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Subject: "Why Skynet will not need Terminators - Part II" Previous topic | Next topic
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MoligantTue 10-Jun-14 06:42 PM
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#2242, "Why Skynet will not need Terminators - Part II"


It occurred to me while these other thoughts were going around in my head (and for the record I was thinking about this stuff due to the shootings in Las vegas which led me to looking up the two suicide-murderers which led me to looking up about the Bundy ranch which led me to a whole host of other things that got me contemplative about my so-called libertarian fellows out there) that part of the problem inherent with government (i.e. bureaucracy) is highly solvable.

I propose at this point that given a high enough artificial intelligence and the implementation of what is being called the 'internet of things' we will eventually fulfill the promise of both liberal and libertarian ideologies AT THE SAME TIME. The technology will both enslave and free us.

How the technology will enslave us is already underway. You can Google any number of articles about surveillance and how the police use data-mining in order to help catch criminals. However this is only the tip of the iceberg when nearly everything around you will be 'online' and communicating with each other, and more importantly that this data will be overseen and having inferences being made by an artificial intelligence(s)(Skynet)that over time will know each person better than they know themselves to a degree. Welcome to the age of Google NOW.

How this solves many of the inherent problems of bureaucracy is that once you have the internet of things backed up by Skynet you can eliminate one of the biggest sources of cash output the government has - labor. To put it more simply, Skynet enabled with the IoT would be far better equipped to instantly and in real-time manage many if not most of the tasks the government pays people to do.

How now brown cow?

Come see me in Part III


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