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Moderated Topics to Read Past Heroes Graveyard Protected forum
Fallen heroes with no clutter of the clean lines of text tombstones.
Moderators: Death_Angel
Wed 25-May-22 07:15 AM 29081 topics
29088 messages
Moderated Topics to Read The Premium Battlefield Protected forum
A place where the character sheets of past players can be found...for a price.
Moderators: Death_Angel
Sun 22-May-22 05:16 PM 3625 topics
72178 messages
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Topic (CONLOSS) <DAWN> Kalrathion the Master Melody Maker, Se...Death_AngelWed 28-Mar-01 06:15 PM184
Topic (DEL)<BATTLE> Kaenreav the Knight HeroDeath_AngelMon 26-Mar-01 11:57 PM184
Topic (CON) <None> Alkindile the Stealer [ View all ]Death_AngelMon 26-Mar-01 01:02 PM331
Reply RE: (CON) <None> Alkindile the Stealer, Hitman (Guest), 26-Mar-01 01:02 PM, #1
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Trinarpa the Evil King [ View all ]Death_AngelSat 24-Mar-01 08:48 PM402
Reply RE: (DEL) <SCION> Trinarpa the Evil King, Trinarpa (Guest) (Guest), 24-Mar-01 04:17 PM, #1
     Reply Aww, Aauthia (Guest) (Guest), 24-Mar-01 08:48 PM, #2
Topic (AUTO) Jigaikbed the Hero of AlterationDeath_AngelSat 24-Mar-01 02:31 AM234
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Salviar the Half-Spectre, High Chancellor... [ View all ]Death_AngelFri 23-Mar-01 01:23 AM443
Reply Aw, i was hoping you would lich., Amadioru (Guest) (Guest), 23-Mar-01 01:23 AM, #10
Reply Wow, Veshlexiz (Guest) (Guest), 22-Mar-01 11:59 AM, #9
Reply RE: (DEL) <SCION> Salviar the Half-Spectre, High Chance..., Salviar (Guest) (Guest), 21-Mar-01 05:29 PM, #1
     Reply damn, sam, Scarabaeus, 21-Mar-01 05:52 PM, #2
          Reply RE: damn, sam, Salviar (Guest) (Guest), 21-Mar-01 06:15 PM, #3
          Reply lichquestin', Scarabaeus, 21-Mar-01 06:26 PM, #4
          Reply RE: damn, sam, Taithin, 21-Mar-01 06:31 PM, #5
               Reply take a look at arboria, Scarabaeus, 21-Mar-01 06:38 PM, #6
                    Reply Few more curious questions., Taithin, 21-Mar-01 06:52 PM, #7
                         Reply RE: Few more curious questions., Scarabaeus, 21-Mar-01 07:32 PM, #8
Topic (DEL) <MARAN> Balrahd the Holy Talon of the Phoenix [ View all ]Death_AngelFri 23-Mar-01 12:00 AM1101
Reply RE: (DEL) <MARAN> Balrahd the Holy Talon of the Phoenix, Balrahd (Guest) (Guest), 19-Mar-01 05:36 PM, #4
Reply ah well, Scarabaeus, 21-Mar-01 06:03 PM, #5
     Reply Thanks, Sacer, Balrahd (Guest) (Guest), 21-Mar-01 07:08 PM, #6
          Reply RE: Thanks, Sacer, Scarabaeus, 24-Jan-10 08:36 PM, #7
          Reply Actually -, Balrahd (Guest) (Guest), 22-Mar-01 03:47 AM, #8
          Reply Actually., Rituraaj (Guest) (Guest), 22-Mar-01 04:42 AM, #9
               Reply Well-, Balrahd (Guest) (Guest), 22-Mar-01 01:34 PM, #10
                    Reply RE: Well-, Rituraaj (Guest) (Guest), 22-Mar-01 06:22 PM, #11
                         Reply If we really want to get into this, Aluria (Guest) (Guest), 23-Mar-01 12:00 AM, #12
Reply RE: (DEL) <MARAN> Balrahd the Holy Talon of the Phoenix, Leika (Guest), 17-Mar-01 07:10 PM, #3
Reply Nice job...Hero.., Arvam, 17-Mar-01 03:34 PM, #2
Reply RE: (DEL) <MARAN> Balrahd the Holy Talon of the Phoenix, shokai, 17-Mar-01 01:51 AM, #1
Topic (DEL) <SCARAB> Phinitz the Forest Warrior of the Onyx T... [ View all ]Death_AngelThu 22-Mar-01 09:24 PM643
Reply Very, very well done., Nivek (Guest) (Guest), 21-Mar-01 06:19 PM, #4
Reply Cyradia, and any other Immortals, Phinitz (Guest) (Guest), 20-Mar-01 05:53 PM, #1
     Reply RE: Cyradia, and any other Immortals, Leika (Guest), 21-Mar-01 04:51 PM, #2
     Reply Marans and other Fortressites, Phinitz (Guest) (Guest), 22-Mar-01 09:12 PM, #5
     Reply Office of the Flame, Scarabaeus, 21-Mar-01 06:00 PM, #3
