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IsildurTue 07-Dec-10 12:49 AM
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#634, "RE: By request, nostalgia thread"


Cleric gates to me. Charms me. Orders me to drop everything. Orders me to attack the warrior guild guard in Galadon. Dead.

Some guy's yelling about Captain Canuck in Midgaard. I mock him because Captain Canuck is a stupid name for a comic book character. (It is.) He promptly kills me for my insolence.

Spending half an hour atop the Master's tower obsessively brewing stuff so I can get haste and sanc, only to die immediately when ragers attack and have all my brewed potions destroyed. Repeat.

Getting summoned into Nep-Emperor-Whose-Name-I-Can't-Remember and Llorenthos and getting two-rounded.

Having Laios (sp?) insta-kill me at my recall point with dual backstab.

Going out to fight Zorszaul at the fortress after he just killed some other fort guy. Having a transplendant archon, thinking I am safe. Wrong. PWK.

Passing gear (that mithril sword the golems in Thalos used to have) from a warrior to an invoker in order to have the invoker enchant it. Getting caught for it and, before getting denied, having the imm say something like, "You cheated for this? Really?"


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