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Moderated Topics to Read Code Changes Protected forum
Tracking code changes without the clutter of responses
Moderators: Umiron, Scarabaeus
Wed 22-Nov-23 07:15 PM 81 topics
255 messages
Moderated Topics to Read Twist the Season to Be Jolly Protected forum
Twist shares something each day from December 1 through Christmas Day.
Moderators: Twist
Sun 04-Dec-22 08:05 AM 28 topics
158 messages
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Topic ABS in replacement areas [ View all ]ZulghinlourTue 20-Mar-12 10:15 PM1691
Reply RE: ABS in replacement areas, Paranoid and still looking (Anonymous), 20-Mar-12 10:14 PM, #1
     Reply RE: ABS in replacement areas, Zulghinlour, 20-Mar-12 10:15 PM, #2
Topic Mini-Orcuary [ View all ]DaevrynSat 03-Mar-12 12:01 AM1726
Reply RE: Mini-Orcuary, Daevryn, 03-Mar-12 12:01 AM, #6
Reply You did announce that..., Tac, 24-Feb-12 04:17 PM, #4
Reply RE: You did announce that..., Daevryn, 24-Feb-12 07:40 PM, #5
Reply I know this probably isn't the time for this question, Treebeard, 23-Feb-12 02:43 PM, #3
Reply Does the orc still auto-open doors when improved flee i..., DurNominator, 21-Feb-12 01:26 AM, #1
     Reply 90% sure the answer is no. (n/t), Daevryn, 21-Feb-12 01:27 AM, #2
HOT Topic Frost Giants [ View all ]ScarabaeusFri 24-Feb-12 04:17 PM2749
Reply Idea re: limited races, Doof, 19-Feb-12 09:38 PM, #36
Reply Unlimited Temporary Race, laxman, 19-Feb-12 09:38 PM, #32
Reply I approve this message, issues and ideas within., deBriguy, 23-Feb-12 02:43 PM, #37
     Reply I'd do a gnome sized berserker with that xp range., robdarken_, 24-Feb-12 04:17 PM, #38
     Reply Agreed..., Tac, 24-Feb-12 04:17 PM, #39
     Reply Could just..., Tsunami, 24-Feb-12 04:17 PM, #40
Reply Treants or Dryads for the summer season?, Summertime (Anonymous), 25-Jan-12 02:10 PM, #29
Reply summer?, Scarabaeus, 25-Jan-12 03:13 PM, #31
Reply Nymphs in spring for the hot mudsexing action, Runaktla, 19-Feb-12 09:38 PM, #34
Reply Centaurs: I like most of those but..., Alston, 19-Feb-12 09:38 PM, #35
Reply mail woes, Scarabaeus, 22-Jan-12 04:36 PM, #27
Reply The problem with limited availability races, RandomThinker, 25-Jan-12 02:10 PM, #20
Reply Thank you for this, Oldril, 21-Jan-12 01:45 PM, #19
Reply RE: Thank you for this, Scarabaeus, 22-Jan-12 08:26 AM, #23
     Reply Very!, Beer, 25-Jan-12 02:10 PM, #24
Reply Is there any way you could be coaxed?..., FrostGiant (Anonymous), 21-Jan-12 01:45 PM, #17
Reply RE: Is there any way you could be coaxed?..., Scarabaeus, 22-Jan-12 08:23 AM, #22
Reply That's a really cool concept. -nt-, fist-law, 21-Jan-12 01:45 PM, #15
Reply Are all slots taken already or do they still need a cra..., MoetEtChandon, 21-Jan-12 01:45 PM, #12
Reply slots, Scarabaeus, 22-Jan-12 08:22 AM, #21
     Reply RE: slots, Scarabaeus, 22-Jan-12 03:10 PM, #25
          Reply Right on, Tsunami, 25-Jan-12 02:10 PM, #26
          Reply You are the coolest Christian I know, Oldril, 25-Jan-12 02:10 PM, #28
          Reply Excellent ..., MoetEtChandon, 25-Jan-12 02:10 PM, #30
Reply You curdled my milk so bad, Tsunami, 19-Jan-12 12:17 PM, #6
Reply RE: You curdled my milk so bad, Scarabaeus, 19-Jan-12 12:41 PM, #8
Reply RE: Frost Giants, demon, 19-Jan-12 07:09 AM, #2
Reply RE: Frost Giants, Scarabaeus, 19-Jan-12 09:29 AM, #4
     Reply Am I understanding this properly?, Alston, 19-Jan-12 12:17 PM, #5
          Reply yep, Scarabaeus, 19-Jan-12 12:41 PM, #7
               Reply Turn off the gnomes! n/t, Doof, 19-Jan-12 02:45 PM, #9
               Reply This mechanism just turned me on!, Alston, 19-Jan-12 02:45 PM, #10
