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Moderated Topics to Read Past Heroes Graveyard Protected forum
Fallen heroes with no clutter of the clean lines of text tombstones.
Moderators: Death_Angel
Sat 30-May-20 08:30 PM 27236 topics
27243 messages
Moderated Topics to Read The Premium Battlefield Protected forum
A place where the character sheets of past players can be found...for a price.
Moderators: Death_Angel
Mon 11-May-20 12:20 PM 3323 topics
65023 messages
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Anchored Topic Battlefield FAQ - Death Angel Rides AgainYanorethTue 21-Aug-07 01:47 AM4931
Topic (DELETED) [OUTLANDER] Sephmylla Ravacan the Grand Mistr... [ View all ]Death_AngelSun 31-May-20 11:23 AM69
Reply Until next time, Jormyr, 30-May-20 05:15 PM, #2
Reply I had a hard time understanding your religion at first, Blkdrgn, 31-May-20 11:21 AM, #3
Reply RE: (DELETED) [OUTLANDER] Sephmylla Ravacan the Grand M..., Admund (Anonymous), 29-May-20 08:46 AM, #1
     Reply I'm glad I had a chance to experience you from both sid..., Blkdrgn, 31-May-20 11:23 AM, #4
Topic (AUTO) [None] Juntuk the Warrior of the ShieldDeath_AngelSat 30-May-20 08:30 PM4
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [None] Bukwe the Legend of the Battlefiel... [ View all ]Death_AngelSat 30-May-20 07:38 PM74
Reply Keep it up, Arjandrou (Anonymous), 30-May-20 06:05 PM, #1
     Reply i love how patronizing this post is, Jhyrbian, 30-May-20 06:55 PM, #2
          Reply RE: i love how patronizing this post is, Arjandrou (Anonymous), 30-May-20 07:38 PM, #3
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [BATTLE] Iastran the Menkyo, Drillmaster ... [ View all ]Death_AngelSat 30-May-20 05:18 PM30
Reply Sadface., Jormyr, 30-May-20 05:18 PM, #1
Topic (DELETED) [HERALD] Denhod Halfhelm the Legend of the Ba... [ View all ]Death_AngelSat 30-May-20 05:17 PM23
Reply I'm sorry, but I just lost steam., Denhod (Anonymous), 30-May-20 05:17 PM, #1
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [None] Shobenhivel the Benefactor of Char...Death_AngelSat 30-May-20 04:35 PM0
Topic (AUTO) [None] Shuno the Dai Sensei of the Miyama RyuDeath_AngelSat 30-May-20 06:00 AM7
Topic (AUTO) [None] Metiren the Lurker in the MoorsDeath_AngelFri 29-May-20 11:45 PM3
Topic (DELETED) [FORTRESS] Hyrantheus the Shield of the Innoc...Death_AngelFri 29-May-20 11:35 PM16
Topic (AUTO) [None] Kivilitej the Caller of the PackDeath_AngelFri 29-May-20 11:35 PM4
Topic (DELETED) [TRIBUNAL] Topaka the Banisher of Fear, Magis... [ View all ]Death_AngelFri 29-May-20 02:00 PM100
Reply RE: (DELETED) [TRIBUNAL] Topaka the Banisher of Fear, M..., Person saying, "Really?" (Anonymous), 28-May-20 08:40 PM, #1
     Reply How exactly did this negatively impact your life? n/t, Lhydia, 28-May-20 09:52 PM, #2
     Reply I'll tell you, The person saying really... really. (Anonymous), 29-May-20 11:18 AM, #3
          Reply RE: I'll tell you, Exit Interview (Anonymous), 29-May-20 12:47 PM, #5
               Reply If you don’t find interviews fun..., Lhydia, 29-May-20 02:00 PM, #6
     Reply PSA: Playing a character for a long time isn't a prereq..., TheBluestThumb, 28-May-20 10:12 PM, #4
Topic (DELETED) [EMPIRE] Hazmandias the High Wizard of the Ar...Death_AngelFri 29-May-20 11:40 AM13
Topic (DELETED) [EMPIRE] Vantiglia the Legend of the Battlefi...Death_AngelThu 28-May-20 11:10 PM43
Topic (DELETED) [EMPIRE] Dzalvin the Master of Dimension, Imp... [ View all ]Death_AngelThu 28-May-20 10:23 AM58
Reply RE: (DELETED) [EMPIRE] Dzalvin the Master of Dimension,..., dzalvin (Anonymous), 27-May-20 08:07 PM, #1
     Reply RE: (DELETED) [EMPIRE] Dzalvin the Master of Dimension,..., Dahken (Anonymous), 28-May-20 01:10 AM, #2
     Reply I don't understand this. , Lhydia, 28-May-20 10:23 AM, #3
