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Topic Assassin hide in Forests [ View all ]Asaba (Guest)Mon 02-Aug-21 07:30 AM278
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 02-Aug-21 07:30 AM, #1
Topic Familiars and Sneak [ View all ]Kepri (Guest)Mon 02-Aug-21 06:43 AM249
Reply Seems fine., Ishuli, 02-Aug-21 06:43 AM, #1
Topic Pets and AI [ View all ]BeastmasterRangerOutlanderGuy (Anonymous)Mon 02-Aug-21 06:33 AM265
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 02-Aug-21 06:33 AM, #1
Topic Shadowdrain [ View all ]Shadowdrained (Guest)Fri 30-Jul-21 08:10 PM270
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 30-Jul-21 08:10 PM, #1
Topic Issue with Hook Horror Disembowel [ View all ]ShockfyreTue 27-Jul-21 08:28 PM301
Reply Fixed and then some., Ishuli, 27-Jul-21 08:28 PM, #1
Topic Waylay [ View all ]Derangered (Anonymous)Tue 27-Jul-21 08:35 AM276
Reply Seems fine., Ishuli, 27-Jul-21 08:35 AM, #1
Topic Ice Para Elemental [ View all ]Avid Reader (Anonymous)Mon 26-Jul-21 10:58 AM256
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 26-Jul-21 10:58 AM, #1
Topic Outer cabal guardians getting sanc and healing [ View all ]Battler (Guest)Mon 26-Jul-21 07:02 AM287
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 24-Jul-21 04:31 PM, #1
     Reply Perhaps this..., mackle, 26-Jul-21 07:02 AM, #2
Topic Save Spell [ View all ]Curious Warrior (Guest)Sun 25-Jul-21 08:08 PM230
Reply Seems fine., Ishuli, 25-Jul-21 08:08 PM, #1
Topic A Vault Elf [ View all ]Silvia (Guest)Sun 25-Jul-21 07:45 PM296
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 25-Jul-21 07:45 PM, #1
Topic Kill Goblins with this one easy trick! Goblins HATE thi... [ View all ]Goblin (Anonymous)Sun 25-Jul-21 07:32 PM246
Reply Fixed and changed., Ishuli, 25-Jul-21 07:32 PM, #1
Topic otyugh plague [ View all ]NalasulSun 25-Jul-21 07:25 PM236
Reply Fixed, Ishuli, 25-Jul-21 07:25 PM, #1
Topic Bubbling flask [ View all ]Itz (Anonymous)Sat 24-Jul-21 02:30 PM254
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 24-Jul-21 02:30 PM, #1
Topic Unbound angel rebind bug [ View all ]Angelsamongus (Anonymous)Sat 24-Jul-21 01:16 PM243
Reply Confusing echo, but not a bug., Umiron, 24-Jul-21 11:49 AM, #1
Topic Orc pet remains in combat after death [ View all ]csweeney (Guest)Sat 24-Jul-21 01:15 PM227
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 24-Jul-21 01:15 PM, #1
Topic Newbie Quest and Minotaur Speech [ View all ]Mino (Guest)Thu 22-Jul-21 03:37 PM261
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 22-Jul-21 03:35 PM, #1
Topic Imperial Tactics Dirt Kick Not Being Stopped by Zephyr [ View all ]AnimistRanger (Anonymous)Thu 22-Jul-21 03:35 PM228
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 22-Jul-21 03:35 PM, #1
Topic Hatred edges oversight? [ View all ]Helpfile (Guest)Wed 21-Jul-21 04:46 PM270
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 21-Jul-21 04:46 PM, #1
Topic Graveyards [ View all ]BugFinder (Guest)Wed 21-Jul-21 07:19 AM242
Reply Could not reproduce., Ishuli, 21-Jul-21 07:19 AM, #1
Topic Special bracelet potential bug [ View all ]Glasses (Guest)Tue 20-Jul-21 04:59 PM256
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 20-Jul-21 04:59 PM, #1
Topic Hamsah Boat Overlaps [ View all ]IshuliTue 20-Jul-21 04:51 PM276
Reply More fixes:, Ishuli, 20-Jul-21 04:51 PM, #3
Reply RE: Hamsah Boat Overlaps, Bemused, 20-Jul-21 04:47 PM, #1
     Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 20-Jul-21 04:47 PM, #2
Topic Aboard the Golden Pearl [ View all ]RyliumMon 19-Jul-21 07:30 PM227
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 19-Jul-21 07:30 PM, #1
Topic Bug with Golden Whorl. [ View all ]A seaport traveller (Anonymous)Mon 19-Jul-21 07:29 PM505
Reply I have no idea what you are trying to show me with this..., Destuvius, 25-Sep-16 08:19 AM, #1
     Reply Not the original poster, but that area is buggy as heck..., TMNS, 19-Jul-21 07:28 PM, #2
          Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 19-Jul-21 07:29 PM, #3
Topic Thirsty Bear [ View all ]Arythan (Guest)Mon 19-Jul-21 07:28 PM234
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 19-Jul-21 07:28 PM, #1
Topic Ricochet Skin [ View all ]New guy (Guest)Mon 19-Jul-21 08:12 AM233
Reply Could not reproduce., Ishuli, 19-Jul-21 08:12 AM, #1
Topic Blind but can be given a cabal item, and see my invento... [ View all ]Battler (Guest)Thu 15-Jul-21 08:01 PM215
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 15-Jul-21 08:01 PM, #1
Topic Offhand Disarm [ View all ]Warrior (Guest)Thu 15-Jul-21 06:54 PM258
Reply Could not reproduce., Ishuli, 15-Jul-21 06:54 PM, #1
Topic Are goblins supposed to be able to see lower level hidi... [ View all ]Squeegle (Guest)Thu 15-Jul-21 06:13 PM238
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 15-Jul-21 06:13 PM, #1
Topic Tamed pet goat fighting quicksand [ View all ]Anonymous (Anonymous)Sun 11-Jul-21 08:54 PM280
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 11-Jul-21 08:54 PM, #1
Topic Possible bug with luminous assault? [ View all ]Shaman901 (Guest)Sun 11-Jul-21 08:14 PM227
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 11-Jul-21 08:14 PM, #1
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