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AereglenThu 07-Nov-13 12:29 PM
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#4204, "Very good reasoning."
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You have to have the bad with the good, it makes things interesting. It forces you to deal with the situation. I can say confidently over 90% of the times I've been stuck in such rooms it has lead to interesting and more often than not fun experiences.

For instance once I was stuck in a certain prison cell somewhere as a conjurer. I was stuck there for days, literally about 4 or 5 real days, which is actually rather ridiculous considering I was an acolyte but a certain leader thought it was much more important to convince everyone to help him with a war we didn't need instead of lifting a finger to help me. I talked to a lot of people, and they were almost all good talks. I was able to save a few people from death by using the sending spell and what I had on hand in my container. I have to say with all honestly I was glad I was stuck there as long as I was. I highly doubt I would have ever willingly put myself in that situation. Maybe in a crazy drunken stupor role idea moment I would.

That all being said, yeah they're a bitch sometimes. At least some are just traps that you have a chance of getting out of, and not all are instant-death traps like falling of one of the cliffs. Learn where they are at and use them to your advantage. There are classes that have skills that allow you to knock targets into adjacent rooms.


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