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Moderated Topics to Read Past Heroes Graveyard Protected forum
Fallen heroes with no clutter of the clean lines of text tombstones.
Moderators: Death_Angel
Sun 23-Sep-18 08:56 AM 25773 topics
25780 messages
Moderated Topics to Read The Premium Battlefield Protected forum
A place where the character sheets of past players can be found...for a price.
Moderators: Death_Angel
Thu 20-Sep-18 02:00 AM 3133 topics
60585 messages
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Anchored Topic Battlefield FAQ - Death Angel Rides AgainYanorethTue 21-Aug-07 01:47 AM4631
Topic (DELETED) [None] Neft the Uki Goshi, Anathema to the Em...Death_AngelSun 23-Sep-18 08:56 AM7
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [FORTRESS] Merelith Kal'Ryez'Shador the D... [ View all ]Death_AngelSun 23-Sep-18 06:44 AM28
Reply This wasn't actually a rage delete, Onewingedangel, 23-Sep-18 06:41 AM, #2
Reply I hated fighting you. , Nijee (Anonymous), 22-Sep-18 09:25 PM, #1
     Reply Unless bard gets the drop (lol), Assassin should win th..., Onewingedangel, 23-Sep-18 06:44 AM, #3
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [None] Gygraqxion the High Elder of Shape...Death_AngelSun 23-Sep-18 12:40 AM7
Topic (AUTO) [None] Wrehik the Grand Master of ChangelingsDeath_AngelSat 22-Sep-18 05:16 PM4
Topic (CON LOSS) [EMPIRE] Horkhampz Vemnemim'Rah the Legend o... [ View all ]Death_AngelSat 22-Sep-18 12:55 PM111
Reply RE: (CON LOSS) [EMPIRE] Horkhampz Vemnemim'Rah the Lege..., Dark_dwarf, 22-Sep-18 10:26 AM, #8
Reply Hork-mania! Respect!, Wilice (Anonymous), 22-Sep-18 12:55 PM, #9
Reply Well Damn, , Nijee (Anonymous), 21-Sep-18 09:34 AM, #6
Reply Ahh bugger, Varric (Anonymous), 21-Sep-18 09:34 AM, #5
Reply Jokes appart, you were a Bloody Juggernaut, Nhinguehm (Anonymous), 21-Sep-18 06:34 AM, #4
Reply I dunno if this is you:, Daphedee, 20-Sep-18 07:02 PM, #1
     Reply At least he's making progress. nt, Saagkri, 20-Sep-18 07:59 PM, #2
     Reply This was useful, robdarken_, 21-Sep-18 03:46 AM, #3
          Reply Horkampshat has a nice ring to it, Mcbeth, 21-Sep-18 10:08 AM, #7
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [None] Kadavarn Vazdin the Dai Sensei of ... [ View all ]Death_AngelSat 22-Sep-18 07:53 AM127
Reply RE: (RAGE DELETE) [None] Kadavarn Vazdin the Dai Sensei..., Kadavarn (Anonymous), 20-Sep-18 05:56 AM, #1
     Reply I don't know which gaming groups you play with..., SPN, 20-Sep-18 10:54 AM, #2
     Reply Won't work, Kstatida, 20-Sep-18 11:25 AM, #3
     Reply You're right., ice king, 22-Sep-18 07:53 AM, #10
     Reply Re Anathema, Rahsael, 20-Sep-18 12:52 PM, #4
     Reply Anathema, Ishuli, 20-Sep-18 01:21 PM, #5
     Reply RE: Anathema, Kadavarn (Anonymous), 21-Sep-18 01:31 AM, #6
          Reply RE: Anathema, Kstatida, 21-Sep-18 02:31 AM, #7
               Reply +1, Rahsael, 21-Sep-18 10:51 AM, #8
     Reply Anathema, ice king, 22-Sep-18 07:49 AM, #9
Topic (DELETED) [FORTRESS] Gaelilga Oathbound the Holy of Fai... [ View all ]Death_AngelFri 21-Sep-18 10:28 PM45
Reply Well kinda depressing to have to delete., Gaelilga/tesline (Anonymous), 21-Sep-18 07:26 PM, #2
Reply You had balls, Gillador (Anonymous), 21-Sep-18 08:46 PM, #3
Reply Nice job!, Wilice (Anonymous), 21-Sep-18 09:48 PM, #4
Reply Well done, good luck, hope to see you back soon., Nhinguehm (Anonymous), 21-Sep-18 10:02 PM, #5
Reply thumbs up, Mcbeth, 21-Sep-18 10:28 PM, #6
Reply You got me once with them damn venoms!, Nijee (Anonymous), 21-Sep-18 06:24 PM, #1
Topic (AUTO) [TRIBUNAL] Lythern the Warrior of the Light, Mag...Death_AngelThu 20-Sep-18 06:12 PM11
HOT Topic (DELETED) [EMPIRE] Dhuzir Darkbeard the Apostle of Gree... [ View all ]Death_AngelThu 20-Sep-18 11:23 AM236
Reply RE: (DELETED) [EMPIRE] Dhuzir Darkbeard the Apostle of ..., Dhuzir (Anonymous), 18-Sep-18 02:04 PM, #5
Reply RE: (DELETED) [EMPIRE] Dhuzir Darkbeard the Apostle of ..., Rahsael, 18-Sep-18 02:31 PM, #6
Reply details?, laxman, 18-Sep-18 05:22 PM, #7
Reply totally uninformed assumption, Dallevian, 18-Sep-18 06:04 PM, #8
