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Top Non-CF Discussion "What Does RL Stand For?"
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Locked Anchored Topic The usual rules.ValguarneraSat 26-Aug-06 09:35 AM1823
Topic Just starting some chat, When did you start cf?RogueTue 30-May-23 11:09 PM141
Topic Saagkri, please contact me. You where looking for meJadlayerTue 20-Oct-20 08:16 PM704
Topic What happened to TMNS? [ View all ]MurphyMon 02-Apr-18 01:36 AM1617
Reply I don't miss junkes with emotional disorders, Kstatida, 30-Mar-18 04:06 AM, #1
     Reply Junkie?, Homard, 30-Mar-18 08:42 PM, #2
          Reply Shenanigans? NT, Homard, 02-Apr-18 01:36 AM, #3
Topic Hoping for some info/advice... [ View all ]TMNSFri 30-Mar-18 10:30 PM1856
Reply RE: Hoping for some info/advice..., hadashdakon, 30-Mar-18 10:30 PM, #1
Topic ARRRRRRRRRGH I'm so hyped!!!!!!! [ View all ]TMNSSat 08-Jul-17 04:55 AM1740
Reply Dammit...this was the wrong paste :(, TMNS, 21-Jun-17 08:09 PM, #1
     Reply So now you are less hyped?, Lhydia, 22-Jun-17 07:20 AM, #2
          Reply Nope still REALLY HYPED. NT, TMNS, 06-Jul-17 09:18 PM, #3
               Reply RE: Nope still REALLY HYPED. NT, Rodriguez, 07-Jul-17 01:11 AM, #4
                    Reply RE: Nope still REALLY HYPED. NT, Jhyrbian, 07-Jul-17 08:28 AM, #5
                         Reply Sadly sounds like a realistic scenario... NT, Rodriguez, 08-Jul-17 04:55 AM, #6
Topic Never gets old beating the Caps in round 2. Never. NTTMNSWed 10-May-17 09:14 PM933
Topic want to contact Koidel [ View all ]lomegusTue 07-Mar-17 10:44 AM1564
Reply Ask questions on forums, Kstatida, 07-Mar-17 08:47 AM, #1
     Reply Not all questions can be answered even on forum, lomegus, 07-Mar-17 08:55 AM, #2
          Reply Questy and Religion stuff is best asked IC, Kstatida, 07-Mar-17 09:46 AM, #3
               Reply RE: Questy and Religion stuff is best asked IC, lomegus, 07-Mar-17 10:17 AM, #4
                    Reply Ask around unofficial forums, Kstatida, 07-Mar-17 10:36 AM, #5
                         Reply RE: Ask around unofficial forums, lomegus, 07-Mar-17 10:44 AM, #6
Topic Thought some people would enjoy this.TMNSSat 25-Feb-17 11:38 PM1034
Topic I finally cut the cord... [ View all ]MoligantTue 12-Jul-16 11:48 AM1899
Reply Update, Moligant, 11-Jun-14 02:44 PM, #1
     Reply Don't have to wait a year for AMC shows, Doof, 09-Jun-16 11:42 AM, #2
          Reply Wow that's a timely response, Kstatida, 09-Jun-16 01:53 PM, #3
               Reply Damned straight. Didn't even see the date on that post..., Doof, 12-Jul-16 11:48 AM, #4
Topic Dios down? [ View all ]RetanTue 07-Jun-16 01:11 PM1534
Reply icann, Mjothkalt, 07-Jun-16 01:11 PM, #1
Topic What's ya location? [ View all ]ThofMon 30-Nov-15 01:35 PM1481
Reply Switzerland!, Rodriguez, 28-Nov-15 06:19 AM, #1
     Reply That view is absolutely stunning. NT., Onewingedangel, 28-Nov-15 05:42 PM, #2
          Reply Yea! , Rodriguez, 30-Nov-15 01:35 PM, #3
Topic OopsThofTue 24-Nov-15 09:29 PM930
Topic Wanna play catch?TacTue 23-Dec-14 04:51 PM1017
Topic Out of commission for a couple days:Serahsti (Anonymous)Sat 13-Dec-14 02:52 PM921
Topic Found this interesting... Is mildly off-topicTacWed 03-Dec-14 08:57 PM1018
Topic Let's hear it for Empire.ScrimbulWed 23-Jul-14 12:33 PM1074
Topic dioxide's site is broken [ View all ]JaegendarSat 28-Jun-14 10:45 PM1700
Reply Just saw this post., Mendos, 18-Jun-14 07:08 PM, #1
     Reply RE: Just saw this post., Jaegendar, 19-Jun-14 01:30 PM, #2
          Reply RE: Just saw this post., Gabe, 28-Jun-14 10:45 PM, #3
Topic Why Skynet will not need Terminators - Part I [ View all ]MoligantTue 10-Jun-14 06:16 PM1531
Reply Why Skynet will not need Terminators - Part II, Moligant, 10-Jun-14 05:42 PM, #1
     Reply Why Skynet will not need Terminators - Part III - Final..., Moligant, 10-Jun-14 06:16 PM, #2
