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Anchored Topic Reminder: [ View all ]DaevrynWed 26-Dec-07 02:02 AM2850
Anchored Topic Bug Format [ View all ]Mek (Guest)Sun 11-Nov-07 12:23 PM3066
Locked Anchored Topic Bug Board FAQZulghinlourMon 03-Sep-07 11:43 AM2135
Locked Anchored Topic Typo command F.A.Q. [ View all ]ValguarneraMon 27-Jun-05 12:08 PM3983
Topic Aura of despair [ View all ]Uxorn (Guest)Sat 11-Mar-23 08:31 PM69
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 11-Mar-23 08:31 PM, #1
Topic Swashbuckler [ View all ]Bardy Bard (Anonymous)Sat 11-Mar-23 08:29 AM52
Reply Seems fine., Ishuli, 11-Mar-23 08:29 AM, #1
Topic Possible Bug [ View all ]Wand Hunter (Anonymous)Thu 09-Mar-23 05:22 PM74
Reply Seems fine to me., Ishuli, 09-Mar-23 05:22 PM, #1
Topic Magic Arcing to npc in same room [ View all ]Invoker (Anonymous)Mon 06-Mar-23 05:03 PM70
Reply Should be fine., Ishuli, 06-Mar-23 05:03 PM, #1
Topic Thief Waylay vs Outcry Dash [ View all ]outcry (Guest)Fri 03-Mar-23 10:23 AM85
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 03-Mar-23 10:23 AM, #1
Topic bloodletting [ View all ]bloodletting user (Anonymous)Thu 02-Mar-23 01:58 PM48
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 02-Mar-23 01:58 PM, #1
Topic The Eternal Star - BouncersIshuliWed 01-Mar-23 04:40 PM33
Topic Languor of AeonsIshuliWed 01-Mar-23 01:39 PM52
Topic Edge - Diametric OppositionIshuliWed 01-Mar-23 01:38 PM50
Topic Quick strike too fast? [ View all ]Phas (Anonymous)Tue 28-Feb-23 07:20 AM64
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 26-Feb-23 02:17 PM, #1
     Reply RE: Working as intended., Phas (Anonymous), 28-Feb-23 07:20 AM, #2
Topic Blessed Remission and Healing Curse [ View all ]Paladin (Anonymous)Mon 27-Feb-23 12:35 PM90
Reply Angelswing - Fixed, Ishuli, 27-Feb-23 12:35 PM, #2
Reply Working as intended + needs more info., Ishuli, 26-Feb-23 02:16 PM, #1
Topic DoT [ View all ]E 2 thoqqua? (Anonymous)Sun 26-Feb-23 08:05 PM75
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 26-Feb-23 08:05 PM, #1
Topic Cabal defense and all seeing charmies [ View all ]Fortie (Guest)Sun 26-Feb-23 08:00 PM65
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 26-Feb-23 08:00 PM, #1
Topic Marshal rally bug. [ View all ]Rallier (Anonymous)Sun 26-Feb-23 07:54 PM46
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 26-Feb-23 07:54 PM, #1
Topic Weight of small shot of rum is a bit weighty [ View all ]Rummage (Guest)Sun 26-Feb-23 07:46 PM47
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 26-Feb-23 07:46 PM, #1
Topic Cetea bug. [ View all ]Water Templer (Anonymous)Sun 26-Feb-23 07:34 PM65
Reply Fixed, Ishuli, 26-Feb-23 07:34 PM, #1
Topic Arena Waiting Room should be part of arena, or... not a... [ View all ]Ilise (Anonymous)Sun 26-Feb-23 05:16 PM46
Reply Not a bug., Ishuli, 26-Feb-23 05:16 PM, #1
Topic Wonky Echoes for Venoms Shaman [ View all ]Shaman Fighter (Anonymous)Sun 26-Feb-23 02:49 PM39
Reply Fiixed., Ishuli, 26-Feb-23 02:49 PM, #1
Topic Burden not modifying weight [ View all ]Unburdened (Guest)Sun 26-Feb-23 02:23 PM54
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 26-Feb-23 02:23 PM, #1
Topic Saurians not being able to take Gestalt Metamorphosis [ View all ]Saurianshiffter (Guest)Sun 26-Feb-23 02:21 PM46
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 26-Feb-23 02:21 PM, #1
Topic title changes and thief guild leader status [ View all ]The Once and Future Godfather (Anonymous)Sun 26-Feb-23 02:11 PM46
Reply Pending project, Ishuli, 26-Feb-23 02:11 PM, #1
Topic Poison darts affect type [ View all ]Logreader (Guest)Sun 26-Feb-23 02:10 PM37
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 26-Feb-23 02:10 PM, #1
Topic Entwine bug? [ View all ]Entwiner of Bad Guys (Anonymous)Sun 26-Feb-23 02:07 PM43
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 26-Feb-23 02:07 PM, #1
Topic improved hidden and sect channels [ View all ]Ggboyboy (NOT shadow)Sun 26-Feb-23 01:58 PM78
Reply Needs more info., Ishuli, 26-Feb-23 09:48 AM, #1
     Reply RE: Needs more info., Ggboyboy (NOT shadow), 26-Feb-23 12:09 PM, #2
          Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 26-Feb-23 12:10 PM, #3
               Reply RE: Fixed., Ggboyboy (NOT shadow), 26-Feb-23 01:57 PM, #4
                    Reply Of course., Ishuli, 26-Feb-23 01:58 PM, #5
Topic Piercing Gaze bugginess [ View all ]Shadow Lord (Anonymous)Sun 26-Feb-23 12:56 PM66
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 26-Feb-23 10:22 AM, #1
     Reply Was your target marked?, Kalageadon, 26-Feb-23 12:09 PM, #2
          Reply Not marked, KoeKhaos, 26-Feb-23 12:56 PM, #3
Topic Haunting Rhapsody [ View all ]Haunted One (Anonymous)Sun 26-Feb-23 12:17 PM157
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 31-Jan-23 02:00 PM, #1
     Reply That was in the echo., Haunted One (Anonymous), 31-Jan-23 03:52 PM, #2
     Reply Apologize for not being clear., Haunted One (Anonymous), 26-Feb-23 12:17 PM, #3
          Reply I can't seem to find anything., Ishuli, 26-Feb-23 12:17 PM, #5
     Reply that's a pretty fun and funny addition, Dallevian, 03-Feb-23 09:15 AM, #4