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Topics to Read The Poison Pen Protected forum
The current writings, and discussions thereof of the mysterious Poison Pen.
Moderators: The_Poison_Pen
Thu 16-Jul-09 04:54 PM 7 topics
29 messages
Moderated Topics to Read Cabal Wars Protected forum
Tracking the Cabal Wars and Mortal Leaders of Carrion Fields through time.
Moderators: Death_Angel
Wed 13-Apr-11 08:52 PM 249 topics
249 messages
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Topic (Old) CF Ads. [ View all ]ValguarneraMon 29-Jan-07 03:13 PM3765
Reply I know there's more., Valguarnera, 29-Jan-07 03:13 PM, #13
Reply Orctoberfest! (12/16/05), Valguarnera, 29-Jan-07 03:11 PM, #12
Reply Carrion Fields Goes Wild! (9/1/06), Valguarnera, 29-Jan-07 03:07 PM, #11
Reply Did someone say... thieves? (8/20/04), Valguarnera, 29-Jan-07 03:06 PM, #10
Reply Established, challenging RP/PK MUD (10/20/03), Valguarnera, 29-Jan-07 03:05 PM, #9
Reply Adventure, conflict, and intrigue! (2/18/05), Valguarnera, 29-Jan-07 03:04 PM, #8
Reply 9th birthday! (1/2/03), Valguarnera, 29-Jan-07 03:03 PM, #7
Reply The Top-Ranked Mandatory RP MUD (2/9/06), Valguarnera, 29-Jan-07 03:02 PM, #6
Reply The 100% free game that has it all! (1/7/06), Valguarnera, 29-Jan-07 03:01 PM, #5
Reply By what name do you wish to be mourned? (7/9/04), Valguarnera, 29-Jan-07 03:00 PM, #4
Reply Legacies of the Macalla, Warrior enhancements, unique t..., Valguarnera, 29-Jan-07 02:59 PM, #3
Reply By what name will you be mourned? (1/24/03), Valguarnera, 29-Jan-07 02:57 PM, #2
Reply 100% XP day on Carrion Fields! (3/31/06), Valguarnera, 29-Jan-07 02:54 PM, #1
Topic The Ascension of Dravon Windgust. [ View all ]XanthraillesWed 17-Jan-07 03:04 PM2591
Reply GRATS - Nuf said!, Zargu, 17-Jan-07 03:04 PM, #1
Topic First of many.. [ View all ]The_Poison_PenSat 02-Dec-06 03:39 PM2229
Reply When you consider..., GoodLuckDice, 02-Dec-06 03:39 PM, #1
Topic Ruseig's EchosYsaloeryeMon 27-Nov-06 03:39 PM1385
Topic The Nexus Cabal Headquarters Opens [ View all ]TwistMon 23-Oct-06 12:41 PM2197
Reply So who's Twist's bondmate?, GinGa, 23-Oct-06 12:41 PM, #1
HOT Topic The Horn of Fate and a Fourth Age... [ View all ]DaevrynMon 23-Oct-06 12:41 PM4828
Reply Thank you Nepe and rest of Staff very much., Shapa, 18-Oct-06 07:34 AM, #48
Reply Thanks, I think! (n/t), Daevryn, 18-Oct-06 07:34 AM, #51
Reply We should wait and see how all these changes will work ..., Greddarh, 16-Oct-06 11:27 PM, #43
Reply RE: We should wait and see how all these changes will w..., Daevryn, 16-Oct-06 11:35 PM, #44
Reply Hmm, Dwoggurd, 16-Oct-06 07:29 PM, #39
Reply It's a lot more complicated than that., Daevryn, 16-Oct-06 07:30 PM, #40
     Reply Hey I should know what I'm buying., Dwoggurd, 17-Oct-06 08:48 AM, #46
          Reply RE: Hey I should know what I'm buying., Daevryn, 17-Oct-06 08:48 AM, #47
Reply Some Thanks., Daevryn, 16-Oct-06 12:40 AM, #3
Reply Something that really needs to be said, Twist, 16-Oct-06 02:20 PM, #36
     Reply Also..., Lyristeon, 17-Oct-06 10:40 PM, #50
Reply Thank you staff!, Quixotic, 16-Oct-06 07:03 AM, #2
Reply So, what does this REALLY mean?, Daevryn, 16-Oct-06 12:16 AM, #1
     Reply Scions, DurNominator, 16-Oct-06 07:03 AM, #4
