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#2180, "Book 01: The Eye of the World"


The Eye of the World

Rand: I'm a young lad from a quaint little village.

Tam: Yes, you are.

Emond's Fielders: Rumors of strange things afoot. Wolves howling. Winds blowing. Trouble a-brewin.' Train comin.'

Egwene: Rand al'Thor! What do you think you're doing?

Rand: Aw, shucks, hi, Egwene.

Moiraine: I am mysterious. You will know all you need to know. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills.

Thom: I'm an old juggler with a big white mustache.

Trollocs: Oook! Aaak! Errrrr!

Moiraine: Come with me, you three.

Lan: Don't even know how to fight Shadowspawn. Dumb sheepherders.

Rand, Mat, and Perrin: We'll come with you.

Egwene: Me too! Weeee!

Rand: It might be dangerous.

Egwene: Rand al'Thor! You can't tell me what to do!

Rand: Maybe you could tell me what this is all about.

Moiraine: You will know what you need to know. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills.

Rand: Thanks.

Egwene: This is scary! Rand al'Thor! You got me into this!

Rand: Gee whiz, Egwene.

Moiraine: Dreams can be dangerous. Have you all had any scary dreams?

Mat: I don't know if we can trust Aes Sedai. Let's keep it a secret.

Rand and Perrin: Good idea.

Nynaeve: You are dragging them into some Aes Sedai plot!

Moiraine: Maybe I should have left them to die in Emond's Field.

Nynaeve: We would have been happy that way!

Moiraine: DO NOT go out into Shadar Logoth, or touch anything!

Mat: Let's go out into Shadar Logoth and touch things!

Rand and Perrin: Good idea.

Moiraine: That was dangerous.

Lan: Don't even know how to fight Mordeth. Dumb farmboys.

Egwene: Rand al' Thor! You are a woolhead!

Rand: Holy moley, Egwene.

Mat: I'm sweaty and pale and grabbing my dagger.

Rand: Sounds good.

Thom: I once had nephew Owyn, who died because of Aes Sedai. Now I must go fight a Myrddraal. See you in Book 2.

Mat: I'm still sweaty and pale and grabbing my dagger.

Rand: That's fine. I'll play my flute for our supper.

Lan: Nice tracking.

Nynaeve: I'm secretly blushing.

Perrin: I'm talking to Wolves.

Egwene: I'm dancing with beautiful Aram.

Lan: We must rescue Perrin and Egwene from the Whitecloaks. You must hold my hand. To help the rescue.

Nynaeve: Yes, I must hold your hand. To help the rescue. I hope there aren't spots of color blossoming on my cheeks.

Master Bunt: Legend has it that Tigraine disappeared after the old queen died. Soon after that Luc disappeared into

the Blight, and Taringail died, leaving young Morgase on the throne.

Rand: Couldn't you just leave it all in a big family tree inside the cover?

Master Gill: Legend has it Old Thom was closer to the queen that was proper. Then he disappeared and when he later

returned, Queen Morgase was mad, so he fled the city, a step ahead of the headsman's axe.

Rand: Couldn't you just leave it in a big exposition section inside the cover?

Mat: I'm even sweatier and paler, and more crazy.

Rand: Good work. Well, I have to go meet the royal family.

Elayne: I've got long golden tresses.

Rand: Jinkies, Elayne.

Morgase: This boy is dangerous.

Lord Bryne: Yes, he is.

Elaida: Yes, he is.

Morgase: Good. Let him go.

Gawyn: You look like an Aielman...oh, that's crazy talk. Never mind.

Rand: Okay.

Everyone: Yayyyy! We're all together!

Egwene: You're telling us you talked with the Daughter-Heir! Rand al'Thor! I am making presumptions about you, and

therefore must yell at you. Just wait until Elayne, Nynaeve and I do this for the entire series.

Rand: Gosh, Egwene...

Perrin: We heard a second-hand story about a dying man who said the Dark One means to blind the Eye of the World.

Loial: I heard the same story, from an different second-hand source.

Moiraine: Therefore, we must go to the Eye of the World!

Agelmar: Legend has it that Lan is the last of the Malkieri. You see, two score years ago...

Rand: Couldn't you just add this to the big family tree section in the front cover?

Agelmar: Use a Post-It.

Nynaeve: I have held your hand. I have brought you tea. I cannot shame myself any further!

Lan: I am not emotional. My emotions are cold like a winter blizzard. Loving me is like loving a frozen ice

sculpture. That is why I have fallen head over heels in love with you, and you with me. Now excuse me while I martyr


Rand: Aginor, being the least significant Forsaken until you are reborn, you are now dead.

Aginor: See you in book 6. I mean, "Noooo."

Rand: You too, Balthamel.

Balthamel: Mmmmph.

Mat: We found some things. Bloody ashes.

Egwene: Matrim Cauthon! You better...

Lan: Here's a gag.

Readers: Yay!

Moiraine: See you in Book 2.


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