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IshuliFri 23-Sep-22 10:22 AM
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#143469, "Good job."


Here are some compliments people said about you in the discord.

"Thokran is the golden standard of what a Cabal leader should be. Dude played against the odds, never fairweather logged, was on whenever he could be, was interested in building empire back up, he was literally one of my favorite characters in the mud because he had a hard life and never bitched, he just kept going
" - Gaplemo

"Oh I loved thokran. Such a fun character to play against" - Knac

"Props to Thokran. Well done all round." - Bonovox

"Thokran was great. Well done." - Shockfyre

"Very very well done Thokran a standup guy on both sides as enemy and ally." - stlucian1992

"Thokran was solid" - verily

"Thokran was a great opponent and an even better leader for his cabal. Huge respect! Dude was full of action, never back down but never leroy jenkins, he wanted to help his cabal and he did it. Absolute cornerstone character to 2022" - forsakenz

"Ye, great job from Thokran. My hours are usually later so I didn't get much more than a fight or two with the character, but mad respect for being such a solid presence for Empire. Every day on the announcement feed we see pks going back and forth from Thok and that's great to see. Not just for the perseverance but for being formidable besides. GLWYN" - Jickasaur

"Thok was spectacular." - mourningstar

"Incredibly resilient, bold, aggressive, classy, fun. Could never relax with thokran on. He and kroch together and separately pulled off so many ballsy retrievals against us." - Callowin

"Thokran was such a class act. GLWYN and thanks for making the game better by being in it." - yr_blues

"Total respect for how relentless Thokran was. Class act indeed." - kbd

"What a long lived character. Good job!!" - Ultec

"Empire should have a hallway that is filled with statues/busts/paintings/rich tapestries of their greatest and most influential. Thokran would be right up there, I loved that character." - NaueC

Great job!


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