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TwistFri 11-Jan-13 08:43 AM
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#2190, "Book 10: Crossroads of Twilight"


Crossroads of Twilight

Glimmers of a Plot:

Yukiri: We are hot on the trail of the Black Ajah.
Seaine: Yes. Soon we will be able to do something.
Yukiri: Unless they do something first.
Seaine: Yes, unless they do something first.
Yukiri: Yes.
Seaine: Yes.
Rodel: I am The Wolf. I am a great general.
One-Eyed Sidekick #3: Yes, my Lord.
Rodel: I have a plan. Soon we will do something.
One-Eyed Sidekick #3: Unless someone else does something first.
Rodel: Yes.
One-Eyed Sidekick #3: Yes.
Egwene: I am forming a plan to deal with Elaida.
Gareth: I could invade Tar Valon.
Egwene: Are you trying to do something?
Gareth: Won’t happen again.
Egwene: Good, now let me return to my nothing.
Davram: The other Andoran Houses are surrounding Caemlyn.
Bael: They look prepared to do something.
Davram: That’s just what they want you to think.
Deira: I’ve been attacked. Someone did something.
Davram: Who would dare.
Deira: Obviously someone evil.
Elayne: I am gathering useless Houses to my cause for Andor. I am forming a plan to do something.
Birgitte: What will you do?
Elayne: Take a bath. Then meet some more people from useless Houses.
Birgitte: That’s stupid.
Elayne: You don’t understand what it is to be a Queen.
Birgitte: I understand what it is to not be an idiot.
Elayne: Exactly. Now pass the Royal Soap.
Perrin: We can’t catch up to a moving city of Aiel using Travelling.
Elyas: You can’t catch up to a couple hundred thousand people tramping on foot through snow, when you have the use of

Perrin: Well, we’re flying around the globe, hoping to hit them.
Elyas: Perhaps you could order the Asha’man to move your army in smaller spaces.
Perrin: Are you trying to force something to happen?
Elyas: By the Light, I apologize.
Perrin: I forgive you. Now pass the brooding chair.
Aviendha: The Aiel have a magical trick called, “Checking the Baby.”
Elayne: This is the most riveting scene I’ll ever have.
Faile: It’s very important to describe how painstakingly I hand wash Sevanna’s silk.
Sevanna: Have you been trying to do something?
Faile: Yes.
Sevanna: Tie her up and leave her outside.
Morgase: I must remember how many times I’ve been captured. Four? Five? I hope I’ve passed that skill onto my

daughter. She needs to learn how to become a Queen.
Perrin: There is a trail of Darkhounds dangerously circling my camp. Threatening for something to happen. Dangerous.

Something might happen. Dangerous. Oh, they ran away. Good. Back to nothing.
Delana: People are talking about talking with Elaida.
Egwene: They are talking about talking with Elaida!
Alanna: How can this be?
Morvrin: Lunacy.
Beonin: We must talk about what their talking about talking means.
Sheriam: As long as we’re not actually DOING something, we should be okay.
Egwene: Good plan. Now let me get back to the nothing that I was working on.
Halima: Headache for your headache?
Egwene: You’re my most trusted friend.
Mat: It is Time to Be Gone.
Noal: Yes it is.
Mat: As soon as we are ready to leave in an incredibly slow manner, I’ll let you know.
Rand: You must stop bonding Aes Sedai.
Logain: Why?
Rand: Because you’re making me look lazy.
Perrin: The whole world can burn until I get Faile. I vow that I will never rest until I hold her in my…..
Masema: That town has grain.
Perrin: Time for a grain break.
Everyone: GRAIN BREAK!
Rand: Arrange for a truce with the Seanchan.
Davram: Why?
Rand: Because I need more naked time with Min.
Tuon: Toy.
Mat: Tuon.
Noal: I now pronounce you idiot and wife.
Perrin: I’ve cut off my enemy’s hand. I feel terrible.
Elyas: Why?
Perrin: I’ve just done something!
Elyas: What will you do?
Perrin: Throw away my axe so it can never happen again. From now on, I’m carrying a pillow.
Elyas: If I keep staying around you, I’ll need one.
Egwene: I’m off to do something.
Siuan: What?
Egwene: None of your business. Now, if memory serves, I gently ease my foot into the trap like this.
Bashere: The Seanchan want you to meet their leader – The Fake Princess.
Rand: To Be Continued.
Bashere: What?
Rand: Nothing, I just thought it would sound good if I said that.


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