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Locked Anchored Topic Cabal Guides [ View all ]RahsaelMon 16-Dec-19 10:10 PM1371
Reply BATTLE, Panmorne, 16-Dec-19 10:10 PM, #8
Reply SCION, Morius, 21-Nov-19 08:10 PM, #7
Reply OUTLANDER, Aylosi, 03-Sep-19 12:30 PM, #6
Reply FORTRESS, Korsgaard, 01-Aug-18 09:44 PM, #5
Reply HERALD, Daphedee, 01-Aug-18 08:15 PM, #4
Reply TRIBUNAL, Ishuli, 01-Aug-18 04:03 PM, #3
Reply ENTROPY, Rahsael, 01-Aug-18 03:41 PM, #1
     Reply On Coins, Mercenaries, Servitors & Undead, Rahsael, 01-Aug-18 03:54 PM, #2
Locked Anchored Topic PSA to LeadersIshuliSun 24-Nov-19 07:17 PM841
Locked Anchored Topic Gameplay Forum RulesZulghinlourSun 22-Nov-09 08:51 PM1483
Anchored Topic FAQ: How to apply to the staff (updated 5/28/07)ValguarneraMon 28-May-07 10:34 PM4277
Topic Pack Sense [ View all ]The Heretic (NOT Ranger)Wed 24-Nov-21 01:16 PM77
Reply RE: Pack Sense, Ishuli, 24-Nov-21 12:01 PM, #1
     Reply RE: Pack Sense, The Heretic, 24-Nov-21 12:09 PM, #2
          Reply Correct., Ishuli, 24-Nov-21 01:16 PM, #3
HOT Topic I'm sleep deprived and getting ideas [ View all ]Navarone1984Fri 12-Nov-21 09:35 PM306
Reply I agree, but don't, Valkenar, 12-Nov-21 09:35 PM, #30
Reply Imms should pay attention to this. Especially no 2., vorian, 31-Oct-21 03:24 PM, #5
Reply How to git gud, jalbrin, 19-Oct-21 02:15 PM, #3
Reply How to git CF better, vorian, 31-Oct-21 03:46 PM, #6
Reply Meh, Destuvius, 31-Oct-21 04:19 PM, #7
     Reply RE: Meh, vorian, 31-Oct-21 09:27 PM, #8
          Reply Logical fallacy, Destuvius, 01-Nov-21 11:31 AM, #9
               Reply shifting attention away from the real subject , vorian, 01-Nov-21 07:46 PM, #10
                    Reply You not liking an answer doesnt mean its not an answer, Destuvius, 02-Nov-21 05:27 PM, #11
                         Reply I have to chime in here., Navarone1984, 02-Nov-21 07:58 PM, #12
                              Reply RE: I have to chime in here., Destuvius, 04-Nov-21 11:05 AM, #13
                                   Reply The question remains: why people stop playing CF?, vorian, 05-Nov-21 07:49 PM, #16
                                        Reply RE: The question remains: why people stop playing CF?, Ishuli, 06-Nov-21 10:51 AM, #17
                                             Reply Just wondering., Navarone1984, 06-Nov-21 02:01 PM, #18
                                                  Reply My take on this, Destuvius, 06-Nov-21 02:48 PM, #19
                                                  Reply I agree about this game being niche., Navarone1984, 06-Nov-21 03:30 PM, #22
                                                  Reply Everyone else grew up and started adulting regularly. n..., Lhydia, 06-Nov-21 03:06 PM, #20
                                                       Reply What?, Navarone1984, 06-Nov-21 03:16 PM, #21
                                                       Reply Two or three for sure, thanks. n/t, Lhydia, 06-Nov-21 03:31 PM, #23
                                                            Reply You don't actually have anything constructive to say do..., Navarone1984, 06-Nov-21 03:57 PM, #24
