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Subject: "Why Skynet will not need Terminators - Part III - Finale" Previous topic | Next topic
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MoligantTue 10-Jun-14 06:10 PM
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#2243, "Why Skynet will not need Terminators - Part III - Finale"
Edited on Tue 10-Jun-14 06:16 PM


I should mention that I have worked for the federal government for over a decade. Nothing all that flashy, I am your typical federal employee. As a federal employee I can say with all honesty that I am highly replaceable by a computer at this very moment. More than half the things I do on a day-to-day basis is complete and utter BS that I could think of any number of ways to do cheaper and more efficiently but I don't mention these things because I gotta pay the bills or my wife will leave me!

I am speaking out my arse at this point but it would not suprise me at all if you could eliminate half the government jobs in America with a decent sized investment in CURRENT technology much less next-gen technology and the internet of things.

Simply imagine if it was law that they build sensors into every device at a chemical plant (one that in the past has been known to do illegal dumping into nearby rivers) as well as placing sensors into the river itself. Then invest in a fleet of surveillance drones that are hooked up to Skynet to report anything out of the ordinary (including things down at the river).

All this data is constant and real-time and once again most importantly is being overseen by an 'artificial intelligence' which can make inferences, draw conclusions, and take action all without human involvement.

In the future scenarios like this and more will effectively derail one of the main functions of 'big' government - oversight. There will be so much real-time surveillance you won't need to send anyone until a problem is noted by Skynet.

Also the more and more we automate jobs and functions that used to be done by human beings the less and less beholden we are to government ultimately. Here is where I get even more philosophical and possibly confusing by the way.

Basically as society becomes increasingly automated (less human labor) we need fewer or much smaller government agencies to oversee all of that labor. As we get rid of secretaries, janitors, and most low-skilled labor and even some medium-skilled labor it will eventually beg the question as to why we need to pay income taxes to run what should be a shrinking government...

Which brings us to how technology will FREE us.

Ultimately in my possibly optimistic view. society will trade in its rights to privacy for the reward of having less government to keep things private from.

As a libertarian I envision that Skynet will remain under human control but will be so ubiquitous as to have the semblance of a robot overlord. I envision a society where the vast majority of the population has been freed of the requirement of labor through society-wide automation of most services and that most people are free to do (within reason) what they want. Government will still exist but it will be much smaller in scope (because most of the services government provides at that point will be automated).

This is why I said earlier it is the realization of both the liberal idea of 'big' government and the freedom of the libertarian ideaology at the same time.


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