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Raheena (Guest)Fri 22-Jul-05 07:43 PM

#39968, "I wont lie about it"


I was so pissed I couldnt see straight for like two days. Ya everyone hated Raheena, they where supposed to. But like I said Raheena let her guard down when she finally needed help from others (The Lich Quest}. She turned to those closest to her, which was none. She felt she had to trust in someone to do this quest, although she really didnt. The Marble was fake, the Only item Rahenna didnt get herself. Someone who had sworn there Loyalty to Raheena found it for her. This was the one person Raheena called a friend. IT was the first ITem Raheena recieved in the Lich quest. It sparked a fire within her to find the rest. And she did. It took about two weeks from the time I got the quest to the time I had all my items. When I read my immortal comments it was the first time I realized I had been dupted by someone extremly close. And made me see blood when I realized an immortal was in on it. To me that seemed dirty that another Immortal would knowingly help destroy my charactor for gold ,amusement, what ever. But then I got to thinking, hell atleast I played the major part in the movie. Yes I died at the end but so what. ALmost everyone who playes this game on a daily basis knew Raheena. Yes most hated her, she didnt care she wanted them to. Still messed up that an immortal helped destroy what mortals only dreamed of. Yes I know that sounds cocky, but we are all aware of the power of a lich. But they did it smart. They destroyed me while tring to become the lich, which was smart. Ok I know I am rambling, but just know in the great words of 2Pac "I aint mad at ya"

Thought about taking a couple weeks off to recover from this......but what the hell ya know. Though I am sure my next design shall surprise the hell out of you all. See ya all around


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               Reply Well worth every freakin penny too n/t, Azakard (Guest), 21-Jul-05 01:10 PM, #14
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                         Reply Meant to have Definately in the subject above. n/t, Hyolinar (Guest), 21-Jul-05 01:48 PM, #16
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