                                                                 Reply no i will never play again n/t, Lhydia, 06-Nov-21 04:22 PM, #25
                                                                      Reply You should nt, Navarone1984, 06-Nov-21 05:05 PM, #26
                                                                           Reply maybe once the bugs on the bug board are gone n/t, Lhydia, 06-Nov-21 07:03 PM, #28
                                                       Reply Pretty much., Ishuli, 06-Nov-21 05:26 PM, #27
                                                            Reply Just publicity is not enough, vorian, 12-Nov-21 03:44 PM, #29
Reply RE: How to git gud, vorian, 04-Nov-21 04:11 PM, #14
     Reply RE: How to git gud, jalbrin, 05-Nov-21 07:17 AM, #15
Reply Stopped reading at pk edge points helps newbies. n/t, Lhydia, 19-Oct-21 11:14 AM, #1
     Reply You should have kept reading. There's more stuff in the..., Navarone1984, 19-Oct-21 11:21 AM, #2
          Reply RE: You should have kept reading. There's more stuff in..., Jagre (Anonymous), 21-Oct-21 02:49 PM, #4
Topic A couple of small comments. Nothing major.k-bFri 12-Nov-21 11:50 AM68
Topic Question for Baer [ View all ]SerialSham (Anonymous)Mon 11-Oct-21 11:14 AM170
Reply RE: Question for Baer, Baerinika, 11-Oct-21 09:31 AM, #2
Reply Thanks!, SerialSham (Anonymous), 11-Oct-21 11:14 AM, #3
Reply I'm not baer but..., Ishuli, 11-Oct-21 08:37 AM, #1
Topic Zombies come back?ThinkingaboutNecros (Anonymous)Fri 01-Oct-21 06:15 PM122
Topic Halloween form questions [ View all ]Unlucky shapeshifter (Anonymous)Wed 29-Sep-21 07:41 AM184
Reply Unhelpful answers., Ishuli, 29-Sep-21 07:41 AM, #1
Topic I think the process for Mummy becoming should be looked... [ View all ]k-bTue 21-Sep-21 08:56 PM250
Reply It's not as easy as it looks., Aztezul, 20-Sep-21 02:46 PM, #1
     Reply You make some good points., k-b, 20-Sep-21 03:21 PM, #2
          Reply RE: You make some good points., Aztezul, 20-Sep-21 04:07 PM, #3
               Reply Interesting suggestion, k-b, 20-Sep-21 05:04 PM, #4
                    Reply RE: Interesting suggestion, Aztezul, 20-Sep-21 06:09 PM, #5
                    Reply Lets dive down this rabbit hole a second, Destuvius, 20-Sep-21 06:10 PM, #6
                         Reply RE: Lets dive down this rabbit hole a second, Aztezul, 20-Sep-21 06:18 PM, #7
                         Reply Fair Points. And thanks for responding., k-b, 20-Sep-21 07:15 PM, #8
                              Reply Re: Comparable Power, Destuvius, 21-Sep-21 10:48 AM, #9
                                   Reply Ahh. Pure killing power. Got it., k-b, 21-Sep-21 11:16 AM, #10
                                        Reply Only one mummy ever age-died, though., Murphy, 21-Sep-21 08:56 PM, #11
HOT Topic Thoughts on Gold-on-Gold violence [ View all ]JavaFri 13-Aug-21 08:07 PM704
Reply RE:Shove, JohnEveryMan, 10-Apr-21 02:20 PM, #20
Reply Some thoughts, rex spangler, 06-Apr-21 12:15 PM, #14
Reply Some thoughts, Destuvius, 03-Apr-21 03:59 PM, #9
Reply You've been gone for a while, Java, 03-Apr-21 04:36 PM, #11
     Reply RE: You've been gone for a while, Azorinne, 03-Apr-21 06:17 PM, #12