Topic (DELETED) [None] Krakvuk the Warlord of the Grinning Sk... [ View all ]Death_AngelWed 27-May-20 01:33 PM29
Reply RE: (DELETED) [None] Krakvuk the Warlord of the Grinnin..., big fan (Anonymous), 27-May-20 01:33 PM, #1
Topic (AUTO) [None] Tixs the Blade BreakerDeath_AngelWed 27-May-20 10:35 AM10
Topic (DELETED) [TRIBUNAL] Arkrov the Initiate of the Macalla... [ View all ]Death_AngelWed 27-May-20 05:12 AM67
Reply Wish you stayed about, Faymiina (Anonymous), 20-May-20 01:47 PM, #2
Reply Thanks, Arkrov (Anonymous), 27-May-20 05:12 AM, #4
Reply RE: (DELETED) [TRIBUNAL] Arkrov the Initiate of the Mac..., Exit Interview (Anonymous), 20-May-20 06:47 AM, #1
     Reply Sorry?, Arkrov (Anonymous), 27-May-20 05:04 AM, #3
Topic (DELETED) [None] Eybaen Duarte the Hopeless Romantic, A... [ View all ]Death_AngelTue 26-May-20 07:13 PM172
Reply Whew, Beroxxus, 25-May-20 12:04 AM, #5
Reply RE: Whew, Laurandt (Anonymous), 25-May-20 12:47 AM, #6
Reply RE: Whew, Xuvian (Anonymous), 25-May-20 06:41 AM, #7
Reply RE: Whew, Admund (Anonymous), 25-May-20 07:03 AM, #8
Reply Bleh, Jaane (Anonymous), 25-May-20 07:10 AM, #9
Reply Finger wagging, Einoh, 25-May-20 07:37 AM, #10
Reply I am Jack's broken heart., Cexonza (Anonymous), 25-May-20 09:32 AM, #11
Reply Yeah I tried to recruit you, Narra (Anonymous), 26-May-20 07:13 PM, #12
Reply Trial of Pain, Ishuli, 21-May-20 04:54 PM, #1
     Reply If the character was so well liked and well regarded......, TheBluestThumb, 21-May-20 08:30 PM, #2
          Reply Why one sit and talking only at temple and got what he ..., SameQuestion (Anonymous), 22-May-20 12:26 AM, #3
          Reply RE: If the character was so well liked and well regarde..., Rahsael, 22-May-20 09:03 AM, #4
Topic (AUTO) [None] Tethagres the Grand Elder of ChangelingsDeath_AngelTue 26-May-20 04:00 PM1
Topic (AUTO) [None] Maddee the Grand Mistress of ChangelingsDeath_AngelTue 26-May-20 03:40 PM2
Topic (DELETED) [None] Samorkhand the Benefactor of CharityDeath_AngelTue 26-May-20 11:10 AM9
Topic (AUTO) [OUTLANDER] Idmund the Wanderer in the Dark, His... [ View all ]Death_AngelTue 26-May-20 07:25 AM142
Reply Oh my hardened child...., Lyrentia (Anonymous), 23-May-20 07:39 AM, #5
Reply RE: Oh my hardened child...., Idmund (Anonymous), 26-May-20 07:25 AM, #6
Reply RE: (AUTO) [OUTLANDER] Idmund the Wanderer in the Dark,..., Rahsael, 21-May-20 09:19 AM, #3
Reply RE: (AUTO) [OUTLANDER] Idmund the Wanderer in the Dark,..., Idmund (Anonymous), 21-May-20 12:08 PM, #4
Reply RE: (AUTO) [OUTLANDER] Idmund the Wanderer in the Dark,..., Admund (Anonymous), 21-May-20 04:34 AM, #1
     Reply RE: (AUTO) [OUTLANDER] Idmund the Wanderer in the Dark,..., Idmund (Anonymous), 21-May-20 07:22 AM, #2
Topic (DELETED) [None] Nadsuko the OsotogariDeath_AngelTue 26-May-20 06:15 AM5
Topic (AUTO) [None] Ominoi the Grand Mistress of ChangelingsDeath_AngelTue 26-May-20 02:45 AM3
Topic (DELETED) [OUTLANDER] Sekh the Initiate of the WildsDeath_AngelTue 26-May-20 02:45 AM9
Topic (AUTO) [FORTRESS] Elaanai the Affirmation of Life, Acol... [ View all ]Death_AngelMon 25-May-20 07:04 AM37
Reply RE: (AUTO) [FORTRESS] Elaanai the Affirmation of Life, ..., Admund (Anonymous), 25-May-20 07:04 AM, #1
Topic (DELETED) [None] Dahken Vez'ra the Holy of FaithDeath_AngelSun 24-May-20 10:25 PM40
Topic (AUTO) [None] Anawth the TaiotoshiDeath_AngelSun 24-May-20 04:35 PM4
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [OUTLANDER] Feroph the Dweller of the Wil... [ View all ]Death_AngelSun 24-May-20 02:04 AM59
Reply RE: (RAGE DELETE) [OUTLANDER] Feroph the Dweller of the..., Arjandrou (Anonymous), 24-May-20 02:04 AM, #2
Reply We werent that close, but I believe you learnt a lot, Huuomd (Anonymous), 24-May-20 12:53 AM, #1
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