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Anchored Topic Bug Format [ View all ]Mek (Guest)Tue 12-Mar-24 09:06 AM3347
Anchored Topic Reminder: [ View all ]DaevrynWed 26-Dec-07 02:02 AM3098
Locked Anchored Topic Bug Board FAQZulghinlourMon 03-Sep-07 11:43 AM2309
Locked Anchored Topic Typo command F.A.Q. [ View all ]ValguarneraMon 27-Jun-05 12:08 PM4231
Topic Got 2x zombies after reboot (thx <3) [ View all ]Necromancah (Guest)Tue 14-May-24 05:36 PM64
Reply You didn't even give me the char name, Ishuli, 14-May-24 05:36 PM, #1
Topic Courage with Demon Fear [ View all ]CourageUser (Guest)Sat 11-May-24 05:00 PM83
Reply Sorta fixed, Ishuli, 11-May-24 05:00 PM, #1
Topic Inspect goods [ View all ]Chaser of Skills (Anonymous)Fri 10-May-24 07:55 AM94
Reply Partially fixed., Ishuli, 29-Apr-24 07:09 AM, #1
     Reply Would you mind?, Orcutanium (Anonymous), 10-May-24 07:54 AM, #2
          Reply Well that clarifies., Ishuli, 10-May-24 07:55 AM, #3
Topic goblin mount rescue double yell [ View all ]Schnak (Anonymous)Thu 09-May-24 10:03 AM58
Reply Fixed, Ishuli, 09-May-24 10:03 AM, #1
Topic Cloak of Death-Item recursing [ View all ]Conjurer (Guest)Thu 09-May-24 09:18 AM53
Reply Seems fine., Ishuli, 09-May-24 09:18 AM, #1
Topic helpfile for soothe and soul citadel should mention ali... [ View all ]Quzevril (Guest)Thu 09-May-24 09:17 AM46
Reply Fixed, Ishuli, 09-May-24 09:17 AM, #1
Topic raider page missing eponymous "raid" skill [ View all ]Schnak (Anonymous)Thu 09-May-24 09:17 AM38
Reply Fixed, Ishuli, 09-May-24 09:17 AM, #1
Topic goblin mount autosplit superfluous echo [ View all ]Schnak (Anonymous)Thu 09-May-24 09:17 AM50
Reply Fixed, Ishuli, 09-May-24 09:17 AM, #1
Topic Departing Mercenaries [ View all ]Merc Abuser (Anonymous)Wed 08-May-24 11:34 AM86
Reply Did some more digging, Ishuli, 08-May-24 11:34 AM, #3
Reply Seems fine / I don't understand., Ishuli, 29-Apr-24 07:59 AM, #1
     Reply Thank you. I understand now., Merc Abuser (Anonymous), 29-Apr-24 08:39 AM, #2
Topic Overhead Bug [ View all ]Underwater (Guest)Mon 06-May-24 01:19 PM66
Reply Seems fine, Ishuli, 06-May-24 01:19 PM, #1
Topic Dual backstab has been gone for awhile. [ View all ]Someone (Anonymous)Mon 06-May-24 11:22 AM58
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 06-May-24 11:22 AM, #1
Topic Possible Bug [ View all ]thief2 (Guest)Mon 06-May-24 11:21 AM53
Reply Not a bug, Ishuli, 06-May-24 11:21 AM, #1
Topic Crazy format of a room. [ View all ]Weird Stuff Man (Anonymous)Sat 04-May-24 11:28 AM57
Reply Seems fine., Ishuli, 04-May-24 11:28 AM, #1
Topic 'Deafen' spell and save vs spell [ View all ]Sylvan (Guest)Wed 01-May-24 08:26 AM153
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 30-Apr-24 10:36 AM, #1
     Reply Can confirm, Another mage (Anonymous), 01-May-24 07:38 AM, #2
          Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 01-May-24 07:39 AM, #3
               Reply There is also no exploration or trip bug. >=) n/t, Jalim (Anonymous), 01-May-24 07:54 AM, #4
                    Reply Needs more info., Ishuli, 01-May-24 07:54 AM, #5
                         Reply Already posted, please see above. n/t, Jalim (Anonymous), 01-May-24 08:26 AM, #6
Topic AWT fight. [ View all ]DallevianMon 29-Apr-24 07:52 AM93
Reply Seems fine., Ishuli, 29-Apr-24 07:52 AM, #1
Topic Duplicate quest mobs [ View all ]Pisanti (Anonymous)Mon 29-Apr-24 07:41 AM69
Reply Fixed, Ishuli, 29-Apr-24 07:41 AM, #1
Topic Elven Arcanum [ View all ]Elf Delf mage (Guest)Mon 29-Apr-24 07:10 AM135
Reply Needs more info, Ishuli, 27-Apr-24 03:29 PM, #1
     Reply Fixed, Ishuli, 29-Apr-24 07:10 AM, #2
Topic Two Most Recent Crashes - Piercing song [ View all ]Barding (Guest)Thu 25-Apr-24 04:59 PM108
Reply Fixed, Ishuli, 25-Apr-24 04:59 PM, #1
Topic Noob statue bug [ View all ]Poit (Guest)Sat 20-Apr-24 08:27 AM113
Reply Could not reproduce., Ishuli, 20-Apr-24 08:26 AM, #1
Topic Call of the Wild log [ View all ]Druid (Guest)Tue 16-Apr-24 03:49 PM165
Reply Fixed, Ishuli, 16-Apr-24 03:49 PM, #2
Reply Can't reproduce, Ishuli, 15-Apr-24 12:38 PM, #1
Topic AP Controls [ View all ]Khambalaxo (Guest)Tue 16-Apr-24 03:49 PM129
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 16-Apr-24 03:49 PM, #1
Topic Repair bug [ View all ]Explorer of Things (Anonymous)Sun 14-Apr-24 10:04 PM92
Reply Needs more info, Ishuli, 11-Apr-24 07:47 AM, #1
     Reply RE: Needs more info, Repairer (Anonymous), 14-Apr-24 08:45 PM, #2
          Reply I don't understand, Ishuli, 14-Apr-24 08:46 PM, #3
               Reply RE: I don't understand, Repairer (Anonymous), 14-Apr-24 10:04 PM, #4
               Reply RE: I don't understand, Java, 14-Apr-24 10:04 PM, #5
Topic Call of the Wild [ View all ]Druid (Guest)Sun 14-Apr-24 08:39 AM67
Reply Could not reproduce, Ishuli, 14-Apr-24 08:39 AM, #1
Topic Orc fear skill dispels things I don't even have and spa... [ View all ]Ramen Shaman (Anonymous)Sat 13-Apr-24 09:27 AM157
Reply Fixed, Ishuli, 11-Apr-24 11:00 AM, #1
     Reply Still happening, Same person (Anonymous), 13-Apr-24 09:26 AM, #2
          Reply Makes sense, Ishuli, 13-Apr-24 09:27 AM, #3
Topic Recent Mudlet CFgui update spams telnetga [ View all ]Spammed (Guest)Fri 12-Apr-24 07:33 PM70
Reply Mudlet, Ishuli, 12-Apr-24 07:33 PM, #1
Topic A buggy thing with Emperor powers. [ View all ]Emperor (Guest)Thu 11-Apr-24 08:02 AM108
Reply Fixed, Ishuli, 11-Apr-24 08:02 AM, #1