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Anchored Topic Introduction and Rules [ View all ]IshuliSun 26-Nov-23 11:59 AM303
Reply Reading comprehension fail., NoobAgain, 26-Nov-23 11:59 AM, #1
     Reply You didnt read., Ishuli, 26-Nov-23 11:57 AM, #2
Topic My wish for hunters - Aerial shot [ View all ]AbernyteSat 04-May-24 07:30 AM292
Reply Partial present partial coal., Ishuli, 13-Jan-24 08:04 PM, #1
     Reply RE: Partial thanks and Partial sigh, Abernyte, 04-May-24 07:30 AM, #2
Topic Request: Good-Align Bard Edge similar to Golden Grimoi... [ View all ]NoobAgainWed 01-May-24 04:55 PM198
Reply Coal, Ishuli, 01-May-24 04:55 PM, #1
Topic save the merchants [ View all ]droWed 01-May-24 04:54 PM205
Reply Coal, Ishuli, 01-May-24 04:54 PM, #1
Topic Camp Emote [ View all ]RangerStranger (Guest)Wed 01-May-24 04:52 PM255
Reply Coal, Ishuli, 01-May-24 04:52 PM, #3
Reply We don't understand., Ishuli, 03-Jan-24 08:18 PM, #1
     Reply RE: We don't understand., RangerStranger (Anonymous), 03-Jan-24 09:57 PM, #2
Topic Smarter search of containers [ View all ]HumbertWed 01-May-24 04:51 PM122
Reply Coal, Ishuli, 01-May-24 04:51 PM, #1
Topic Add a "quality kill" counter to PBF stats [ View all ]CointreauWed 01-May-24 04:50 PM275
Reply Present, Ishuli, 01-May-24 03:53 PM, #1
     Reply AWESOME DOG, Dallevian, 01-May-24 04:06 PM, #2
Topic Remove powers on login with no item or item loss [ View all ]ArtificialWed 01-May-24 11:17 AM249
Reply Partial present, Ishuli, 01-May-24 11:17 AM, #2
Reply RE: Remove powers on login with no item or item loss, VitriolicStream, 29-Dec-23 06:27 PM, #1
Topic Cursed weapons and armor. [ View all ]DallevianWed 01-May-24 10:16 AM325
Reply Partial present partial coal., Ishuli, 01-May-24 10:16 AM, #3
Reply Clarification, Dallevian, 04-Jan-24 11:09 AM, #1
     Reply Also, Dallevian, 04-Jan-24 11:28 AM, #2
Topic Don't count 0% participation as a PK win [ View all ]kbdWed 01-May-24 09:59 AM163
Reply Coal, Ishuli, 01-May-24 09:59 AM, #1
Topic Player choice in weapon wield should work [ View all ]Jack (Guest)Wed 01-May-24 09:58 AM153
Reply Coal, Ishuli, 01-May-24 09:58 AM, #1
Topic Make poisons for poisoner thieves [ View all ]ArjabyWed 01-May-24 09:57 AM188
Reply Coal, Ishuli, 01-May-24 09:57 AM, #1
Topic Bounty Hunter list [ View all ]Oneof (Guest)Thu 11-Apr-24 07:50 PM272
Reply Present, Ishuli, 11-Apr-24 07:50 PM, #1
Topic Skill <form> to see skills while out of form or in othe... [ View all ]BubthegreatTue 13-Feb-24 07:09 PM237
Reply Present, Ishuli, 13-Feb-24 07:09 PM, #2
Reply And I f recognize the irony saying that, Bubthegreat, 02-Dec-23 05:18 PM, #1
Topic Ish, I'd wish... for you to fix a 22-year old pet peeve... [ View all ]AithiarMon 22-Jan-24 05:11 AM556
Reply Present, Ishuli, 22-Dec-23 04:08 PM, #10
Reply RE: Present, Aithiar, 22-Dec-23 06:24 PM, #11
Reply Noticed that help stats needs updating:, Calion, 25-Dec-23 02:19 PM, #12
     Reply I hate helpfiles., Ishuli, 25-Dec-23 03:42 PM, #13
          Reply Don't forget about the individual race helpfiles., Aithiar, 25-Dec-23 04:03 PM, #14
          Reply RE: Don't forget about the individual race helpfiles., Ishuli, 25-Dec-23 04:51 PM, #15
