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In the begining (Anonymous)Tue 14-Jun-11 01:07 PM
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#638, "RE: By request, nostalgia thread"


Was bored at College, discovered the internet, look for discwold game, find discworld mud, connect. You are in the Q.......... disconnect, scroll up yahoo list of muds, Carrionfields.... hrrmn this sounds interesting.

Connect, fight monster, die.
N (You feel to relaxed)
E (You feel to relaxed)
Wake (You are already awake)
D (You feel to relaxed)
Sleep (You go to sleep)
Rest (You wake up and start resting)
N (You feel to relaxed)

Help sleep, Help rest, WTF?!?!?!!
Friend tells me in RL #### I just died! Yeah? Figured out how to move?, DUH Stand?

Start playing, friends start watching, start playing, start pking each other all over town at level 11 or so. So amazed to get to level 11. Awesome! (PK was at level 11 I think it could have been 5 o.O)
Go to the woods, get killed by the Black Knight, get summoned, get slain, get denied for my friends praying we are multi-charring.

Log in one day, Everyone is boosted to level 30 or what ever level they wanted, MUD is moving server have fun.

We go to new server, start up level up, think we are bad ass. get to hero pk range. as Neutral uncabballed trying to get in Herald, get married.

Every day after goes, (Log In (in the Dojo (safe ))
Jhyrbians backstab does UNSPEAKABLE things to you!
Jhyrbians dual backstab does UNSPEAKABLE things to you!
You are DEAD!!
T arbiter (Heh this dude just killed me in town!!!)
Arbiter (There was no yell.)
Unghost, corpse is full looted, Jhyrbian tells you 'Potions of return are bad and your bracers are magical'.
Leave guild, get summoned by Master necromancer get Scourged to death in two seconds.
Leave guild, go to gather crap (Red Dragon + Some black dex cloaks and stuff).
Masters invoker type dude is here, does UNSPEAKABLE things to you. Awesome.
Get up, #### a bear druid form attacking me in my guild, god damn Entropy.
Get up, theres an Empire now, theres a lich, try finding lich, (with no concept of how powerful a lich is)
Hang around, LICH leaves empire, See Remath new Emperor on eastern with mage. He is evil i am good, i am hidden he cant see me!!!
Remath has Summoned you!
You step out of the shadows.
You yell 'Help! Someimperial dude triped/bashed anhilated me'
Next day, rinse repeat. Good times


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