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VilhazarogThu 17-Jan-13 08:19 PM
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#648, "RE: By request, nostalgia thread"


Hah, Twist's posts brought up a bunch of memories I hadn't thought about in a long time...

Keep in mind that this was all a long time ago and my memory may be faulty, feel free to correct.

I started out as Aldor, a mage. Mage back then was the best class, had so much fun with it... was also very overpowered, but we were still figuring that out at the time...

Used to summon the red dragon to the pit in Midgard... where everyone used to just hang out, back in the day. It would immediately aggro, area breath attack, all the poor newbs hanging out there waiting for a free heal would get splattered.

So they changed it, no summoning aggro mobs... so I summon something else that isn't aggro but still had an area attack, attack it... more helpless lowbie deaths. So they changed summon again.

So then I summon a bunch of mobs to the pit, sleep them all. Then put plague on them all. Then sleep the cityguards and put plague on them... meanwhile everyone in town started catching the plague... it spread to unkillable mobs... eventually people starting yelling, "Everyone leave town! The plague! It's unstoppable!" Muah hah hah... more lowbie deaths. Imms tone down the plague.

You could charm all kinds of mobs back then... there were these metallic orbs or something, don't remember what area they came from.. but they were immune to physical attacks... so, you know, you could have them rescue you and they'd take no damage... fun. Or you know, back to charming stuff with area attacks... or other overpowered stuff. IMMs go and take that all away.

Summon to no exit room, a good one. Or summon to a room with one door, and have someone spam the door shut. (Can you still do that?)

Got into MASTERs... eventually became leader during a down turn, i think, by Twist. Was leader for a long time. Gave quests to get in... ultimately the difficulty was determined by how much I liked you, how desperate MASTERs was at the time for members. Sometimes I screwed up and the quest was way too hard then I thought it was... oh well. Many newb deaths there trying to complete my quests. Sometimes I inducted on the spot for answering a simple question. Got yelled at by Twist for inducting too many at least once.

Sucked at PK. Was great at running away though. Nepenthe reminded me of the time when I commanded him to stay at cabal entrance and spam the door shut while I tesseracted away.. Hah hah! Fond memories of the cabal in the Galaxy, and ragers getting stuck in the black hole. And masters getting stuck there as well. MASTERs was always my favorite cabal... tesseract, transform, brew and scourge... the coolest powers.

Never made it cap... the MUD blew away all the mages (and everyone, we all started over).

I moved on to the next overpowered class, the cleric. Gate, summon, sanctuary... you really couldn't die unless you screwed up. Got into SHADOW. Never really enjoyed SHADOW, though, not my thing. Made it to cap... almost immorted.... couldn't think of a decent area idea. Then clerics were blown away.

Back to MASTERs, anti-paladin this time... Vilhazarog. Still had my summon and plague. Eventually immorted this time. Had an idea for making the elemental plane of air, but some of the IMMs thought it was dumb. Eventually settled for a much more modest area (it's still there, I checked!) My officemate (Scarabaeus) been hounding me to immort because he wanted me to help him with Hell. The area file format is dumb. Making that area was tedious and painful to get all the rooms to connect right. And that one was simple!

Spent lots of time catching cheaters... getting lied to, a lot. Crazy amounts of cheating going on, all the time. Probably still is. Like following some guy out to a remote place, he drops his equipment on the ground, quits. Then logs in another character, heads straight to the spot and picks it up. "Hey, what's with the cheating?" "I wasn't cheating." "You dropped this eq and picked it up with another character." "No I didn't." "yes, you did, I saw the whole thing." "Wasn't me." !!!! Yeah it's always a 'brother' or something.

Bots... invoker spamming bots. Teleport to invoker spamming a spell. Bring a mob, mob says "Hey, so and so, I got a deal for you." no response, still spamming... "So tell you what, I'll give you this sack of gold if you say "I'll take the gold." Or say nothing, and spend eternity trapped in some horrible immortal plane." No response, still spamming spells. "You sure?" Still no response. "I'll give you five minutes to think about it." Still spamming, no response....... "Ok! *Poof*" Five hours later, a prayer "Uh, hello? Anyone there? Why am I here??"

Kitten killers... people would buy kittens and then practice on them. I made them talk. Or they suddenly broke out with the plague...

I pitched an idea for two new cabals... Sylvan and an anti-sylvan (originally some underground kinda cabal, I forget...) Sylvan went into more or less as I proposed, but the other cabal was reworked into Empire. I was made EMPIRE imm, because it made sense.
Never was really thrilled with the cabal though. Too complicated. But it was fun getting everyone in and starting it all up.

MASTERs was still the best.

Had a cool tattoo. Don't remember what procs I wrote into it, but they were cool. Something to do with pc corpses.

Istendil wanted my tattoo, but his initial 'prayer' and offering sucked. Too cocky. I put him in my own personal area and left him plagued, assumed he would die in 15 minutes... He didn't. He was trapped there for hours. He was pissed. Oops, my bad. He complained that wasn't fun and he was right. Felt bad about it. Later gave him a quest to get Palan's axe and sac it, just cuz Palan had a ton of kills on it and I wanted to see what would happen to him. I think I even coded that punishment but never seen it work on a real mortal. Istendil killed him, sacced the axe (which killed Palan again), and I gave him my tattoo.

Wrote a ton of the procs for Hell. Wouldn't be surprised if the players haven't seen even a fourth of them. A lot of respect to Scarabaeus for all the tons of content he put in there. Fun times helping him get Hell working.

How's that for a wall of text!!


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