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Anchored Topic Reminder: [ View all ]DaevrynWed 26-Dec-07 02:02 AM2697
Anchored Topic Bug Format [ View all ]Mek (Guest)Sun 11-Nov-07 12:23 PM2871
Locked Anchored Topic Bug Board FAQZulghinlourMon 03-Sep-07 11:43 AM2018
Locked Anchored Topic Typo command F.A.Q. [ View all ]ValguarneraMon 27-Jun-05 12:08 PM3817
Topic Deft Transformation Buff [ View all ]A shifter (Guest)Fri 03-Jun-22 07:00 AM75
Reply It depends., Ishuli, 02-Jun-22 06:31 AM, #1
     Reply RE: It depends., Lhydia, 03-Jun-22 06:58 AM, #2
          Reply What it says., Ishuli, 03-Jun-22 07:00 AM, #3
Topic Low practice at level up [ View all ]Tfeleon (Guest)Sat 07-May-22 07:29 AM83
Reply Not a bug., Ishuli, 07-May-22 07:29 AM, #1
Topic Chest in Kobold Warrens and Aturi Desk [ View all ]Explorer of Locked Things (Anonymous)Wed 23-Feb-22 08:53 PM250
Reply This isn't a bug., Ishuli, 23-Feb-22 08:53 PM, #1
Topic Broken Key in Hamsah Guild [ View all ]Fang (Guest)Wed 23-Feb-22 08:09 AM219
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 23-Feb-22 08:09 AM, #1
Topic Suicide XP Hole Bug [ View all ]Suicidal (Guest)Tue 22-Feb-22 02:47 PM216
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 22-Feb-22 02:47 PM, #1
Topic Grappling a weapon you don't have skill in [ View all ]dillamondTue 22-Feb-22 02:44 PM184
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 22-Feb-22 02:44 PM, #1
Topic Typhoon will not knock zombies out of the room [ View all ]Desolationshaman (Anonymous)Tue 22-Feb-22 02:41 PM182
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 22-Feb-22 02:41 PM, #1
Topic Undead can be blinded by wingsweep and blast of acid. [ View all ]Arstan Redclaw (Guest)Mon 21-Feb-22 12:25 PM188
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 21-Feb-22 12:25 PM, #1
Topic Snow Leopard [ View all ]Shapeshifter (Anonymous)Mon 21-Feb-22 12:17 PM216
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 21-Feb-22 12:17 PM, #1
Topic Arena Bug [ View all ]SCORP (Anonymous)Mon 21-Feb-22 12:02 PM179
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 21-Feb-22 12:02 PM, #1
Topic Rear Claw Extensions [ View all ]NinjaCat (Anonymous)Mon 21-Feb-22 11:45 AM191
Reply Working as intended, with minor clarification., Ishuli, 21-Feb-22 11:45 AM, #1
Topic Raid skill missing for old goblins [ View all ]Thealsea (Anonymous)Mon 21-Feb-22 11:43 AM149
Reply All is well., Ishuli, 21-Feb-22 11:43 AM, #1
Topic Potential spellbane issue [ View all ]Ragerrager (Anonymous)Mon 21-Feb-22 11:42 AM154
Reply Seems fine to me., Ishuli, 21-Feb-22 11:42 AM, #1
Topic Gnome Adventurer in Feanwyn like Goblins? [ View all ]Bugger (Anonymous)Mon 21-Feb-22 11:41 AM139
Reply Author discretion., Ishuli, 21-Feb-22 11:41 AM, #1
Topic That orc seeing me while hidden [ View all ]Summer Disciple (Guest)Mon 21-Feb-22 11:40 AM169
Reply Seems fine., Ishuli, 21-Feb-22 11:40 AM, #1
Topic help please [ View all ]help (Guest)Mon 21-Feb-22 11:40 AM174
Reply Author discretion., Ishuli, 21-Feb-22 11:40 AM, #1
Topic Edge Bug [ View all ]Riazle (Anonymous)Mon 21-Feb-22 11:34 AM162
Reply Fixed, Ishuli, 21-Feb-22 11:34 AM, #1
Topic Prayed spirit of the blade at pc. [ View all ]buggy mabye (Guest)Mon 21-Feb-22 11:13 AM175
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 21-Feb-22 11:13 AM, #1
Topic Chromatic fire bugs [ View all ]Anarchistperson (Anonymous)Mon 21-Feb-22 11:01 AM187
Reply Mixed., Ishuli, 21-Feb-22 11:01 AM, #1
Topic Decorated object longdesc in room is funky [ View all ]Sad Herald (Guest)Mon 21-Feb-22 10:43 AM141
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 21-Feb-22 10:43 AM, #1
Topic Arcane imperials can’t give bloodoath [ View all ]Sekhmette (Guest)Mon 21-Feb-22 10:07 AM146
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 21-Feb-22 10:07 AM, #1
Topic Herbal forage broken and doubling up on areas. [ View all ]Sarkath (Guest)Mon 21-Feb-22 09:47 AM155
Reply Working as intended, with minor clarification., Ishuli, 21-Feb-22 09:47 AM, #1
Topic All Seeing Eye [ View all ]Fort Ranger (Guest)Mon 21-Feb-22 08:14 AM178
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 21-Feb-22 08:14 AM, #1
Topic Necromancer zombie protectionIshuliMon 07-Feb-22 07:31 AM242
Topic Rain of Stones + Natural Elementalist bug [ View all ]Voker (Guest)Thu 03-Feb-22 06:19 PM193
Reply Fixed, Ishuli, 03-Feb-22 06:19 PM, #1
Topic Offhand Disarm [ View all ]Grintella (Anonymous)Sun 16-Jan-22 07:39 PM344
Reply dagger cannot offhand disarm, Dallevian, 16-Jan-22 07:39 PM, #2
Reply Looks fine to me., Ishuli, 16-Jan-22 07:18 PM, #1
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