     Reply There you go., Rahsael, 18-Sep-18 08:05 PM, #9
          Reply RE: There you go., Kstatida, 20-Sep-18 11:22 AM, #22
Reply Correct me if I'm wrong, Dhuzir (Anonymous), 19-Sep-18 01:28 AM, #12
     Reply Balator Villagers are good and evil. Depends on the ind..., TheBluestThumb, 19-Sep-18 01:34 AM, #13
     Reply I was so tempted to full you and hold your evil-only ge..., Mcbeth, 19-Sep-18 10:57 AM, #14
          Reply Giving away, Twist, 19-Sep-18 12:25 PM, #15
          Reply I like when that stuff is hoarded, robdarken_, 19-Sep-18 12:44 PM, #16
               Reply I agree with this to an extent but, TheBluestThumb, 19-Sep-18 01:10 PM, #17
                    Reply RE: I agree with this to an extent but, robdarken_, 19-Sep-18 01:39 PM, #18
                    Reply It's there on a reboot, Kstatida, 20-Sep-18 11:18 AM, #21
Reply White bread, laxman, 18-Sep-18 08:07 PM, #10
     Reply yah, he was totally fine. there are lots, Dallevian, 18-Sep-18 09:28 PM, #11
     Reply Re: 3 paths, Destuvius, 19-Sep-18 05:37 PM, #19
          Reply dude, Dallevian, 19-Sep-18 06:16 PM, #20
          Reply Disregard that, Kstatida, 20-Sep-18 11:23 AM, #23
Reply Hope you had fun., Nhinguehm (Anonymous), 17-Sep-18 03:58 PM, #3
Reply Worst Emperor ever....nt, Empire (Anonymous), 17-Sep-18 04:33 AM, #1
     Reply Sorry he anathed you, Kstatida, 17-Sep-18 07:54 AM, #2
     Reply Not....nt, ice king, 18-Sep-18 12:25 AM, #4
Topic (DELETED) [OUTLANDER] Aaelor the Druid of the New MoonDeath_AngelThu 20-Sep-18 05:44 AM3
Topic (DELETED) [TRIBUNAL] Aesrune the Master of OffenseDeath_AngelWed 19-Sep-18 09:28 PM15
Topic (DELETED) [BATTLE] Qaqan the Eye [ View all ]Death_AngelWed 19-Sep-18 06:18 PM29
Reply mine, Dallevian, 19-Sep-18 06:18 PM, #1
Topic (AUTO) [None] Mozhul the Wizard of TransmutationDeath_AngelWed 19-Sep-18 03:40 PM4
Topic (AUTO) [None] Chirrus the Master of NotesDeath_AngelTue 18-Sep-18 04:48 PM1
Topic (AUTO) [None] Ragast aran'Rah the Preacher of Pride, An...Death_AngelTue 18-Sep-18 03:12 PM14
Topic (AUTO) [None] Llumwar the PlanewalkerDeath_AngelTue 18-Sep-18 01:44 PM2
Topic (AUTO) [HERALD] Florian the Social Scholar, Painter of ...Death_AngelTue 18-Sep-18 09:56 AM17
Topic (AUTO) [FORTRESS] Aethan the OsotogariDeath_AngelSun 16-Sep-18 11:36 PM11
Topic (DELETED) [FORTRESS] Aeremir the Champion of the Virtue...Death_AngelSun 16-Sep-18 08:52 AM35
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [FORTRESS] Dargoduts the Battle-HardenedDeath_AngelSat 15-Sep-18 10:48 PM17
Topic (DELETED) [EMPIRE] Wresh the Dai Sensei of the Miyama R... [ View all ]Death_AngelSat 15-Sep-18 09:40 PM92
Reply I will miss you, Gillador (Anonymous), 15-Sep-18 09:40 PM, #3
Reply RE: (DELETED) [EMPIRE] Wresh the Dai Sensei of the Miya..., Nhinguehm. (Anonymous), 14-Sep-18 02:18 PM, #2
Reply Sad to see you go, , Wrmgokh (Anonymous), 14-Sep-18 06:28 AM, #1
Topic (DELETED) [OUTLANDER] Vasigla the Mistress of Weapons [ View all ]Death_AngelThu 13-Sep-18 04:48 PM75
Reply I really liked the way you were able to incorporate the..., Frenemy (Anonymous), 13-Sep-18 07:12 AM, #1
     Reply RE: I really liked the way you were able to incorporate..., d-orc (Anonymous), 13-Sep-18 04:48 PM, #2
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [None] Gohkaar Bhrokaar the Sadist of the...Death_AngelThu 13-Sep-18 08:48 AM37
Topic (DELETED) [OUTLANDER] Tek the Initiate of the WildsDeath_AngelThu 13-Sep-18 06:12 AM19
Topic (DELETED) [None] Vharanis the Exemplar of GenerosityDeath_AngelWed 12-Sep-18 08:28 PM17
Topic (DELETED) [None] Wremin the Master of FormDeath_AngelWed 12-Sep-18 08:24 PM12
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [TRIBUNAL] Cabbreefa the Vanquisher of Ad... [ View all ]Death_AngelWed 12-Sep-18 06:24 AM63
Reply Sad, Karvesh (Anonymous), 12-Sep-18 06:24 AM, #1
Topic (DELETED) [BATTLE] Nyori Xunxero the Shinan [ View all ]Death_AngelTue 11-Sep-18 06:07 PM47
Reply Goddamn it! , Thirisg (Anonymous), 11-Sep-18 06:07 PM, #1
Topic (DELETED) [None] Grubeon the Legend of the BattlefieldDeath_AngelTue 11-Sep-18 12:28 PM21
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