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Moderated Topics to Read Past Heroes Graveyard Protected forum
Fallen heroes with no clutter of the clean lines of text tombstones.
Moderators: Death_Angel
Wed 25-May-22 07:15 AM 29081 topics
29088 messages
Moderated Topics to Read The Premium Battlefield Protected forum
A place where the character sheets of past players can be found...for a price.
Moderators: Death_Angel
Sun 22-May-22 05:16 PM 3625 topics
72178 messages
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Topic (DEL) <None> Bronghild the Evil KnightDeath_AngelMon 16-Apr-01 04:28 AM214
Topic (DEL) <BATTLE> Ysaertvo the Assassin Hero [ View all ]Death_AngelMon 16-Apr-01 01:04 AM222
Reply RE: (DEL) <BATTLE> Ysaertvo the Assassin Hero, Muskul (Guest) (Guest), 16-Apr-01 01:04 AM, #1
Topic (AUTO) Kyilith the Ranger HeroDeath_AngelMon 16-Apr-01 12:31 AM344
Topic (DEL) <WARLOCK> Caslandrien the Hero of AlterationDeath_AngelSun 15-Apr-01 02:00 PM175
Topic (CON) <None> Tylin the BrigandDeath_AngelSun 15-Apr-01 03:06 AM198
Topic (DEL) <MARAN> Ciemar the Holy of Faith [ View all ]Death_AngelFri 13-Apr-01 11:00 PM446
Reply RE: (DEL) <MARAN> Ciemar the Holy of Faith, Stezxmon (Guest) (Guest), 13-Apr-01 11:00 PM, #2
Reply RE: (DEL) <MARAN> Ciemar the Holy of Faith, Seralyn (Guest) (Guest), 12-Apr-01 02:19 AM, #1
Topic (DEL) <None>Andrilin the Student of OwazaDeath_AngelWed 11-Apr-01 09:13 AM242
Topic (AUTO) Sicroi the Invoker HeroDeath_AngelTue 10-Apr-01 12:32 AM209
Topic (AUTO) Kleea , Something ElseDeath_AngelTue 10-Apr-01 12:31 AM130
Topic (DEL) <None> Pyriel the Knight HeroDeath_AngelMon 09-Apr-01 08:00 PM208
Topic (CON) <WARLOCK> Disola the Heroine of Alteration [ View all ]Death_AngelSun 08-Apr-01 03:31 PM264
Reply Thank you again dear., Algrem (Guest) (Guest), 08-Apr-01 03:31 PM, #5
Reply write me Disola!, Dawnie! (Guest) (Guest), 28-Mar-01 02:21 PM, #4
Reply RE: (CON) <WARLOCK> Disola the Heroine of Alteration, Uncle Bob, 24-Mar-01 10:21 PM, #3
Reply Was Good To Fight Against you, Minyar, 24-Mar-01 07:37 PM, #1
     Reply RE: Was Good To Fight Against you, Disola (Guest) (Guest), 24-Mar-01 09:39 PM, #2
Topic (AUTO) Skali the Anti-HeroDeath_AngelSun 08-Apr-01 12:33 AM211
Topic (DEL) <HERALD> Darcious Aberfaun, Finder of Beauty, Hig... [ View all ]Death_AngelSat 07-Apr-01 02:56 PM310
Reply Revre na Dhaemr, Yanoreth, 07-Apr-01 02:56 PM, #5
Reply You forget about me?, Tindarelin (Guest) (Guest), 04-Apr-01 08:18 AM, #3
Reply RE: You forget about me?, Darcious (Guest) (Guest), 04-Apr-01 02:20 PM, #4
Reply RE: (DEL) <HERALD> Darcious Aberfaun, Finder of Beauty,..., Darcious (Guest) (Guest), 03-Apr-01 04:37 PM, #2
Reply Aaww, damn, Arvam, 03-Apr-01 10:31 AM, #1
Topic (AUTO) Iautarc the Invoker HeroDeath_AngelSat 07-Apr-01 12:31 AM205
Topic (AUTO) Arsalaran the Hero of AlterationDeath_AngelFri 06-Apr-01 12:31 AM153
Topic (DEL) <None> Banthor the Master of SilenceDeath_AngelFri 06-Apr-01 12:17 AM153
Topic (DEL) <None> Dragseth the Knight HeroDeath_AngelThu 05-Apr-01 10:55 PM139
Topic (DEL) <BATTLE> Sojai the Assassin, Underdark AccompliceDeath_AngelWed 04-Apr-01 06:17 PM138
Topic (AUTO) mixed drink the Lonesome Wanderer, Village Outca...Death_AngelWed 04-Apr-01 12:31 AM209
Topic (DEL) <None> Talhouk the Knight HeroDeath_AngelTue 03-Apr-01 08:25 PM164
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Temoku the Hero of Alteration [ View all ]Death_AngelTue 03-Apr-01 02:56 PM263
Reply RE: (DEL) <SCION> Temoku the Hero of Alteration, Greil (Guest) (Guest), 03-Apr-01 11:58 AM, #1
     Reply RE: (DEL) <SCION> Temoku the Hero of Alteration, Temoku (Guest) (Guest), 03-Apr-01 01:44 PM, #2
          Reply RE: (DEL) <SCION> Temoku the Hero of Alteration, Taithin, 03-Apr-01 02:03 PM, #3
          Reply RE: (DEL) <SCION> Temoku the Hero of Alteration, Temoku (Guest) (Guest), 03-Apr-01 02:56 PM, #5
          Reply RE: (DEL) <SCION> Temoku the Hero of Alteration, crackheadbob (Guest), 03-Apr-01 02:21 PM, #4
Topic (DEL) <None> Jungrok the Ranger KingDeath_AngelTue 03-Apr-01 11:26 AM214
Topic (CON) <None> Homous the RangerDeath_AngelTue 03-Apr-01 08:06 AM145
Topic <DELETE>Amadioru (Guest) (Guest)Sun 01-Apr-01 05:23 PM244
Topic problems with the BattlefieldPicoSun 01-Apr-01 12:36 PM296
Topic Thread about Dioxide's moved to "Ask an Immortal" forum [ View all ]PicoSat 31-Mar-01 01:31 PM450
Reply Well, I do owe an explination, Anonymous (Guest) (Guest), 31-Mar-01 01:39 AM, #1
     Reply RE: Well, I do owe an explination, Pico, 31-Mar-01 09:31 AM, #2
          Reply I did email him, over a week ago., Anonymous (Guest) (Guest), 31-Mar-01 01:23 PM, #3
               Reply RE: I did email him, over a week ago., Rome (Guest), 31-Mar-01 01:31 PM, #4
Topic (DEL) <None> Karandi the Ranger BaronDeath_AngelSat 31-Mar-01 12:39 AM190
Topic (AGE) <SCION> Grizun the Hero of AlterationDeath_AngelSat 31-Mar-01 12:38 AM154
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Irail the Master of Bronze, Hunted by the...Death_AngelSat 31-Mar-01 12:37 AM234
Topic (AUTO) Arkyster the PlanewalkerDeath_AngelThu 29-Mar-01 02:31 AM321
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