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Osalia (Anonymous)Wed 12-Feb-20 04:44 PM
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#4936, "AP is not underpowered"


I took the Warmaster, who had 7 ranks on me, to convulsing with no protections at all, using a weapon he was resistant to, if I remember.

I might even have won if I hadn't successfully slept him when he was fighting my nightwalker, which is a mostly wasted attack.

I think I had 2 charges at the time so they didn't make me stronger than average either.

The ap class is already very abusable if you play to its strengths, and they can already spin a lot more than most other classes because of the edge.

Also, a couple of new players learnt by playing the ap class. They died a lot, then less, then won more than they lost.

APs are a bit fragile but they are also very dangerous if played offensively.


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