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TwistFri 11-Jan-13 08:42 AM
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#2188, "Book 08: The Path of Daggers"


The Path of Daggers
Ethenielle: Anyone have any idea what the hell we’re doing?
Easar: No.
Paitar: Nope.
Tenobia: No idea.
Ethenielle: Okay. let’s smear our blood together.

Galina: I am the evilest.
Sevanna: No, I am the evilest.
Therava: No, I am the evilest.
Galina: Oh, let’s just glare at each other.
Sevanna & Therava: Fine.

Faile: Spying is a wife’s work. She must choose the best and brightest people to spy for her. that’s why I use

untrained morons from Tear and Cairhien who think they’re Aiel.
Perrin: Yes, with them around you, nothing can go wrong.

Edarra: You must kill Masema.
Faeldrin: I agree.
Perrin: I won’t allow it. it’s just not right.
Edarra: Why not?
Perrin: Because I'm a man of honor.
Edarra: But there is a great chance if you DON'T kill Masema, you will allow him to cause great death.
Perrin: That's a chance worth taking.
Edarra: You just made love to Faile, didn't you?
Perrin: Blood loss to brain too great?

Aviendha: I saw an evil man looking at me from the wall.
Elayne: That means we are sisters.
Nynaeve: I thought Egwene was like a sister to each of you.
Elayne: To me, Egwene was like a White-Tower-training-sister.
Aviendha: Yes, and to me, Egwene was like a Wise-One-training sister.
Nynaeve: And what kind of sisters are you to each other?
Elayne: We are like Ebou-Dar-wandering-around-doing-nothing-then-it’s-a-big-occasion-when-I-learn-to-apologize


Elayne: This ride is so horrible for me. The Aes Sedai, Sea Folk, and Kinswomen are all glaring at each other. Add

that to the fact that Rand al'Thor thinks he can GIVE me Caemlyn just because he killed a Forsaken, and no one

suffers as much as I do!
Nynaeve: Yes, I’m sure Rand is hoping the Dark One won’t glare at him during the Final Battle.

Corine: We have used the Bowl of the Winds. Now we can return it to our ships. Elayne: Not until the weather is back

to normal.
Corine: So we are supposed to wait until three feet of snow covers everything, making return to our ships impossible?
Elayne: Yes. that’s part of the deal that I just made up.

Elyas: Faile wants you to yell at her.
Perrin: Huh? Elyas: Let me draw you a picture. With lots of pretty bright colors.
Perrin: Me like pictures.

Weiramon: I am here, my Lord Dragon.
Rand: I can’t believe you’re still alive.
Weiramon: Neither can I, Lord of the Morning. My own men seem to hate me.
Rand: Well, since you’re still around, you might as well be in charge of this army.
Weiramon: Yes, He Who Walks With Golden Feet. Shall I order my men to hang that traitor?
Rand: No. that’s a broom. But you can sweep my tent with it.

Bashere: There are reports of a huge Seanchan army with hundreds of damane advancing towards Illian. You command over

a million soldiers, and hundreds of Asha'man.
Rand: I will take 5,000 soldiers and eight Asha’man.
Bashere: It should work. With your mediocre planning and surrounding yourself with those who hate you, once again,

you should just barely avoid complete disaster.

Halima: Let me soothe your headaches with my evil fingers.
Egwene: Yes, that will be nice. You know, I was not there in Tanchico when Moghedien took advantage of Nynaeve and

Elayne. I missed a great opportunity to be made a fool of.
Halima: we’ll have to fix that.

Rand: What are your titles Taim has given you?
Gedwyn: I am the Storm Leader.
Rochaid: I am the Super-Duper Attack Coordinator.
Dashiva: I am the Death to Rand al’Thor Bringer.
Rand: As long as you’re keeping busy.

Cadsuane: We must teach Rand al’Thor to cry again.
Sorilea: We must teach Rand al’Thor to laugh again.
Cadsuane: Do you have any idea what we’re talking about?
Sorilea: I’m drunk.
Cadsuane: Me too.

