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Moderated Topics to Read Past Heroes Graveyard Protected forum
Fallen heroes with no clutter of the clean lines of text tombstones.
Moderators: Death_Angel
Mon 23-Oct-17 06:00 AM 24921 topics
24927 messages
Moderated Topics to Read The Premium Battlefield Protected forum
A place where the character sheets of past players can be found...for a price.
Moderators: Death_Angel
Tue 03-Oct-17 11:28 AM 3032 topics
58392 messages
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Anchored Topic Battlefield FAQ - Death Angel Rides AgainYanorethTue 21-Aug-07 01:47 AM4456
Topic (CON LOSS) [FORTRESS] Hunsodin al'Arintalis the Doomed ... [ View all ]Death_AngelMon 23-Oct-17 05:55 PM102
Reply Big fan!, Annalaethina (Anonymous), 23-Oct-17 05:55 PM, #8
Reply RE: (CON LOSS) [FORTRESS] Hunsodin al'Arintalis the Doo..., Ergush, 23-Oct-17 05:52 PM, #7
Reply A very good leader/char/monk/..., Yhendorn (Anonymous), 23-Oct-17 03:06 PM, #6
Reply RE: (CON LOSS) [FORTRESS] Hunsodin al'Arintalis the Doo..., Rahsael, 23-Oct-17 02:06 PM, #5
Reply Typical Welverin, Kstatida, 23-Oct-17 12:31 PM, #4
Reply So much to say, Yanni Sunburst (Anonymous), 23-Oct-17 12:31 PM, #3
Reply RE: (CON LOSS) [FORTRESS] Hunsodin al'Arintalis the Doo..., Thalamanion (Anonymous), 23-Oct-17 12:12 PM, #2
Reply Very well played sir!, Korsgaard, 23-Oct-17 10:34 AM, #1
Topic (AUTO) [None] Xhiln the Spectre, Anathema to the EmpireDeath_AngelMon 23-Oct-17 06:00 AM10
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [None] Eryari Thistlebow the Grand Mistre... [ View all ]Death_AngelSun 22-Oct-17 11:44 PM51
Reply Sorry to see this!, Odoe (Anonymous), 22-Oct-17 07:01 PM, #1
     Reply Me too!, Eryari (Anonymous), 22-Oct-17 11:44 PM, #2
Topic (DELETED) [None] Fobek the Grand Master of ChangelingsDeath_AngelSun 22-Oct-17 03:08 PM4
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [None] Taror the Master of DefenseDeath_AngelSun 22-Oct-17 02:44 PM7
Topic (DELETED) [None] Ayislu Tr'Tinarae the Hand of the Unse...Death_AngelSun 22-Oct-17 10:16 AM13
Topic (DELETED) [HERALD] Vronwei Wila'worn the Grand Master o...Death_AngelSun 22-Oct-17 10:08 AM22
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [BATTLE] Frizwoo the Master of Owaza [ View all ]Death_AngelSat 21-Oct-17 03:56 PM65
Reply RE: (RAGE DELETE) [BATTLE] Frizwoo the Master of Owaza, Rahsael, 21-Oct-17 01:01 PM, #2
Reply RE: (RAGE DELETE) [BATTLE] Frizwoo the Master of Owaza, Tronimal, 21-Oct-17 01:50 PM, #3
     Reply RE: (RAGE DELETE) [BATTLE] Frizwoo the Master of Owaza, Rahsael, 21-Oct-17 03:56 PM, #4
Reply I suspect this character was meant to be silly..., Tac, 21-Oct-17 09:10 AM, #1
Topic (AUTO) [None] Jalla Guk the Warlord of the Grinning Sku...Death_AngelSat 21-Oct-17 03:44 PM8
Topic (DELETED) [None] Neribis the Master of OffenseDeath_AngelSat 21-Oct-17 10:32 AM9