     Reply RE: Scions, Daevryn, 16-Oct-06 07:13 AM, #6
     Reply The big question for the record., GoodLuckDice, 16-Oct-06 07:03 AM, #5
     Reply RE: The big question for the record., Daevryn, 16-Oct-06 07:17 AM, #7
          Reply RE: The big question for the record., GoodLuckDice, 16-Oct-06 08:57 AM, #8
               Reply RE: The big question for the record., Daevryn, 16-Oct-06 08:59 AM, #10
                    Reply Ugh. Not again. (n/t), GoodLuckDice, 16-Oct-06 09:37 AM, #15
                    Reply ? (n/t), Daevryn, 16-Oct-06 09:45 AM, #20
                    Reply I swear, it must be this black & reddish background., GoodLuckDice, 16-Oct-06 10:20 AM, #24
                         Reply RE: I swear, it must be this black & reddish background..., Daevryn, 16-Oct-06 10:21 AM, #26
                              Reply RE: I swear, it must be this black & reddish background..., GoodLuckDice, 16-Oct-06 10:44 AM, #27
     Reply So let me make sure I understand., Shadowmaster, 16-Oct-06 08:57 AM, #9
     Reply RE: So let me make sure I understand., Daevryn, 16-Oct-06 09:10 AM, #11
     Reply And the reason for upsetting the status quo was?, Shadowmaster, 16-Oct-06 09:25 AM, #12
     Reply RE: And the reason for upsetting the status quo was?, Daevryn, 16-Oct-06 09:26 AM, #13
     Reply Ok sorry for honest feedback., Shadowmaster, 16-Oct-06 09:37 AM, #16
          Reply RE: Ok sorry for honest feedback., Daevryn, 16-Oct-06 09:40 AM, #17
               Reply I'll go back to sugar-coating it then, thanks nt, Shadowmaster, 16-Oct-06 09:49 AM, #18
                    Reply No:, Daevryn, 16-Oct-06 09:50 AM, #21
                         Reply Ok well then let me elaborate., Shadowmaster, 16-Oct-06 10:44 AM, #22
                              Reply RE: Ok well then let me elaborate., Daevryn, 16-Oct-06 10:52 AM, #28
                              Reply Right then. So I am done playing mages. Thanks nt, Shadowmaster, 16-Oct-06 11:12 AM, #29
                                   Reply You're welcome., Daevryn, 16-Oct-06 11:13 AM, #31
                                   Reply Apologies for complaining early., Shadowmaster, 23-Oct-06 12:41 PM, #53
                                   Reply I am only going to touch this whole thing lightly..., (NOT Graatch), 16-Oct-06 07:29 PM, #37
                                        Reply Without trying to start any flame thread, I agree with ..., TheLastMohican, 23-Oct-06 12:41 PM, #54
                              Reply My interpretation, and it might well be wrong:, Quixotic, 16-Oct-06 11:12 AM, #30
                              Reply RE: Ok well then let me elaborate., Valguarnera, 16-Oct-06 12:14 PM, #32
                                   Reply Ah the flames., Shadowmaster, 16-Oct-06 07:29 PM, #34
     Reply Is this parody?, Valguarnera, 16-Oct-06 10:05 AM, #23
          Reply It's my job to be the bad guy and get all complaints ou..., Shadowmaster, 16-Oct-06 11:12 AM, #25
               Reply Something I learned in the military that will always st..., trh, 16-Oct-06 07:29 PM, #33
     Reply I hate to be the complainer here, but just thinking..., Shadowmaster, 16-Oct-06 09:37 AM, #14
