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Subject: "Bug Board FAQ" This topic is locked.
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ZulghinlourMon 03-Sep-07 11:43 AM
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#11925, "Bug Board FAQ"


The Bug Board F.A.Q.

This is a moderated forum where you can post bugs, and we will verify them. Typically the resolutions will be fixed, by design, or won't fix. As of 3/23/03 there were roughly 2000 posts that have come through, and the immortal staff thanks you for helping make Carrion Fields a better place.

Why hasn't my post shown up yet?

Straight from the forum software FAQ: You are posting to a moderated forum. Any forum can be set to 'open' or 'moderated' mode by the administrator. Enabling moderation on a forum will force all messages into a queue to be reviewed by the administrator or the moderator. This means, the posts only get released when one of the Moderators releases the post. The Moderators only release posts when there is a resolution for the bug report.

How do I post anonymously?

This forum allows anonymous posting, so you don't have to post under your registered name if you don't want to. Click the logout link in the upper left corner of the forum. Return to the Bug Submission forum, and click post. This will allow you to type in a name of your choosing.

How do you like your bug reports?

Some simple rules for posting:
  • 1 bug per post. If you post multiple bugs per post, the post won't be released until they are all fixed. Some bugs are simple changes, and others are hard, and inevitably when someone posts multiple bugs in a topic, they have some of each.

  • If you have logs, please attach them. They can help track down the problem much easier.

  • Don't post in your characters speech. If you do this, we will delete the post and not even bother dealing with it. The forums are OOC, leave them that way.

  • What if I don't want my bug/log/etc posted?

    Make sure to state in your post (preferably at the top) that you don't want it posted and we will delete the post instead of unqueueing it. We will still post a follow-up that says it's fixed as generically as possible.

    Where should I post typos?

    Use the typo command in game for typos in area files. There are people who check it and fix them. If the typo is in a spell or skill, feel free to post it here as they are typos in the code, not the area files (which are taken care of by different people with different access).

    What is FNCR?

    Fixed next crash/reboot.

    What if I disagree with your By Design resolution?

    Bug Team's job is to explain how things were designed. If something is not working the way it was designed, we will fix it. However, if we tell you that something is working as it was designed, and you don't like how it was designed, Bug Team no longer cares. (At least as long as we are wearing our Bug Team hats.) Those issues are best handled on the Gameplay forum, and you should bring up your concern there where Bug Team immortals, other immortals, and players can all discuss it.

    So long, and thanks for all the fish!


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