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Subject: "Typo command F.A.Q." This topic is locked.
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ValguarneraSun 26-Jun-05 10:17 PM
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#1265, "Typo command F.A.Q."
Edited on Mon 27-Jun-05 12:08 PM


Some tips:

1) Please continue to use the typo command to report typos. We're checking and fixing stuff in there more or less daily.

2) Please do not report functional problems (my sword skill hasn't increased in an hour, etc.) via typo. Use this forum for those.

3) In addition to using the typo command to report syntactical and grammatical errors, you can use it to report inaccurate, outdated, or misleading descriptions. For example, if a room description says "There is a hallway leading east.", but the exit is to the west, that can be handled with typo.

4) When you submit a typo, we know who did it, what you typed, and what room you were in when you typed it. If that isn't enough to specify the problem (like if you're discussing an object that you're carrying around, or an NPC that moves), please include enough information to help us nail it. If it's a misspelling, you can just give the exact text (mis-)used and we'll find it that way. Telling us "My sword has a typo." does no good. Telling us "My 'a steel long sword' has the word "their" spelled "thier" in its description." is probably enough.

5) It's just a typo. Please do not write editorial comments. Just let us know where the problem is, and we'll fix it.

6) Be nitpicky. If you're too nitpicky (**), it's easy for us to skip it. But you can safely assume that we're pretty nitpicky, and 99% of the (accurate) reports get fixed promptly.

(*): Example: An item might say "This bag is lying on the ground." when dropped in a room that is ostensibly open water, etc. There comes a point where we'll ask you to use your imagination a little.

- Valguarnera, Banisher of the 'Teh' and '>From' monsters.


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