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ShapaSat 19-Jun-10 04:49 PM
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#630, "My nostalgic moment."


When i played Vens (assassin) there was Provost Magistrate minotaur warrior sword/mace Carolooth (or something like it).

I had good eq myself, but Carolooth had strange bracers. I really wanted those bracers (Vens was my first or second hero and i never had these bracers) and i was always attacking Carolooth whenever i saw him online.

He had cabal power to see me so i couldn't assassinate him. He liked to spend 95% of his time sitting in his guild in Galadon with 2 leutenants. I think i made him writing 2 times, but never could kill him. He got these bracers from Nreishe (or something like it) and had it for 1 rl week already. I was wanted all this week because he didn't leave Galadon and had to attack him there and it made stalking other people to assassinate them almost impossible). I think he killed me once or twice. So this "war" against him costed me much time and effort.

I got blademaster gloves in PK but didn't wear it because i was already at "old age" and didn't want to age-die.

I annoyed Carolooth for 1 rl week already when i saw him finally leaving Galadon. He went to the frigid wastelands and didn't have his cabal power on and i stalked him 7 times. On his way back i tryed to assassinate, failed, got bashed and died. He took my blademaster gloves.

When i returned to the corpse i got my things and noticed something strange. Carolooth looted my gloves, did wear it and AGE DIED! Then i asked healer applicant and another Scion to kill that mob with bracers 2 times and finally they were mine!

Damn it was so sweet victory after spending 1 rl week trying to do anything about Carolooth. I think it was my hardest victory even thought i didn't actually kill him myself.


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