          Reply Sorry =(, Calion, 26-Dec-23 04:04 AM, #16
Reply RE: Ish, I'd wish... for you to fix a 22-year old pet p..., crsweeney, 04-Dec-23 10:56 AM, #8
Reply Well..., Ishuli, 01-Dec-23 02:39 PM, #1
     Reply RE: Well..., Java, 01-Dec-23 02:49 PM, #2
     Reply RE: Well..., FullmoonCat, 01-Dec-23 02:57 PM, #3
          Reply I too agree, Callowyin, 04-Dec-23 09:43 AM, #7
          Reply Keep in mind that most adventurers are probably the top..., Jormyr, 04-Dec-23 05:46 PM, #9
     Reply Yes., Swordsosaurus, 01-Dec-23 02:57 PM, #4
     Reply My takes, Dallevian, 01-Dec-23 08:05 PM, #5
          Reply Supporting the original request and this even more, Calion, 03-Dec-23 07:48 AM, #6
               Reply RE: Supporting the original request and this even more, Jeremiah, 22-Jan-24 05:11 AM, #17
Topic Spin the Familiar [ View all ]Houdini (Anonymous)Sat 13-Jan-24 07:50 PM244
Reply Coal, Ishuli, 13-Jan-24 07:50 PM, #1
Topic Vindicator Guards - Being the Best at What They Do [ View all ]AmoraThu 04-Jan-24 03:12 PM307
Reply Partial present partial coal., Ishuli, 04-Jan-24 03:12 PM, #1
Topic I'm dumb and posted in 22 the first time. [ View all ]JohnEveryManThu 04-Jan-24 03:01 PM253
Reply Coal I guess, Ishuli, 04-Jan-24 02:41 PM, #1
     Reply RE: Coal I guess, JohnEveryMan, 04-Jan-24 03:01 PM, #2
Topic Portals and Scouts [ View all ]Ragerer (Anonymous)Wed 03-Jan-24 09:58 PM300
Reply Coal, Ishuli, 03-Jan-24 09:58 PM, #3
Reply Smart idea., Dallevian, 01-Jan-24 03:48 PM, #1
     Reply If cabal edges were chooseable..., Jalim (Anonymous), 01-Jan-24 05:59 PM, #2
Topic Request for a new channel. [ View all ]Eventgoer (Guest)Wed 03-Jan-24 09:47 PM209
Reply Coal, Ishuli, 03-Jan-24 09:47 PM, #1
Topic Thief Skill Cost [ View all ]orangepower (Guest)Wed 03-Jan-24 09:45 PM306
Reply Present, Ishuli, 03-Jan-24 09:45 PM, #1
Topic Centaurs [ View all ]apex (Anonymous)Wed 03-Jan-24 08:25 PM212
Reply Coal, Ishuli, 03-Jan-24 08:25 PM, #1
Topic (AP) variety is the spice of life [ View all ]xyfaWed 03-Jan-24 08:15 PM244
Reply Soft coal, Ishuli, 03-Jan-24 08:15 PM, #1
Topic A Longshot but - Changes to Strange Bracers [ View all ]BeroxxusWed 03-Jan-24 08:08 PM221
Reply Coal, Ishuli, 03-Jan-24 08:08 PM, #1
Topic Wand Hints [ View all ]WastedWed 03-Jan-24 08:06 PM190
Reply Coal, Ishuli, 03-Jan-24 08:06 PM, #2
Reply RE: Wand Hints, Jalim (Anonymous), 20-Dec-23 07:53 AM, #1
Topic Higher level merc(s) [ View all ]ThofWed 03-Jan-24 08:04 PM155
Reply Coal, Ishuli, 03-Jan-24 08:04 PM, #1
Topic Possibility to enlarge and reduce in form? [ View all ]Lucian (Guest)Wed 03-Jan-24 08:03 PM114
Reply Coal, Ishuli, 03-Jan-24 08:03 PM, #1
Topic Dwarf Armor Use / Mantle Of The Phoenix [ View all ]SuperDwarf (Anonymous)Wed 03-Jan-24 08:01 PM218
Reply Coal, Ishuli, 03-Jan-24 08:01 PM, #2
Reply RE: Dwarf Armor Use / Mantle Of The Phoenix, SuperDwarf (Anonymous), 29-Dec-23 08:26 PM, #1
Topic Skill/practice list [ View all ]Nice Listed (Guest)Wed 03-Jan-24 07:58 PM177
Reply Coal, Ishuli, 03-Jan-24 07:58 PM, #1
Topic Barter for multiple items [ View all ]CarrockWed 03-Jan-24 07:57 PM129
Reply Coal, Ishuli, 03-Jan-24 07:57 PM, #1