          Reply Fair response, Java, 03-Apr-21 07:09 PM, #13
          Reply Few notes here, Torak, 07-Apr-21 04:21 AM, #15
               Reply RE: Few notes here, Azorinne, 07-Apr-21 07:35 AM, #16
                    Reply Honestly that's the kind of thing that points to the pr..., Torak, 07-Apr-21 01:16 PM, #17
                    Reply This is also part of the problem (not you but in genera..., Destuvius, 07-Apr-21 02:38 PM, #18
                    Reply I thought that shadow plane stuff was lame too., rex spangler, 10-Apr-21 12:03 PM, #19
                    Reply RE: Few notes here, goodie shamie (Anonymous), 08-Aug-21 05:29 PM, #22
                         Reply Calm down Nerak. n/t, Lhydia, 08-Aug-21 08:06 PM, #23
                         Reply sorry no.., goodie shamie (Anonymous), 08-Aug-21 08:09 PM, #24
                         Reply He makes a good point Lhydia., Aithiar, 09-Aug-21 01:07 AM, #25
                         Reply You're 4 months late to the discussion, Destuvius, 09-Aug-21 04:21 PM, #26
                              Reply Nope..., goodie shamie (Anonymous), 10-Aug-21 11:31 PM, #27
                                   Reply You keep saying that and yet you're still here nt, JohnEveryMan, 11-Aug-21 07:34 AM, #28
                                        Reply What are you basing this assumption on?, Aithiar, 13-Aug-21 02:45 AM, #29
                                             Reply If you're necroing a thread from 4 months ago you're no..., JohnEveryMan, 13-Aug-21 08:07 PM, #30
Reply Agreed., Calion, 03-Apr-21 01:43 PM, #8
Reply RE: Thoughts on Gold-on-Gold violence, CF and fort permanewb (Anonymous), 03-Apr-21 11:13 AM, #7
Reply absolute preservation of the Light, Fortplayer (Anonymous), 03-Apr-21 09:39 AM, #4
Reply RE: absolute preservation of the Light, Java, 03-Apr-21 09:54 AM, #5
Reply ive had this happen in two different ways the outcome i..., Mamed, 03-Aug-21 04:20 AM, #21
Reply I'm glad someone finally brought this up..., Lhydia, 03-Apr-21 09:27 AM, #3
Reply RE: I'm glad someone finally brought this up..., Jhyrbian, 03-Apr-21 09:56 AM, #6
Reply RE: Thoughts on Gold-on-Gold violence, Jhyrbian, 03-Apr-21 08:38 AM, #1
     Reply That's a good point.., Java, 03-Apr-21 08:44 AM, #2
     Reply They are punished..., Destuvius, 03-Apr-21 04:00 PM, #10
Topic Gaspare - returning? [ View all ]Just wondering… (Anonymous)Sat 07-Aug-21 11:53 AM216
Reply RE: Gaspare - returning?, Gaspare Gnazzo, 07-Aug-21 11:53 AM, #1
Topic Was I banned from Discord? [ View all ]k-bTue 03-Aug-21 11:02 PM283
Reply RE: Was I banned from Discord?, Umiron, 23-Jul-21 08:35 PM, #1
     Reply Was there a reason?, k-b, 23-Jul-21 08:42 PM, #2
     Reply Whatever., k-b, 24-Jul-21 05:39 AM, #3
          Reply I'm surprised you lasted this long, ObliqueLurker (Anonymous), 03-Aug-21 11:02 PM, #4
Topic Hours will vary for the next week or twoAlendross (Anonymous)Mon 05-Jul-21 10:27 PM129
Topic War Banners [ View all ]Orc (Anonymous)Tue 29-Jun-21 09:17 PM317
Reply I like this idea or no effect on equipment. (n/t), rex spangler, 29-Jun-21 09:17 PM, #13
Reply I'm personally against this too, you're pitching an OOC..., Cointreau, 28-Jun-21 10:29 PM, #12
