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TwistTue 12-Jan-10 09:50 AM
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#614, "RE: The Dawn of the Fifth Age Part II"


The Dark God Jullias chortled to himself from the shadowy recesses of the Imperial Black Sect Hall. "These Liches are far too easy to dupe into doing my bidding."

The Dread Lady was about to finish her incantations and (she believed) draw the power of the Gods into herself, raising herself up above them all, to truly rule Thera and beyond.

In truth, she was about to draw their energy to Jullias. He grinned in anticipation, rubbing his greasy duergar hands together greedily.

"Aha! I've found you at last, betrayer!" The God of Magic, Twist,
coalesced into being directly beside Jullias and struck with all of his mystical might.

Sensing Jullias' plan, The Ebony Warlock Zulghinlour arrived suddenly, swinging his massive unholy axe toward the Lord of

Similarly, Lord Daevryn, feeling a shift in the Balance, arrived and struck quickly at the Duergar Lord. The combined power was far too much for Jullias to deal with...

Just then, the ritual was being completed.

The Dark God fell, incapacitated and his dark energies dispersed. The
energies of the gods was pulled from them at the same time. With no
destination, now that Jullias was destroyed, the energies ran rampant.

"No!" Twist cries. "It will not happen again! Noooooo-"

Blink. Devils, capering in the Nine Hells, froze in place and then ceased to exist.

Blink. Two paladins, communing with the Lady Baerinika, flickered and
disappeared. Baerinika stared confusedly for a moment as her shrine faded to nothingness, and then she, too, disappeared.

Blink. As a rampaging dwarven berserker brought his mace around to strike the head of a fierce shapeshifting grizzly bear, the bear disappeared. Before the berserker could curse "this new mage trickery", he too disappeared.

The same scene played itself throughout Thera - wizards, warriors, cityguards and street urchins, all fading to nothingness, as if they were a dream all along.

Soon the entire world was gone. And then other planes of existence. Until nothing was left but a vast void. Nothing existed but raw energy.


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