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TwistFri 11-Jan-13 08:37 AM
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#2183, "Book 03: The Dragon Reborn"


The Dragon Reborn
Rand: Shouldn't you be helping me figure out what to do?

Moiraine: The Pattern will guide you. You alone must decide what to do.

Rand: What if the Pattern wants me to run off in the middle of the night?

Moiraine: Then I will become furious. Now excuse me, I must speak with a string of incoherent refugees.
Rand: I'm feeling more and more pressure.

Perrin: That's odd. Must be because you're going insane. I must now be wary of you.
Uno: Legend has it the Grey Men are walking around.

Ragan: The Soulless.

Masema: The Shadowsoulled.

Lan: The Shadow-eyed.

Moiraine: The Shadow-walkers.

Min: The Soul Brothers?

Uno: The Soul Masters.

Min: Oh, the Funky Shadow Dancers.

Moiraine: The Dark Soul Chorus.

Lan: The Dark One's Ensemble of Evil-Souled Dark Nightwalkers.

Min: I wonder if they'll show up later in the story.

Lan: Probably not.
Moiraine: Rand is going after Callandor.

Masema: The Sword That is Not a Sword.

Uno: The Sword That Cannot Be Touched.

Ragan: The Sword That Launched a Thousand Ships.

Lan: The Sword That Looks Like Crystal, but Isn't, Because It's Really Sharp, and Pointy, And Can be Used As a Male

Sa-angreal to Destroy One's Enemies.
Verin: I don't want to hear another word from any of you.

Nynaeve: But I'm tired of yanking my braid.

Verin: Try punching yourself in the stomach.

Nynaeve: Ahhh. Thanks.
Egwene: Tar Valon! Now we can finally get Mat the help he needs.

Verin: In a minute. I must stare at this wall.
Moiraine: We are all on a sacred mission to protect the world. To do your part to save the world, Perrin, you must

saddle my horse. Also, Perrin, the mission to save the world demands that you do my laundry. And fetch me some


Perrin: That seems unfair.

Lan: Do, it sheepherder.

Perrin: Rand is "sheepherder." I'm "blacksmith."

Lan: Thanks. Do it, blacksmith.
Loial: "To anger an Aes Sedai is to bring a mountain down on your head."

Perrin: I'm only questioning her.

Loial: "To question an Aes Sedai is to fall down the mountain enough to get a few cuts and bruises."

Perrin: I'm really only asserting myself.

Loial: "To assert oneself before an Aes Sedai is to stare at the mountain until the glare from the sun causes serious

eye damage."

Perrin: I think you're being foolish.

Loial: "To doubt the word of one warning you about Aes Sedai is to actually name your first child 'Mountain,' and

have that child mocked and derided every day, and called names like 'Big Fat Mountain,' then have that child become a

poorly funtioning adult who works long hours digging mud holes in the fields, and talking to himself."
Moiraine: You must tell me things. Perhaps I can help.

Perrin: I talk to wolves.

Moiraine: Good luck with that.
Egwene: I'm a Dreamer.

Nynaeve: I'm a great Healer.

Elayne: I feel left out.

Egwene: I'm sure we'll find something stupid for you to do, like making ter'angreal.
Galad: Hey, girls.

Egwene: I hope my skirts are smooth.

Nynaeve: Me too. Smooth skirts are a must in today's world.
Gawyn: Hey, girls.

Egwene: Where's your brother?

Nynaeve: Yeah, where's your brother?

Gawyn: He's out buying more mirrors. I'll be crying under my bed.
Elayne: Galad only does what's right, no matter who he hurts.

Egwene: Since he only does right, he only hurts evil people, right?

Elayne: No, he mostly hurts good people. And that's what makes him so perfect.

Egwene: Wow. I wish I could be so perfect.

Elayne: Don't worry, you will be.
Elayne: I met Rand once. I love him. I will bond him.

Nynaeve: Has he given his permission for you to bond him?

Elayne: Do you want me to raise my chin?

Nynaeve: Fine.
Siuan: You three must hunt the Black Ajah. You gut the fish, after you sail the Fingers of the Dragon. A silverpike

in your skirts will bite you before the lionfish in your boat. The guppy in your hair will make you jump like an eel.

Nynaeve: Are you drunk?

Siuan: Yes.
Lanfear: I am evil. One day I will claim my old love, Lews Therin, who is now al'Thor, and together we will rule the

world! HA! HA! HAAAA!

Mat: I'm sorry, what?

Lanfear: Go Light.

Mat. Oh. Luckily no one warned me about an evil, beautiful woman who might have been in a Dark Prophecy in an earlier

<b>Mat: Let's fight.

Galad: Not the face!

Gawyn: Yes, the face.
Lanfear: Girls, I am Else Grinwell, not Lanfear. The Black Ajah is in Tear. It’s a trap. Go Light.

Elayne: A trap-walking-into! Yay!

Egwene: Do we put ourselves in a sack like last time?

Elayne: I think the sack is waiting for us in Tear.

Egwene: Oh, good.
Elayne: Mat, you must take this message to my mother.

Mat: Doesn't the royal family or the White Tower have carrier pigeons?

Elayne: Nope. Fresh out.

Mat: Seems silly.

Elayne: See this chin? I'll raise it.

Mat: Fine.
Nynaeve: We are women by ourselves in the world, and therefore must bicker.

Egwene: Bicker, bicker.

Nynaeve: Braid yank, braid yank.

Elayne: Chin raise, chin raise.

Ship Captain: Need help?

Nynaeve: How dare you! We'll be fine!!

Bandits: Put them into the sacks.

Egwene: Ahh. Trapped again by our own stupidity. Home, sweet home.
Rahvin: Go kill the Daughter-Heir.

Underling: What if she raises her chin, milord?

Rahvin: She is a skilled chinmaster. Use the heron-marked chin I have given you.

Mat : Good luck to that guy. Er..I should go save her. I guess.
Perrin: I wish I could use only my hammer, not my axe.

Loial: "Wishing for an hammer is like climbing a mountain, and then slipping..."

Perrin: Oh, shut up.
Lan: Rand is as fast on foot as we are on horseback.

Perrin: Why is that?

Lan: Our horses are actually statues of horses. Giddyup.
Lan: Giant wolfprints in stone. Darkhounds.

Hopper: Shadow brothers.

Moiraine: Four-footed Darkwalkers.

Hopper: Nightrunners.

Lan: Those Who Cannot Be Named, Other Than To Say They Are Evil Wolves.

Perrin: You made that last one up.

Lan: Yes, I did.
Perrin: Please stop insulting me.

Faile: Okay, Shaggy-hair.

Perrin: Stop it.

Faile: Stop what, big man?

Perrin: Leave me alone.

Faile: Why, farmboy?

Perrin: I suddenly love you.

Faile: Good. Now wear this collar. I now own you.
Nynaeve: Tear. Here we are.

Liandrin: Step this way, please.

Nynaeve: Certainly.
Rand: Tear. Here I am.

Bel'al: Step this way, please.

Rand: No.

Bel'al: Damn, he's on to me.
Ba'alzamon: Ha! Ha! No one kicks Ba'alzamon's butt THREE times in a row! Maybe the first time you burned my face, and

the second time you stabbed me, but this time it will be diff...
Mat: I braved the Forsaken, Black Ajah, Defenders, and High Lords to save you.

Nynaeve: We were happy in our prison, thank you very much.

Egwene: Yeah, now we have to actually do stuff. Thanks a lot.

Mat: Maybe you'll acknowledge my effort in four books or so.
Aiel: The Dragon Reborn!

Rand: What did you call me?

Aiel: Nothing. Go Rand.


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