Reply RE: War Banners, Jormyr, 28-Jun-21 04:58 AM, #8
Reply RE: War Banners, Orc (Anonymous), 28-Jun-21 06:29 PM, #11
Reply RE: War Banners, Jhyrbian, 27-Jun-21 02:36 PM, #3
Reply RE: War Banners, Orc (Anonymous), 27-Jun-21 04:02 PM, #5
     Reply RE: War Banners, Jhyrbian, 27-Jun-21 06:40 PM, #6
          Reply RE: War Banners, Orc (Anonymous), 28-Jun-21 12:16 AM, #7
               Reply RE: War Banners, Jhyrbian, 28-Jun-21 07:04 AM, #9
                    Reply RE: War Banners, Orc (Anonymous), 28-Jun-21 06:05 PM, #10
Reply I think the whole point.., Lhydia, 27-Jun-21 12:41 PM, #1
     Reply RE: I think the whole point.., Orc (Anonymous), 27-Jun-21 01:08 PM, #2
          Reply Chiming in to support your idea., Calion, 27-Jun-21 02:48 PM, #4
Topic Drinking blood for orcs [ View all ]Bloody drinks (Anonymous)Wed 16-Jun-21 06:11 AM313
Reply Don't knock it until you try it., Jormyr, 13-Jun-21 09:34 PM, #1
     Reply RE: Don't knock it until you try it., Bloody drinks (Anonymous), 13-Jun-21 10:08 PM, #2
          Reply RE: Don't knock it until you try it., Jormyr, 14-Jun-21 09:57 AM, #3
          Reply Trip them in drink spam! (Nt), Cointreau, 15-Jun-21 09:16 AM, #4
          Reply RE: Don't knock it until you try it., Observer (Anonymous), 15-Jun-21 10:48 AM, #5
               Reply RE: Don't knock it until you try it., Bloody drinks (Anonymous), 16-Jun-21 06:02 AM, #6
                    Reply RE: Don't knock it until you try it., JohnEveryMan, 16-Jun-21 06:11 AM, #7
Topic Small Family Emergency [ View all ]Zigglebert (Anonymous)Mon 31-May-21 10:09 AM243
Reply No worries, Gwen (Anonymous), 31-May-21 10:09 AM, #1
Topic Seaweed and Magic [ View all ]LhydiaSat 22-May-21 08:35 AM326
Reply RE: Seaweed and Magic, Jarmel, 22-May-21 07:07 AM, #6
Reply Okay., Lhydia, 22-May-21 08:35 AM, #7
Reply RE: Seaweed and Magic, Ishuli, 21-May-21 07:56 PM, #1
     Reply Pffft, Lhydia, 21-May-21 08:36 PM, #2
          Reply RE: Pffft, Ishuli, 21-May-21 08:50 PM, #3
               Reply RE: Pffft, Lhydia, 21-May-21 09:26 PM, #4
                    Reply As far as contentious gameplay issues go..., Aithiar, 22-May-21 02:12 AM, #5
Topic More leadership positions for Herald? [ View all ]A fan of Herald (Anonymous)Mon 10-May-21 09:38 PM283
Reply Some thoughts., Ishuli, 10-May-21 07:59 PM, #1
     Reply RE: Some thoughts., A fan of Herald (Anonymous), 10-May-21 08:31 PM, #2
     Reply RE: Some thoughts., Ishuli, 10-May-21 09:38 PM, #4
     Reply Historically..., Lhydia, 10-May-21 09:14 PM, #3
Topic Suggestion: PVE ‘bounty’ system for cabals [ View all ]CerysThu 29-Apr-21 11:14 AM405
Reply How about exploration bonus for groups that take down s..., Callowyin, 29-Apr-21 11:14 AM, #1
Topic Saurian first impressions [ View all ]noob Saurian (Anonymous)Tue 27-Apr-21 10:13 AM663
Reply One interesting idea, Torak, 20-Feb-21 11:47 PM, #7
Reply Yes and no., Ishuli, 21-Feb-21 08:08 AM, #8
Reply It looks life they have the longest life span of any ra..., rex spangler, 20-Feb-21 02:23 PM, #6
Reply My take on them, Destuvius, 19-Feb-21 05:44 PM, #1
     Reply RE: My take on them, Noob Saurian (Anonymous), 19-Feb-21 07:12 PM, #2