          Reply RE: I hate to be the complainer here, but just thinking..., Daevryn, 16-Oct-06 09:45 AM, #19
               Reply I love it..., Lightmage, 16-Oct-06 07:29 PM, #35
               Reply Random note..., Daevryn, 16-Oct-06 07:33 PM, #41
               Reply Hrm, how about a different question...., Bajula, 16-Oct-06 11:27 PM, #42
                    Reply RE: Hrm, how about a different question...., Daevryn, 16-Oct-06 11:54 PM, #45
     Reply I'm all for criticism when it's honest..., Vladamir, 16-Oct-06 07:29 PM, #38
     Reply Question, Tac, 18-Oct-06 07:34 AM, #49
          Reply RE: Question, Daevryn, 18-Oct-06 07:36 AM, #52
Topic The Funeral Procession of the VindicatorCorrlaanSat 14-Oct-06 07:39 AM1451
Topic Balance? Balance!nepentheSun 08-Oct-06 04:35 PM1584
Topic Chaos...nepentheSat 07-Oct-06 10:10 AM1402
Topic Kharia's Downfall [ View all ]TwistMon 25-Sep-06 08:10 PM3087
Reply Abuse of power., Xanthrailles, 25-Sep-06 02:02 PM, #2
Reply *laugh*, Twist, 25-Sep-06 03:25 PM, #4
     Reply Hey! If I had known you were Twist, I wouldn't have sh..., TheLastMohican, 25-Sep-06 08:10 PM, #5
Reply RE: Kharia's Downfall, Karel, 25-Sep-06 12:20 PM, #1
     Reply Not at all..., Twist, 25-Sep-06 01:54 PM, #3
Topic The Vault at last! [ View all ]nepentheMon 25-Sep-06 12:11 AM2504
Reply Daevryn and Rayihn, nepenthe, 25-Sep-06 12:11 AM, #4
Reply Wild Magic?, nepenthe, 24-Sep-06 11:58 PM, #3
Reply Nyastren!, nepenthe, 24-Sep-06 11:53 PM, #2
Reply Prismatic Veil, nepenthe, 24-Sep-06 11:40 PM, #1
Topic Madness and the Sundering of DreamsAmarantheSun 24-Sep-06 02:39 AM1458
Topic Of Angels, Demons, and Burdened Hearts [ View all ]AmarantheSat 23-Sep-06 01:38 PM3705
Reply This quest seems really awesome., Shadowmaster, 18-Sep-06 07:32 PM, #1
     Reply Thanks!, Amaranthe, 19-Sep-06 01:32 PM, #2
     Reply It's true!, Valguarnera, 19-Sep-06 02:02 PM, #3
     Reply RE: It's true!, nepenthe, 19-Sep-06 02:06 PM, #4
     Reply Wow..., Rodriguez, 20-Sep-06 01:59 PM, #5
     Reply No promises..., nepenthe, 22-Sep-06 01:22 PM, #6
          Reply Addenda, nepenthe, 23-Sep-06 12:44 PM, #7
               Reply By all means., GoodLuckDice, 23-Sep-06 01:34 PM, #8
                    Reply RE: By all means., nepenthe, 23-Sep-06 01:38 PM, #9
Topic An Island in the Sky, and the Great Felling [ View all ]AmarantheSun 17-Sep-06 06:02 PM3700
Reply A question., crackednotbroke, 13-Sep-06 01:45 PM, #3
Reply RE: A question., Amaranthe, 13-Sep-06 02:08 PM, #4
     Reply RE: A question., Tac, 13-Sep-06 08:57 PM, #5
          Reply RE: A question., GoodLuckDice, 14-Sep-06 07:07 AM, #6
               Reply Re: Ssriel's Ritual, Amaranthe, 16-Sep-06 02:27 PM, #7
                    Reply That's exactly it, and one more reason that I'll leave ..., TheLastMohican, 17-Sep-06 06:02 PM, #8
                    Reply RE: Re: Ssriel's Ritual, GoodLuckDice, 17-Sep-06 06:02 PM, #9
Reply A Tale of Strange Bedfellows (full log of this quest), Amaranthe, 13-Sep-06 01:10 AM, #1
     Reply A Tale of Strange Bedfellows (Part II), Amaranthe, 13-Sep-06 01:11 AM, #2
Topic Nreisshe Ralsh Mtien and the Eternal Hunt [ View all ]AmarantheSat 16-Sep-06 06:11 PM2107
Reply The Reaverhood of Krynna Krysss, Amaranthe, 16-Sep-06 06:11 PM, #1
