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Moderated Topics to Read Past Heroes Graveyard Protected forum
Fallen heroes with no clutter of the clean lines of text tombstones.
Moderators: Death_Angel
Tue 19-Nov-19 01:30 AM 26736 topics
26743 messages
Moderated Topics to Read The Premium Battlefield Protected forum
A place where the character sheets of past players can be found...for a price.
Moderators: Death_Angel
Thu 14-Nov-19 03:05 PM 3231 topics
62883 messages
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Anchored Topic Battlefield FAQ - Death Angel Rides AgainYanorethTue 21-Aug-07 02:47 AM4829
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [None] Pteraxus the Defiler of GravesDeath_AngelTue 19-Nov-19 01:30 AM1
Topic (AUTO) [None] Mychichut Zrynk'Alyl the Student of the M...Death_AngelMon 18-Nov-19 07:55 PM6
Topic (AUTO) [TRIBUNAL] Aranda the Weaver of the Elements, Ma...Death_AngelMon 18-Nov-19 06:15 PM10
Topic (DELETED) [TRIBUNAL] Tohruk the Holy of Faith, Magistra...Death_AngelMon 18-Nov-19 03:45 AM20
Topic (AUTO) [None] Adrulace the Elder ThiefDeath_AngelSun 17-Nov-19 04:00 PM9
Topic (DELETED) [OUTLANDER] Ischer Landar the Creature of the... [ View all ]Death_AngelSun 17-Nov-19 12:40 AM104
Reply Good times, polmier, 15-Nov-19 09:41 PM, #3
Reply RE: Good times, Rahsael, 17-Nov-19 12:40 AM, #4
Reply Only outlander I've ever really liked., JohnEveryMan, 15-Nov-19 08:51 AM, #2
Reply Thank you., Aurew, 14-Nov-19 07:46 PM, #1
Topic (AUTO) [None] Trougley the Master of SpeedDeath_AngelSat 16-Nov-19 10:20 PM3
Topic (AUTO) [None] Uga the StalkerDeath_AngelSat 16-Nov-19 04:50 PM6
Topic (AUTO) [None] Hilothek the Dweller of the WildsDeath_AngelSat 16-Nov-19 12:00 PM7
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [None] Pitroveech the Warrior of the Blad...Death_AngelSat 16-Nov-19 04:55 AM17
Topic (AUTO) [None] Elliore the Mistress of OffenseDeath_AngelSat 16-Nov-19 02:15 AM5
Topic (DELETED) [None] Cabreeka the Legend of the Battlefield...Death_AngelFri 15-Nov-19 10:50 PM11
Topic (DELETED) [None] Shegrane the Grand Master of Changelin...Death_AngelThu 14-Nov-19 04:10 PM10
Topic (DELETED) [OUTLANDER] Shrikah the Dweller of the WildsDeath_AngelThu 14-Nov-19 03:00 PM5
Topic (AUTO) [TRIBUNAL] Khadia the Caller of the Pack, Magist...Death_AngelThu 14-Nov-19 04:40 AM19
Topic (AUTO) [TRIBUNAL] Borkul the Champion of ArmsDeath_AngelThu 14-Nov-19 04:10 AM13
Topic (AUTO) [None] Tigri the Mistress of SpeedDeath_AngelWed 13-Nov-19 06:30 PM7
Topic (AUTO) [BATTLE] Quainei the OgoshiDeath_AngelWed 13-Nov-19 11:50 AM12
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [None] Carvonha the Uki GoshiDeath_AngelWed 13-Nov-19 03:40 AM11
Topic (AUTO) [None] Gvogas the Grand Mistress of ChangelingsDeath_AngelTue 12-Nov-19 09:30 AM8
Topic (DELETED) [FORTRESS] Liusan the Legend of the Battlefie... [ View all ]Death_AngelMon 11-Nov-19 06:49 PM100
Reply Fireheaded dreadlocked basket-weaver., Panmorne, 10-Nov-19 12:01 PM, #1
     Reply May the holy bread give you indigestion, Brenisur (Anonymous), 10-Nov-19 03:02 PM, #2
     Reply Hey there!, Liusan (Anonymous), 11-Nov-19 09:38 AM, #3
          Reply RE: Hey there!, Panmorne, 11-Nov-19 12:13 PM, #4
               Reply I noticed the same thing. , Lhydia, 11-Nov-19 12:20 PM, #5
                    Reply Same here..., Liusan (Anonymous), 11-Nov-19 06:49 PM, #6
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [ENTROPY] Goleagh the Defiler of GravesDeath_AngelSun 10-Nov-19 12:40 PM25
Topic (DELETED) [None] Talleluin the Weaver of the Elements [ View all ]Death_AngelSat 09-Nov-19 07:55 PM67
Reply So I figured, incognito, 09-Nov-19 02:41 PM, #1
     Reply Demi-Elemental is super expensive., k-b, 09-Nov-19 06:59 PM, #2
          Reply Huh. I always thought your invoker's name was Laurel. n..., Lhydia, 09-Nov-19 07:47 PM, #3
               Reply My bard’s name was Laurile. Outlander. Nt, k-b, 09-Nov-19 07:55 PM, #4
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [OUTLANDER] Ente the Champion of ArmsDeath_AngelSat 09-Nov-19 07:00 PM13
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [OUTLANDER] Rhugo the Man-At-Arms [ View all ]Death_AngelFri 08-Nov-19 03:20 PM66
Reply Enjoyed your RP, Bemused, 08-Nov-19 06:33 AM, #1
     Reply RE: Enjoyed your RP, Jhyrbian, 08-Nov-19 03:20 PM, #2
Topic (DELETED) [None] Surinn the Knight of RetributionDeath_AngelThu 07-Nov-19 08:40 AM8
Topic (AUTO) [None] Ilmryn the Legend of the Battlefield, Ana...Death_AngelThu 07-Nov-19 07:15 AM13
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [BATTLE] Xaviar the Legend of the Battlef...Death_AngelWed 06-Nov-19 10:35 PM18
Topic (DELETED) [None] Meghrit the Supplicant of Greed, Spyma...Death_AngelWed 06-Nov-19 10:45 AM19
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