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DaevrynFri 11-Oct-13 04:52 PM
Member since 13th Feb 2007
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#52088, "RE: Legacy Questions: Whirlwind of Steel / Fluid Deceptions"


>I have two independent legacy questions.
>1/ Whirlwind of Steel. Assuming a human with 23 dex. In the
>context of PvE only. Is impale's -6 dex enough to make "good
>use" (obviously loosely defined) of the Whirlwind of Steel
>legacy? (I understand that ideal situation is 25 dex vs. 3
>dex, but I still want to get a sense whether ~9 or so dex
>differential is sufficient. 9 because I assume mob's average
>baseline dex at 20 + -6 from impale = 14 mob vs. 23 human
>dexterity.) Would love Daev's thoughts on this.

At high levels you probably should assume mobs have more like 25 dex (or overmax to about that point depending on how you want to look at it.)

So really your question is more: is 23 dex vs. 19 dex enough to justify taking this legacy? I'd say no. There's probably about 20 legacies that would do more for you.

>2/ Fluid Deceptions.
>a/ Am I correct that the auto-feint is int based?

>b/ Am I correct that two-attack manual feint is simply skill
>based and is not keyed off any given stat? In particular, I'm
>curious whether a giant with 16/17 int can take good advantage
>of Fluid Deceptions in a defensive build by relying on manual

You actually have it backwards. Swap what you think about A and B.


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Reply RE: Legacy Questions: Whirlwind of Steel / Fluid Decep..., Daevryn, 11-Oct-13 04:52 PM #1
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