     Reply RE: My take on them, Bemused, 19-Feb-21 07:49 PM, #3
     Reply The great news is..., Lhydia, 19-Feb-21 09:58 PM, #4
     Reply This, and I'll emphasize..., Rahsael, 27-Apr-21 10:13 AM, #10
     Reply You seem focused on saurian ranger, not saurian the rac..., Destuvius, 20-Feb-21 05:12 AM, #5
     Reply RE: My take on them, Pendragon_Surtr, 22-Apr-21 09:52 PM, #9
Topic 100 hours no empowerment... [ View all ]Dref (Anonymous)Thu 22-Apr-21 12:36 PM708
Reply I feel your pain., The Heretic, 22-Apr-21 12:36 PM, #17
Reply The best fix, enyuu, 20-Apr-21 12:39 AM, #15
Reply Just to chime in..., NoobAgain, 17-Apr-21 08:46 PM, #11
Reply RE: 100 hours no empowerment..., Whiysdan, 16-Apr-21 10:04 PM, #7
Reply No, do share..., Dref (Anonymous), 17-Apr-21 12:03 AM, #8
     Reply I don't know if you realize how you're coming across., Java, 17-Apr-21 06:47 AM, #9
     Reply Did you delete?, Lhydia, 18-Apr-21 08:44 AM, #14
Reply My thoughts/advice, Habbs, 16-Apr-21 06:00 PM, #6
Reply Advice:, Ishuli, 16-Apr-21 07:45 AM, #3
     Reply RE: Advice:, Dref (Anonymous), 16-Apr-21 08:05 AM, #1
     Reply RE: Advice:, Ishuli, 16-Apr-21 08:43 AM, #2
          Reply RE: Advice:, Dref (Anonymous), 16-Apr-21 09:13 AM, #4
     Reply My suggestion, Dref (Anonymous), 16-Apr-21 09:33 AM, #5
          Reply I personally don't like that.., Java, 17-Apr-21 07:01 AM, #10
               Reply Well then what is your solution? Do you understand the ..., Dref (Anonymous), 18-Apr-21 04:35 AM, #12
                    Reply I don't think it's a problem, honestly., Java, 18-Apr-21 05:46 AM, #13
                         Reply RE: I don't think it's a problem, honestly., Dref (Anonymous), 20-Apr-21 11:15 PM, #16
Topic Taking a long weekendErgushThu 15-Apr-21 06:59 AM183
Topic ideas for mountsTrapperJohn (Anonymous)Fri 02-Apr-21 03:31 PM173
Topic April (Fool's) Code changes [ View all ]CalionThu 01-Apr-21 04:32 PM305
Reply Had me for a moment too., Coronavirus (Anonymous), 01-Apr-21 04:32 PM, #1
Topic Whiysdan MIA?Sad priest... (Anonymous)Thu 25-Mar-21 11:20 PM222
Topic Shifter Forms and the VeilWastedMon 08-Mar-21 03:54 PM260
Topic Spectral adept and spectral master edges [ View all ]Necro (Anonymous)Thu 25-Feb-21 02:27 PM496
Reply RE: Spectral adept and spectral master edges, Jarmel, 22-Feb-21 05:44 PM, #3
Reply You're really underestimating the cost of +2 hours, Torak, 24-Feb-21 07:39 PM, #5
     Reply Partially wrong., Ishuli, 24-Feb-21 08:21 PM, #6
     Reply Not partially wrong, Necro (Anonymous), 25-Feb-21 06:55 AM, #8
     Reply Seems like you only hate the adept edge, lasentia, 25-Feb-21 02:27 PM, #9
     Reply RE: You're really underestimating the cost of +2 hours, Jarmel, 24-Feb-21 10:08 PM, #7
Reply You could just not take them. n/t, Lhydia, 22-Feb-21 09:46 AM, #1
     Reply At least they could fix the helpfile, Torak, 22-Feb-21 03:38 PM, #2
     Reply RE: You could just not take them. n/t, Necro (Anonymous), 23-Feb-21 03:49 AM, #4
Topic Saurians [ View all ]CalionSat 13-Feb-21 10:17 AM444
Reply RE: Saurians, Ishuli, 13-Feb-21 10:17 AM, #1
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