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SaithSat 25-Feb-06 03:17 PM
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#380, "Aputo Gemthumb..."


This was something I came up with to have some fun with. I wanted a character with a role that was 'off-beat' and didn't need anything or anyone to make it work. I had fun. Enjoy!

Aputo Gemthumb
Svirfnebli Warrior
Sphere Earth

Aputo's Family Trade
Added Sun Jun 19 12:49:46 2005 at level 21:
Aputo is a pretty simple guy. He's friendly to strangers, and like his beer...
a lot. He doesn't go around looking for trouble, but will try to defend
himself and his friends as needed. He's a bit slow upstairs and can be a bit
excitable at times, especially when he's on a roll, or drunk.

He was raised by a family of "Stone farmers" and grew up playing in their
gemfields. His father learned the art from his father who learned it from his
father and so on and so forth. Aputo loved the gemfields, and was on his way
to becoming a great stonefarmer himself. Since his family, The Gemthumb
Family, had been in the business for many generations, they had built up quite
a reputation for stonefarming, along with quite the collection of gemfields!
These babies would stretch for miles upon miles underground, were the heat
from Thera's belly would feed them like sunlight.

As fortune would have it though, the family had decided to construct a new
field, their biggest one yet! During construction (probably due to the
family's love of alcohol) the earth collasped on itself and buried every last
one of the Gemthumb family gemfields. It was then that Aputo decided to
venture to the Overside. He didn't want to wait around for the old fields to
be unearthed, so he gathered his things and made his way to the surface to
find his own fame and fortune.

Stonefarming Vocabulary
Added Mon Jun 27 10:09:29 2005 at level 26:
Stoneseeds- A small seed that grows a Rockplant.

Rockplant- A small plant grown by a Stoneseed, that wields small rock-spheres
as fruit.

Rock-sphere- Fruit of the Rockplant that holds a thick, metallic liquid inside
it's hard shell.

Gemfield- Massive fields created deep underground that produce large amounts
of Shellgems.

Shellgem- Fruit of gemfields. They have an incredibly hard outer shell that
not only conducts heat, but protects itself from outside influence.

How to: Stonefarming
Added Mon Jun 27 10:18:56 2005 at level 26:
First you take a Stoneseed. They are about an inch long, and rock-like. Dig
you a small hole a few inches deep and plant your seed. Everything in
Stonefarming is grown by heat, not sunlight. (Which until it's final form,
will kill any stage of Stonefarming in a matter of minutes, to hours,
depending on how far along you are) After four to six months, you have a fully
grown Rockplant.

The Rockplant is stony in appearance and color. They are about three feet tall
when fully grown and wield small, rock-like pods about the size of a fist.
These are the plants fruit, called Rock-sphere. Like the Rockplant itself,
Rock-spheres are stone-like in color and appearance. They have a tough outer
shell that houses a thick, metallic liquid inside. (Think of a thick, or
pudding-like version of Mercury)

While waiting for the Rockplants to grow, it's a good time to build your
gemfield. Once it's complete and the Rock-spheres are ready for harvest, you
empty their metallic juice' into a small bucket. To fertilize the gemfield,
you dip your thumb into the juice' and pop your thumb, upside down of course,
right into the earth. Place your other hand, like an assassin's tigerclaw,
around your thumb and hold the earth in place as you pull your thumb out of
the ground. This ensures the juice' stays in the dirt. Repeat this process
every foot or so in complete rows across the entire field. (This is where the
Gemthumb family gets it's name. Over time, the juice of the Rock-sphere
actually stains their thumbs it's metallic color.)

After one year, Shellgems have begun to pop-up all over the field. At this
stage they will be about six inches tall. After two years they will be roughly
a foot. They continue to grow until they are between four and six feet tall.
The Shellgems grow white, and without a shine. Once they reach a certain size,
they stop growing and begin to glow. Their outer shells conduct heat from
Thera's belly that activates the inner Gem, and gives the Shellgem it's color.
The inside will go from white to pink, purple, blue, green, or red, and so on.
(Only one color, not all of them) This lets you know what type of gem it will
become. The color and glow continue to grow inside until the entire Shellgem
is glowing brightly. At that point it is no longer a Shellgem but has matured
into it's final form, a pure Gem. Now it's ready to dig up and process.

Once fertilized, a Gemfield will continue to produce Shellgems for
generations. Over time though, it'll produce fewer and fewer with each
harvest, and will need to be re-fertilized every few centuries.

The Blood Tribunal
Added Sat Jul 9 10:05:33 2005 at level 37:
Aputo has always enjoy his time in the family fields. Stonefarming was his
life, and he was happy with that. But after the accident that put his family
out of business, he decided he wanted adventure in his life. As the rest of
the family stayed behind to unearth their buried gemfields, Aputo left home
for a journey to the Overside.

Slightly overwhelmed, it soon began to feel like home. He was glad to see the
taverns of the land, and taste the many beers they produced. He knew he
couldn't just spend all his time in a bar... What adventure would that bring
him? He began to hear stories of the Spire, of Magistrates and Outlaws. Aputo
decide that this was it. He had found the perfect job himself on the Overside,
and decided he would join The Blood Tribunal.

"Then hunger proved more powerful than grief." - Count Ugolino and the Tower of Hunger


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