          Reply RE: Office of the Flame, Phinitz (Guest) (Guest), 22-Mar-01 09:24 PM, #6
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Rilius the Hero of AlterationDeath_AngelThu 22-Mar-01 06:44 AM230
Topic (AUTO) Lreeia the Assassin HeroineDeath_AngelThu 22-Mar-01 02:31 AM165
Topic (DEL) <None> Meriac the Master of MutationDeath_AngelWed 21-Mar-01 04:48 PM255
Topic (DEL) <None> Ulgurmish the Hero of the DruidsDeath_AngelWed 21-Mar-01 04:47 PM202
Topic (DEL) <NEXUS> Alavazrin the Hero of AlterationDeath_AngelWed 21-Mar-01 04:46 PM216
Topic (DEL) <BATTLE> Derndak the Master of BronzeDeath_AngelWed 21-Mar-01 04:45 PM250
Topic (DEL) <None> Saluayan the Master of LightningDeath_AngelWed 21-Mar-01 04:44 PM207
Topic (AUTO) Guliadkyn the Betrayer of Elvenkind, Seeker of t...Death_AngelWed 21-Mar-01 04:43 PM361
Topic (CON) <BATTLE> Kyilith the Ranger Hero [ View all ]Death_AngelTue 20-Mar-01 11:50 PM367
Reply Was good, Minyar, 20-Mar-01 11:50 PM, #1
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Maymunah the Shapeshifter, High Chancello... [ View all ]Death_AngelTue 20-Mar-01 12:00 PM434
Reply I was also surprised., Valguarnera, 20-Mar-01 12:00 PM, #2
Reply RE: (DEL) <SCION> Maymunah the Shapeshifter, High Chanc..., Uller (Guest) (Guest), 20-Mar-01 10:13 AM, #1
Topic (DEL) <BATTLE> Chalin the Raging Tempest, Veteran Drill... [ View all ]Death_AngelTue 20-Mar-01 10:23 AM577
Reply Lord Uller, are you out there?, Minyar, 18-Mar-01 01:26 AM, #1
     Reply Lord Uller is always out there, somewhere, Uller (Guest) (Guest), 20-Mar-01 10:23 AM, #2
Topic (DEL) <TRIBUNAL> Roussiant the Paladin Hero, First Just... [ View all ]Death_AngelTue 20-Mar-01 03:41 AM502
Reply RE: (DEL) <TRIBUNAL> Roussiant the Paladin Hero, First ..., Doralion (Guest) (Guest), 20-Mar-01 03:41 AM, #1
Topic (DEL) <None> Jhuni the Holy Heroine [ View all ]Death_AngelTue 20-Mar-01 03:28 AM617
Reply RE: (DEL) <None> Jhuni the Holy Heroine, Doralion (Guest) (Guest), 20-Mar-01 03:28 AM, #3
Reply RE: (DEL) <None> Jhuni the Holy Heroine, Olmnus (Guest) (Guest), 19-Mar-01 02:27 PM, #2
Reply RE: (DEL) <None> Jhuni the Holy Heroine, Keniston, 17-Mar-01 11:34 AM, #1
Topic (DEL) <None> Frint the Keeper of Faith [ View all ]Death_AngelMon 19-Mar-01 06:54 AM349
Reply RE: (DEL) <None> Frint the Keeper of Faith, Abernyte, 19-Mar-01 06:54 AM, #1
Topic (CON) <None> Algrem the Baron of Ice [ View all ]Death_AngelMon 19-Mar-01 06:42 AM290
Reply RE: (CON) <None> Algrem the Baron of Ice, Algrem (Guest) (Guest), 19-Mar-01 06:42 AM, #1
Topic (AGE) <HERALD> Saldarito the Hero of the Druids [ View all ]Death_AngelSun 18-Mar-01 05:28 PM947
Reply RE: (AGE) <HERALD> Saldarito the Hero of the Druids, Jacynth (Guest), 17-Mar-01 11:40 AM, #1
     Reply RE: (AGE) <HERALD> Saldarito the Hero of the Druids, Saldarito (Guest) (Guest), 18-Mar-01 05:28 PM, #2
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Krikeles the Invoker of Suffering, Mad Pr... [ View all ]Death_AngelSun 18-Mar-01 01:41 PM328
Reply RE: (DEL) <SCION> Krikeles the Invoker of Suffering, Ma..., Beladorizid, 17-Mar-01 01:25 PM, #1
     Reply Krikeles, Mad Prophet of the Lurker, Drokalanatym (Guest), 18-Mar-01 01:19 PM, #2
     Reply RE: (DEL) <SCION> Krikeles the Invoker of Suffering, Ma..., Valguarnera, 18-Mar-01 01:41 PM, #3
Topic (DEL) <None> Khorintus the Baron of FireDeath_AngelSat 17-Mar-01 01:02 PM179
Topic (DEL) <NEXUS> Liwyatan the TalismanicDeath_AngelSat 17-Mar-01 11:26 AM243
Topic (DEL) <BATTLE> Lue the Uki GoshiDeath_AngelSat 17-Mar-01 11:25 AM245
Topic (DEL) <SYLVAN> Ellethedarr the Sword of the ForestDeath_AngelSat 17-Mar-01 11:25 AM218
Topic (DEL) <None> Hallien the Yama ArashiDeath_AngelSat 17-Mar-01 11:25 AM252
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