               Reply RE: This mechanism just turned me on!, Scarabaeus, 19-Jan-12 02:50 PM, #14
                    Reply I do. nt, Dallevian, 21-Jan-12 01:45 PM, #16
                    Reply That's a shame. It's a great memory. :) n/t, Alston, 21-Jan-12 01:45 PM, #18
               Reply What happens when the season is over?, Tac, 19-Jan-12 02:45 PM, #11
                    Reply eschatology, Scarabaeus, 19-Jan-12 02:49 PM, #13
                         Reply RE: eschatology, Brucifer (Anonymous), 19-Feb-12 09:38 PM, #33
Reply Erm, I haven't seen them in character creation, or in a..., Amberion, 19-Jan-12 07:09 AM, #1
     Reply helps, Scarabaeus, 19-Jan-12 09:27 AM, #3
Topic Daevryn Busts a Move on a New Round of Edges [ View all ]CyradiaMon 20-Feb-12 09:30 PM2926
Reply Wow, both of my submissions were used!, Illanthos, 20-Feb-12 09:25 PM, #8
Reply Does the dex factor of tailcripper only use natural dex..., Felar (Anonymous), 20-Feb-12 04:29 PM, #7
Reply RE: Daevryn Busts a Move on a New Round of Edges, Graatch, 20-Feb-12 04:29 PM, #6
Reply Fixed. n/t, Cyradia, 20-Feb-12 09:28 PM, #9
Reply RE: Daevryn Busts a Move on a New Round of Edges, Woodie (Anonymous), 20-Feb-12 07:38 AM, #3
Reply RE: Daevryn Busts a Move on a New Round of Edges, Daevryn, 20-Feb-12 09:51 AM, #4
     Reply RE: Daevryn Busts a Move on a New Round of Edges, Woodie (Anonymous), 20-Feb-12 04:29 PM, #5
     Reply Helpfile specifies warrior now..., Cyradia, 20-Feb-12 09:30 PM, #10
Reply Thumbs Up. nt, Kalageadon, 19-Feb-12 04:19 PM, #2
Reply One: Totally Sloshed is my favorite edge ever., TMNS, 19-Feb-12 04:19 PM, #1
Topic CF DowntimeTwistThu 16-Feb-12 12:27 AM820
HOT Topic Silent Tower's open for the holiday season. [ View all ]DaevrynWed 18-Jan-12 12:04 PM1949
Reply It's a new year and our season's come to a close., Daevryn, 02-Jan-12 10:16 PM, #8
Reply RE: It's a new year and our season's come to a close., Sertius, 18-Jan-12 12:01 PM, #9
Reply Thanks for opening it., Quixotic, 18-Jan-12 12:01 PM, #10
Reply RE: Thanks for opening it., Daevryn, 18-Jan-12 12:04 PM, #13
Reply Aaaaw, was so awesome that it was open!, Amberion, 18-Jan-12 12:01 PM, #11
Reply Thanks for opening it back up :), Oldril, 18-Jan-12 12:01 PM, #12
Reply RE: Silent Tower's open for the holiday season., Isildur, 28-Nov-11 01:19 AM, #7
Reply Are all the entrances enabled?, Bloodletter (Anonymous), 25-Nov-11 01:05 PM, #5
Reply RE: Are all the entrances enabled?, Daevryn, 25-Nov-11 01:15 PM, #6
Reply I might even try and go in this time round....alright t..., Abernyte, 25-Nov-11 11:32 AM, #4
Reply You sir, are pure evil, Torak, 25-Nov-11 11:32 AM, #3
Reply Thanks. Really hope you leave it open..., Gaplemo, 24-Nov-11 06:54 PM, #2
Reply Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Time to con-die my ch..., Amberion, 24-Nov-11 03:23 PM, #1
Topic Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays [ View all ]ZulghinlourSun 25-Dec-11 03:25 PM1318
Reply Awesome!!, TJHuron, 25-Dec-11 03:25 PM, #1
Topic Server Maintenance December 18th [ View all ]ZulghinlourMon 19-Dec-11 07:04 PM1188
Reply RE: Server Maintenance December 18th, Splntrd, 19-Dec-11 07:04 PM, #1
Topic Server Maintenance December 3rd [ View all ]ZulghinlourSat 03-Dec-11 01:17 PM1482
Reply RE: Server Maintenance December 3rd, jaf2h, 03-Dec-11 01:16 PM, #2
Reply Correct (n/t), Zulghinlour, 03-Dec-11 01:17 PM, #3
Reply RE: Server Maintenance December 3rd, xrus, 03-Dec-11 01:16 PM, #1
     Reply Same port (n/t), Zulghinlour, 03-Dec-11 01:17 PM, #4
Topic 10 hours of Double XP for Black FridayZulghinlourFri 25-Nov-11 02:01 PM951
