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JavaTue 29-Sep-20 05:16 PM
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#4980, "RE: Questions from a new player"


First, if you're using Mudlet, hopefully you're using the built-in CF skin (if you have the current version of Mudlet, you'll see Carrion Fields as one of the default options). One of our Imms built that skin and it makes life far easier.

As far as good starting classes, assassins are by far the most commonly recommended option. They have a wide-ranging skillset and no glaring weaknesses, so they'll help you learn the game. You won't regret going that route at all for a first character.

I wouldn't write-off warriors so quickly though. I've played other MUDs, and CF warriors are something else entirely. There's a huge amount of customization to warriors, with two specializations (at lvl 20 and 40), legacies (lvl 44 and 48) and edges. Basically, no two warriors are ever going to be exactly alike.. you can really make what you like. And there are a lot of very strong options. It really is worth your time just looking at some of the different options there.

I wouldn't write off empowerment classes either. I'd steer clear of Druids, since they're very complicated. Healers are fairly one-dimensional. Paladins (my favorite class, by far) and shamans are both very strong though. The entire empowerment process is not as complicated as you may think. It basically amounts to writing a role and praying to a god. Even before you meet your god and get "empowered", you'll still have a very competitive skillset.

For descriptions, there are no hard rules beyond what you probably already know. It should be what someone sees when they look at actions or interaction should happen there. You can look at the Premium Battlefield for some examples of descriptions, but most of them are just one paragraph. Maybe 5-ish sentences. More or less won't make anyone mad though. I've seen 3/4-paragraph descs, and I've seen 3-sentence descs, and as long as they give you a sense of what you're looking at, they're fine.

As far as the forum stuff- I dunno. The forum software is old and weird. Check out the Discord page (link on the main homepage) for the more modern way of interacting and asking questions. It's pretty active and you can get more real-time answers than you'll get on the forums.


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