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Moderated Topics to Read Past Heroes Graveyard Protected forum
Fallen heroes with no clutter of the clean lines of text tombstones.
Moderators: Death_Angel
Wed 25-May-22 07:15 AM 29081 topics
29088 messages
Moderated Topics to Read The Premium Battlefield Protected forum
A place where the character sheets of past players can be found...for a price.
Moderators: Death_Angel
Sun 22-May-22 05:16 PM 3625 topics
72178 messages
Topics in this discussion: Sorted by last modified date
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Topic (DEL) <SCION> Xygarthon the Baron of MeteorsDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:48 PM240
Topic (DEL) <None> Denuin the Hero of AlterationDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:48 PM279
Topic (DEL) <BATTLE> Rahalans the Harai GoshiDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:48 PM322
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Cortoles the Crime BossDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:48 PM279
Topic (CON) <DAWN> Thornan the Knight Hero, Servant of the Da...Death_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM260
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Yizenxlach the Spectre, High Chancellor o...Death_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM302
Topic (DEL) <NEXUS> Eglician the Hero of AlterationDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM301
Topic (DEL) <None> Nakader the Master of OwazaDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM345
Topic (DEL) <None> Ekiw the Elder ShamanDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM260
Topic (DEL) <None> Ahuuzid the Knight HeroDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM308
Topic (DEL) <None> Teobaldo the Master of TouchDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM295
Topic (DEL) <None> Giwbe the Guardian of the ForestDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM309
Topic (DEL) <None> Draken the Uki GoshiDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM288
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Stoslav the High Chancellor of InvocationDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM330
Topic (DEL) <None> Welzelyn the Baron of FireDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM306
Topic (DEL) <None> Roquintaz the Baron of ThunderDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM322
Topic (DEL) <None> Marisha the Ranger Lady InitiateDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM320
Topic (DEL) <None> Krehar the Master of the FutureDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM303
Topic (DEL) <None> Gerolden the Paladin Hero, First Disciple ...Death_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM328
Topic (DEL) <None> Picaxeolt the Overlord of the ForestDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM333
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Mohist the PlanewalkerDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM342
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Ryan the Infamous Crime LordDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM298
Topic (DEL) <BATTLE> Xarax the Keeper of the GladeDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM315
Topic (DEL) <None> Razz the Baron of StormsDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM281
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Hilefang the Master of DivinationDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM321
Topic (DEL) <None> Rohen the AvengerDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM343
Topic (DEL) <WARLOCK> Reigon the Inceptor of the AstralDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:47 PM292
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Rhiaele the Invoker HeroDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:46 PM293
Topic (DEL) <None> Ysylla the Communer of FamineDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:46 PM342
Topic (CON) <SCION> Emile the Knight HeroDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:46 PM446
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