Topic TED Talks [ View all ]TacSun 01-Jun-14 02:19 PM1670
Reply RE: TED Talks, highbutterfly, 01-Jun-14 02:19 PM, #2
Reply Yeah I love watching those things. n/t, Eskelian, 17-Oct-13 11:10 AM, #1
Topic Sure has been a long time... [ View all ]ZeruelSat 24-May-14 06:59 PM1600
Reply Howdy, chief!, Valguarnera, 24-May-14 06:59 PM, #1
HOT Topic Is this simple or complicated to you.... [ View all ]MoligantThu 01-May-14 03:55 PM2385
Reply A REAL miracle would be..., Lyristeon, 25-Oct-13 03:05 PM, #3
Reply Done it., Tsunami, 25-Oct-13 03:25 PM, #4
     Reply +1 nt, Artificial, 26-Oct-13 04:15 AM, #5
Reply "I'm agnostic", Artificial, 24-Oct-13 10:38 PM, #2
Reply Part of the problem is "defining God". , Eskelian, 07-Nov-13 03:19 AM, #6
     Reply Real Agnosticism, 1D_rookie, 16-Nov-13 01:04 AM, #7
     Reply Truly Without Knowledge, Artificial, 16-Nov-13 03:39 AM, #8
     Reply RE: Truly Without Knowledge, 1D_rookie, 17-Nov-13 10:01 AM, #12
     Reply It's been shown, incognito, 01-May-14 03:55 PM, #27
     Reply And until evidence arrives, Artificial, 16-Nov-13 03:42 AM, #9
          Reply Why?, Eskelian, 16-Nov-13 05:10 AM, #10
               Reply Ah...Mr. Pascal, I missed you., Artificial, 16-Nov-13 11:18 AM, #11
                    Reply RE: Ah...Mr. Pascal, I missed you., Eskelian, 17-Nov-13 12:23 PM, #13
                         Reply Montessori., Tsunami, 17-Nov-13 04:34 PM, #14
                         Reply RE: Montessori., Eskelian, 17-Nov-13 10:57 PM, #15
                         Reply RE: Ah...Mr. Pascal, I missed you., Daevryn, 01-Dec-13 10:51 AM, #16
                         Reply RE: Ah...Mr. Pascal, I missed you., Eskelian, 09-Dec-13 03:40 AM, #18
                              Reply I'll also point out..., Eskelian, 09-Dec-13 12:34 PM, #22
                                   Reply RE: I'll also point out..., Moligant, 09-Dec-13 02:54 PM, #23
                                        Reply RE: I'll also point out..., Eskelian, 10-Dec-13 05:42 AM, #24
                         Reply The more invested you are in this, the harder it is for..., Vortex Magus, 08-Dec-13 08:15 PM, #17
                         Reply RE: The more invested you are in this, the harder it is..., Eskelian, 09-Dec-13 03:43 AM, #19
                              Reply You think lack of religion causes depression?, Homard, 09-Dec-13 10:12 AM, #20
                                   Reply RE: You think lack of religion causes depression?, Eskelian, 09-Dec-13 12:09 PM, #21
                                        Reply I'm not going off the deep end., Homard, 10-Dec-13 09:11 AM, #25
                         Reply You can be communal without religion too., DurNominator, 13-Dec-13 11:31 AM, #26
Reply I think it's in what you termed a "miracle"., Straklaw, 24-Oct-13 04:35 PM, #1
Topic CF and the future of GamingMoligantThu 27-Feb-14 02:39 PM1375
Topic Happy HolidaysEskelianTue 24-Dec-13 08:35 AM959
Topic Do you think this may help terraform mars?MoligantFri 15-Nov-13 11:46 AM1125
Topic We close on the house tomorrow>> FINALLY!!!BajulaMon 14-Oct-13 06:44 PM986
Topic Never EVER do your own rear brakes. :)BajulaWed 07-Aug-13 10:20 PM1050
Topic Got my baldric!BajulaTue 02-Jul-13 07:33 AM1084
Topic You have become better at barter! [ View all ]BajulaWed 15-May-13 11:26 AM1736
Reply Nice job., Tsunami, 14-May-13 11:39 AM, #3
Reply No kidding!!!, Bajula, 15-May-13 02:50 AM, #4
     Reply Haha, Tsunami, 15-May-13 11:26 AM, #5
Reply As someone who has unsuccessfully negotiated, well done..., Homard, 14-May-13 09:49 AM, #1
     Reply should have been get better at haggle. -my bad. :), Bajula, 14-May-13 10:52 AM, #2
Topic So how do you get rid of your forum account? [ View all ]BajulaThu 11-Apr-13 12:25 PM1667
Reply Ask for a ban., Tsunami, 11-Apr-13 12:25 PM, #2
Reply If I wanted to quit drinking I wouldn't visit the liquo..., Lhydia, 10-Apr-13 09:56 PM, #1