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TwistThu 27-May-10 11:06 AM
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#620, "Later that day..."
Edited on Thu 27-May-10 11:13 AM


Ok in reality this game doesn't suck. That was way too much fun to just not play again.

Rolled up Twist again. A mage, again. With 16 int. (But 18 Str woot!).

Edited (again) to add that I didn't realize until level 31 that training int up once meant not having to put 3 practices into each spell. And I didn't ever learn as a mortal that I could train int up enough to where I'd only need 1 practice to get to 71%.

This time, things were going well. Got a groupmate. We hit level 5 pretty easy, eventually killing homonculus' down in the sewers. No name-shortening back then. Do you know how hard it is to type cast 'magic missile' homonculus over and over on raw telnet? At 14.4bps? Oof.

Uh oh, someone just told me they need my help, just west of Midgaard. Come on, Commodore (my groupmate), let's go save Deathwar! There's a big mean monster after him just west of MidgaaaaaaWhy are you bashing me we're here to help you ow ow damn ow ack!

Huh. So that's what "PK" means.

Edited to add: Commodore and I also both lost EXP due to that PK death.

Deathwar, btw, deleted after a short while and rolled his next char. You may have heard of him. His name was Cador.


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