the misunderstanding, but the Captain was,
at heart, not a nice man, and his ambition quite overcame
his affection for the young wood elf. Truth be told,
he had only been acting like he loved her in order to
sleep with her. He pretended he did not know her,
saying that she had followed them and had, indeed,
obstructed justice with her actions. Fiene was shocked
into a heartbroken silence at this and her beloved
Captain turned on his heel and walked out the door.

The men in the office laughed at her dirty, rough
spun dress and leathers. They dumped out and
confiscated her sewn doeskin pack of cures and food.
Bored on duty, they began pulling at her hair, her
clothes, each one laughing and trying to think of a
proper ‘punishment’ for her. They passed her,
terrified, from one to the next, each one taking the
opportunity to grab, fondle and abuse her. She
screamed for help but those who heard pretended they
hadn’t, and she was left helpless. They beat her and
each raped her, and mocked her kindness for a worthless
homeless man, asking her if she liked her punishment
for it.

They dumped her bloody form outside the city, telling
her to only come back if he wanted another good time.
Bruised, shocked, heartbroken and bleeding, she crawled
as far from the city as she possibly could. She wanted
to die , but the thought of revenge burned within her.
However, she was merely an herbalist and a midwife. She
brought life into the world, she grew flowers and seed.
She had thought herself powerful in her knowledge and
abilities, but she had been shown only too brutally how
pitiful she truly was in the face of an enemy.

After crawling to the nearest river, Fiene washed herself,
and found new clothing to wear. She attempted to go back to
her old life, travelling, trading for cures and midwiving,
but life no longer held her interest and love. Shortly
after, she found out that she was pregnant. The Captain’s
child or one of the men who had raped her, she did not know.
After that she spent many hours contemplating the darker
side of herbology – the droughts of hemlock extract, vials
of powdered arsenic, venomous saps and putrid molds. She
thought long and hard about the various herbal remedies she
knew of to rid a woman from an unwanted child. In her broken
misery, she also contemplated all the ways she knew to end a
life with the toxins of nature. She mixed up the proper
draught to rid herself of the child and stopped before putting
it to her lips, staring into its misty green depths.
“Revenge…” she thought. Killing this child was no revenge.
Killing those who had done this to her…that was revenge.
She began mixing more and more toxins, using every trick
she knew to make them odorless and tasteless.

She took her stash of toxin and crept into the Galadon
coffee shop late one night, dressed in black and shadow.
She poisoned all of the coffee they had, and all their
cinnamon, knowing it was her Captain’s favorite drink,
a place he stopped several times a day. Reason suggested
to her that the other officers within the Tribunal would
also frequent it.

The Captain and his officers did, indeed, stop at the
coffee shop. They did drink the poisoned coffee and they
did die. So did everyone else who stopped at the shop
that day. Fiene never found out, for she had long left
the city, returning to her tribe where she planned to
have her baby.

Vengeance satisfied, Fiene was still broken by what
had happened to her. She knew in her state of mind that
she was entirely unfit to become a mother, and asked that
her tribe take her baby. They agreed, and promised to
raise her daughter as she had been raised, a wood elf,
even though her blood was tainted.

After the birth, Fiene slipped away from the tribe,
unable to even look upon the child without thinking of
the horrid memories she had.

She returned to immerse herself in her experiments,
slowly convincing herself that she would find a cure
for her state of mind in nature, in plants and flowers,
toxins and cures. She mixed and experimented, and in
her reckless nature, she experimented on herself.
She mixed mind impacting herbs with each other,
trying them each time, and each time when she returned
to herself the old pain remained. It faded, though,
as her conscious grew weaker and weaker under the
affects of her drugs.

Finally, one day, she decided in her crazed mind that
she had finished it. An elixir that would rid her
of bad memories, fix her broken soul, allow her to
love again. Something that would allow her to hold
her baby and not see the faces of them who had raped
her. She drank it, and promptly passed out of quite
a large overdose.

Upon waking up, Fiene’s mind had truly been affected
by the hallucinogens she had taken. It seemed to her
that the very flowers and trees themselves where
speaking to her. They comforted her and advised her
that she had been selected to be their champion.
Their crusader, a voice for something that had none.
In her euphoric state, she was convinced. After all,
it was a mission that took her away from the pain.
It was a mission that even allowed her to prevent
others from being hurt the way she had been. To her,
it was redemption. Besides, obviously the Goddess
Amaranthe was speaking to her through these flowers.

And so she packed up her remedies and knowledges, and
left, seeking to be a voice for the flowers.


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