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Javascript based description/role/note formatter by Mort.

Inspired by the Zulg's Windows version, so thank him. Besides this isn't very good javascript code so it's possible it's slow and clunky, but it should work.

Things to note:

  • wraps at *79* characters, not 80, since 80 chars + linefeed looks very ugly if someone actually uses a 80 char wide screen
  • will try to fix or remove any invalid chars, if you're copy/pasting over from MS Word for instance, since it likes to use non-ascii quotes and such by default
  • hard returns are spared, but may cause slight inaccuracy in line length calculations at least on Windows
  • no handy "copy to clipboard" button, sorry, it would've been too much a pain to get it working on non-IE browers by the looks of it - instead of the button, just click anywhere in the output field and all the text will be selected, then copy it from there with Control-C or whatever
  • tested on IE 7, Opera 9.62 and Firefox 3.0, no idea if it works on anything else
  • words longer than 79 chars are truncated; don't try to use them