HOT Topic Current and On Going Events and Quests [ View all ]Grurk MuoukWed 13-Sep-06 07:07 PM2742
Reply Eshval the Nightborn, Grurk Muouk, 28-Aug-06 10:52 PM, #12
Reply Rumors are traded throughout the taverns...., Grurk Muouk, 23-Aug-06 11:01 PM, #11
Reply Further news of the Eldritch Consortium..., nepenthe, 04-Sep-06 03:07 PM, #13
     Reply This is genius...., Tac, 04-Sep-06 03:21 PM, #14
     Reply A Curious Encounter, Crysseara, 04-Sep-06 06:33 PM, #15
     Reply More! (echoes from earlier tonight), nepenthe, 11-Sep-06 12:06 AM, #16
     Reply Annnnnd a little bit more., nepenthe, 11-Sep-06 12:31 AM, #17
     Reply Wizard and Glass (and Sand and Stuff!), nepenthe, 13-Sep-06 07:07 PM, #18
Reply Dark days for the Village?, Grurk Muouk, 17-Jul-06 10:34 AM, #10
Reply An old evil returns?, Grurk Muouk, 29-Jun-06 05:13 PM, #9
Reply Ominous Times?, Grurk Muouk, 18-Jun-06 08:46 PM, #6
Reply Forces rally..., Grurk Muouk, 19-Jun-06 06:41 PM, #7
Reply RE: Ominous Times? Cont:, Grurk Muouk, 21-Jun-06 04:51 PM, #8
Reply Imperial Changes., Grurk Muouk, 27-May-06 11:35 PM, #5
Reply Not the beer!, Grurk Muouk, 04-May-06 07:00 AM, #4
Reply My Eggs!, Grurk Muouk, 16-Apr-06 06:00 PM, #2
Reply The Results!, Grurk Muouk, 22-Apr-06 09:53 AM, #3
Reply The Inn of the Eternal Star - Dark Days?, Grurk Muouk, 12-Apr-06 02:40 PM, #1
Topic Athansoros is BornGrurk MuoukSun 20-Aug-06 06:45 PM1537
Topic A New Harbinger is ChosenAmarantheTue 01-Aug-06 02:06 PM1232
Topic The Passing of Lerimos the BlackYsaloeryeTue 01-Aug-06 08:47 AM920
Topic DEATH NOTICE: AeriaGrurk MuoukThu 27-Jul-06 01:20 PM903
Topic July 2006 Role Contest [ View all ]DaltericWed 19-Jul-06 08:54 AM1497
Reply July 2006 Role Contest Winners, Dalteric, 19-Jul-06 08:40 AM, #2
Reply Statistics, Dalteric, 19-Jul-06 08:36 AM, #1
Topic Thera's Ages - Reminiscing [ View all ]AarnWed 19-Jul-06 08:34 AM1702
Reply RE: Thera's Ages - Reminiscing, shokai, 18-Jul-06 10:15 PM, #1
     Reply Also, Dwoggurd, 19-Jul-06 08:34 AM, #2
Topic DEATH NOTICE: Cuucqa (better late than never!)YsaloeryeMon 17-Jul-06 10:32 AM840
Topic Death Notice: CaroolthAlenysiWed 21-Jun-06 01:34 PM889
Topic Death Notice: KragathianGrurk MuoukTue 20-Jun-06 05:49 PM735
Topic May 2006 Role Contest [ View all ]DaltericMon 15-May-06 07:05 PM1432
Reply RE: May 2006 Role Contest is CLOSED, Dalteric, 15-May-06 02:45 PM, #1
     Reply May 2006 Role Contest Statistics, Dalteric, 15-May-06 02:57 PM, #2
     Reply May 2006 Role Contest Comments, Dalteric, 15-May-06 06:58 PM, #3
     Reply RE: May 2006 Role Contest Winners, Dalteric, 15-May-06 07:05 PM, #4
Topic Roll Call of the Recently DeceasedGrurk MuoukThu 20-Apr-06 02:52 AM856
Topic March Role Contest Now Open! [ View all ]DaltericTue 07-Mar-06 12:04 PM1427
Reply March 2006 Role Contest Winners!, Dalteric, 07-Mar-06 12:04 PM, #3
Reply Semi-Finalists & Comments, Dalteric, 07-Mar-06 12:01 PM, #2
Reply March Role Contest Now Closed!, Dalteric, 07-Mar-06 11:58 AM, #1
Topic Role Contest: Valentine's Special [ View all ]DaltericMon 20-Feb-06 11:26 AM1298
Reply Valentine's Role Contest Concluded, Dalteric, 20-Feb-06 11:26 AM, #1
Topic Birth of the Charnel ForgeMuulocTue 17-Jan-06 09:40 AM853
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