Egwene: I must have long negotiations with these Andoran nobles and Murandian nobles.
Siuan: Yes, it’s very important for some reason.
Egwene: Yes, it is. By babbling and being babbled at, I am showing what a shrewd leader I am becoming.
Siuan: Mother, Lord Bryne needs more black bean stew. it’s his favorite. It makes that adorable face of his light up

like a full moon.
Egwene: Do you love him?
Siuan: I’m not telling.

Cadsuane: I will sit in this rising pile of snow until you apologize for being rude.
Rand: No, not that. Fine, I’m sorry.
Cadsuane: If you hadn’t given in, I’d have hit myself with a shovel until you did.
Rand: How dignified of you.
Cadsuane: It was rude of you to get angry at me for walking in on you unannounced, then insulting you, then implying

that I would harm you.
Rand: Of course. I should have said "Thank you" for your veiled threats and unveiled insults.
Cadsuane: You are not accustomed to constant rudeness. When you marry Elayne, you will be.
Rand: Will she sit in a rising pile of snow?
Cadsuane: When Elayne speaks, there will be a rising pile of something.

Lelaine: Mother, you must listen to my selfish demands.
Romanda: No, Mother, you must listen to my selfish demands.
Egwene: Perhaps I should ignore you both.
Lelaine & Romanda: Light, how did she figure that out? she’s possibly the smartest Amyrlin ever.

Elayne: we’re still traveling along.
Nynaeve: Yes, we are. This is very important, all this traveling we are doing.
Elayne: Yes it is. Just the other day, one of the Kinswomen turned out to be a runaway novice. Nothing Rand is

dealing with could possibly be as important as this.
Nynaeve: Yes. Perhaps tomorrow, we’ll have to settle an argument about how much lace one should wear, or who has the

handsomest lover.

Alviarin: I will succeed, because being evil never fails.
Galina : that’s right. Evil prevails.
Liandrin : Absolutely. Evil pays off.
Moghedien : Being evil is always the smartest path.
Elaida : Of course. Evil!
Aginor/Osan'gar: Evil is great. What are the odds of me dying a second time?

Cadsuane: Rand al’Thor must be protected. He must heed my words of wisdom. He needs me.
Samitsu: What is your master plan to help him?
Cadsuane: I will ignore him and have people bring me tea.
Samitsu: Now, regarding young Master al'Thor!.
Cadsuane: Tea!

Lady Riatin: We are pillow friends.
Random Windfinder: Yes, we are. Lady Riatin: Any idea what "pillow friends" are, or what plot function we serve?
Random Windfinder: No.
Lady Riatin: Then it’s best we hide in this room.

Perrin: You are summoned to see the Lord Dragon.
Masema: Fine. But only if there’s no One Power involved.
Perrin: Why not?
Masema: Because I’m crazy.
Perrin: that’s good enough for me. let’s start walking.

Faile: we’re under attack! Cha Faile! Prepare to defend yourselves, like the fierce quasi-Aiel you are!
Selande: I shot my foot.

Rand: I’m still alive.
Taim: Damn. I mean, good.
Rand: Some Asha’man tried to kill me.
Taim: Yes, Rochaid, Gedwyn, and Kisman. According to this plan, I see that at exactly quarter to Third Hour, Rochaid, Gedwyn, and Kisman convened at your wing of the Sun Palace, called "Point A." They tried to kill you and failed, then used the escape route, which I have highlighted in red, to one of the main courtyards, labeled "Point B," to report to each other. Then they reported their failure to me here, in the Gardens, at "Point C" on the map, I drew myself extra large, and gave myself a flowing black cape, to emphasize my power.
Rand: don’t forget that Dashiva tried to kill me, also.
Taim: Dashiva? that’s odd. he’s a Forsaken. He should be much smarter than that.
Rand: I know. Well, back to your assassin factory.


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