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [FORTRESS] Krazcart Stonespucker the Lege... [ View all ]Death_AngelSat 21-Oct-17 12:39 AM119
Reply Goodbyes, Quixotic, 20-Oct-17 05:41 PM, #4
Reply RE: Goodbyes, Rahsael, 21-Oct-17 12:39 AM, #5
Reply I really enjoyed rolling with this ol' Krazy dwarf, Quamlu (Anonymous), 20-Oct-17 12:03 AM, #3
Reply RE: (RAGE DELETE) [FORTRESS] Krazcart Stonespucker the ..., Rahsael, 11-Oct-17 07:26 PM, #2
Reply RE: (RAGE DELETE) [FORTRESS] Krazcart Stonespucker the ..., Demos, 11-Oct-17 10:52 AM, #1
Topic (DELETED) [FORTRESS] Yahira the Dweller of the WildsDeath_AngelFri 20-Oct-17 10:24 PM11
Topic (AUTO) [HERALD] Snir the Student of the Macalla, Barten...Death_AngelFri 20-Oct-17 08:20 PM4
Topic (AUTO) [ENTROPY] Baluhg the MaleficDeath_AngelFri 20-Oct-17 06:44 PM6
Topic (AUTO) [None] Fordavidas the Woman-At-ArmsDeath_AngelFri 20-Oct-17 03:04 PM5
Topic (AUTO) [OUTLANDER] Galakar the Grand Master of Changeli...Death_AngelFri 20-Oct-17 01:16 PM11
Topic (DELETED) [None] Zhakk the Lesser ChangelingDeath_AngelFri 20-Oct-17 09:36 AM6
Topic (AUTO) [HERALD] Ughnaut Gold Diver the Affirmation of L... [ View all ]Death_AngelFri 20-Oct-17 12:06 AM41
Reply Sorry Ish..., SPN, 20-Oct-17 12:06 AM, #1
Topic (DELETED) [None] Bretak the Master of Stealth, Bloodoat...Death_AngelThu 19-Oct-17 11:12 PM6
Topic (DELETED) [TRIBUNAL] Traennin the LightSlayer, Magistra...Death_AngelThu 19-Oct-17 10:36 PM12
Topic (AUTO) [TRIBUNAL] Grauk Lechium the Holy of Faith, Just...Death_AngelThu 19-Oct-17 10:12 PM14
Topic (DELETED) [FORTRESS] Krelroy Yantirye Fe'lins the Legen... [ View all ]Death_AngelThu 19-Oct-17 03:11 AM103
Reply RE: (DELETED) [FORTRESS] Krelroy Yantirye Fe'lins the L..., Mamed, 09-Oct-17 11:56 PM, #1
     Reply Everybody loved you, Kstatida, 10-Oct-17 08:13 AM, #2
     Reply RE: Everybody loved you, Mamed, 19-Oct-17 03:11 AM, #5
     Reply I really liked Krelroy, Yanni Sunburst (Anonymous), 10-Oct-17 11:05 AM, #3
          Reply RE: I really liked Krelroy, thanks (Anonymous), 19-Oct-17 03:09 AM, #4
Topic (AUTO) [None] Biffledup the Grand Master of Shapeshifti...Death_AngelWed 18-Oct-17 07:08 PM2
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [None] Gimely the Grand Eldress of Change...Death_AngelWed 18-Oct-17 12:32 PM9
Topic (DELETED) [SCARAB] Griqus Ru the Spectre, Cinnamon Toas...Death_AngelWed 18-Oct-17 06:40 AM37
Topic (DELETED) [None] Dolkar the Grand Elder of ChangelingsDeath_AngelTue 17-Oct-17 12:08 PM13
Topic (AUTO) [SCARAB] Dzooka Afu-Rah the Legend of the Battle...Death_AngelMon 16-Oct-17 03:36 PM32
Topic (AUTO) [None] Calagar the PlanewalkerDeath_AngelMon 16-Oct-17 11:36 AM7
Topic (AUTO) [None] Alexa the Student of MetamorphosisDeath_AngelMon 16-Oct-17 11:28 AM7
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