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Skeeta Twitterlark (Anonymous)Wed 29-May-13 08:26 AM
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#661, "Gossip from the Akan Brewery"
Edited on Wed 29-May-13 08:27 AM


Skeeta Twitterlark, here! Thera's most Famous Journalist and Founder of the Heraldic Post, reporting from my new office in Ayr'Trinil, the Arial City! I'm digging the new digs like pie in the sky. Really, the place is just swell.

But enough about me! Have you heard the latest from Akan? Word's out that dwarven smiths and engineers are working on some kind of crazy autonomous golem, all based on the random vision of one Captain Tolgrumm Hammerhand. And you thought gnomes were the innovative ones!

A design snafu may prove to be an obstacle, however, as so far, the creation is said to be little more than a hunk of junk. Word on the dwarven street is that the good Captain is either officially off his rocker, or merely has a strange way of trying to impress the lovely weaponsmith, Nikaulta.

Apparently, this whole project has stirred up quite a tizzy with the Outlanders of Thar-Eris.


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TMNSThu 30-May-13 08:15 AM
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#666, "Did you ever marry Wyndynne?"
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Hahahaha. Still remember the fun times ranking up with Skeeta and listening to you talk about Wyndynne's "plummage".


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