Topic Santa Zulg 2011 is open [ View all ]ZulghinlourThu 24-Nov-11 09:40 PM1319
Reply Note:, Daevryn, 24-Nov-11 09:40 PM, #2
Reply It might be worth the time to look through long-term, Tac, 24-Nov-11 03:23 PM, #1
HOT Topic Prison of Glymarach now open [ View all ]Anliltuel (Anonymous)Tue 11-Oct-11 07:49 PM2553
Reply RE: Prison of Glymarach now open, Eternal, 02-Oct-11 08:56 PM, #11
Reply I semi-support this, incognito, 03-Oct-11 07:30 PM, #12
Reply Heh, Tsunami, 03-Oct-11 07:30 PM, #13
Reply Having dealt with around 3-5 equations., Batman (Anonymous), 11-Oct-11 07:49 PM, #14
Reply Cool, but did you really mean "ABOVE the recommended lv..., Calion, 18-Sep-11 08:35 PM, #1
     Reply I believe he did. (n/t), Daevryn, 18-Sep-11 08:39 PM, #2
     Reply That information should be in the helpfile...., Tac, 19-Sep-11 12:52 PM, #4
     Reply It is available in game, incognito, 19-Sep-11 07:17 PM, #6
     Reply It shouldn't need to be., Anliltuel (Anonymous), 19-Sep-11 07:17 PM, #7
          Reply RE: It shouldn't need to be., GrahamC, 22-Sep-11 07:51 PM, #8
               Reply Seriously? He writes a TOTALLY unique area, and gets t..., Straklaw, 23-Sep-11 08:16 AM, #9
               Reply Not really, Tsunami, 23-Sep-11 08:16 AM, #10
     Reply Oh, yes. nt, Anliltuel (Anonymous), 19-Sep-11 12:52 PM, #5
     Reply he REALLY meant above recommended lvls :P n/t, The-me, 19-Sep-11 12:52 PM, #3
HOT Topic Greater Undead Changes! [ View all ]DaevrynFri 23-Sep-11 08:16 AM2523
Reply Greater Undead, Mad Quester (Anonymous), 22-Sep-11 07:51 PM, #13
Reply As a minimum, incognito, 23-Sep-11 08:16 AM, #14
Reply RE: Greater Undead, Daevryn, 23-Sep-11 08:15 AM, #15
Reply RE: Greater Undead Changes!, Splntrd, 18-Sep-11 08:35 PM, #8
Reply RE: Greater Undead Changes!, Daevryn, 18-Sep-11 08:38 PM, #9
     Reply ditto, Scarabaeus, 19-Sep-11 11:09 AM, #11
     Reply A little more detail:, Daevryn, 19-Sep-11 12:49 PM, #12
Reply RE: Greater Undead Changes!, Kalageadon, 18-Sep-11 08:35 PM, #7
Reply Wow!, Explosion, 17-Sep-11 11:26 AM, #3
Reply RE: Wow!, Scarabaeus, 17-Sep-11 03:06 PM, #6
     Reply Hehe ), Explosion, 19-Sep-11 12:52 PM, #10
Reply What prompted this change?, Oldril, 17-Sep-11 11:26 AM, #2
Reply RE: What prompted this change?, Daevryn, 17-Sep-11 11:31 AM, #4
     Reply Neat, thanks guys for your hard work!, Oldril, 18-Sep-11 08:35 PM, #5
Reply Peter Rabbit Died?!, Twist, 16-Sep-11 10:55 PM, #1
Topic Labor Day bonus...ZulghinlourMon 05-Sep-11 04:37 PM812
Topic New command: bonus [ View all ]ZulghinlourWed 10-Aug-11 10:18 PM1268
Topic Server Maintenance July 8th, 2011 [ View all ]ZulghinlourThu 07-Jul-11 10:57 PM1252
Topic Reksah Gains a Small Measure of PermanenceReksahMon 09-May-11 03:05 PM1200
Topic Automating Learning & Experience BonusesZulghinlourSun 24-Apr-11 12:50 PM1137
Topic Updated cabalwars commandZulghinlourSun 17-Apr-11 06:53 PM1310
Topic Users on the logon screen [ View all ]ZulghinlourWed 13-Apr-11 06:08 PM1200
Topic April Fools?ZulghinlourFri 01-Apr-11 03:39 PM1037
Topic Belated Christmas present - Double XP today!ZulghinlourSat 08-Jan-11 01:14 PM814
Topic New command: kinship [ View all ]ZulghinlourSun 26-Dec-10 06:41 PM1623
Reply Wow. Awesome., Ghrim (Anonymous), 26-Dec-10 06:41 PM, #1
Topic Carrion Fields Black Friday is Double XP! [ View all ]ZulghinlourFri 26-Nov-10 12:53 PM1385
Reply RE: Carrion Fields Black Friday is Double XP!, thatdude (Anonymous), 26-Nov-10 02:14 AM, #2
Reply sounds great, just returned (Anonymous), 26-Nov-10 02:14 AM, #1
     Reply From when I wake up, til when I go to bed, Zulghinlour, 26-Nov-10 02:15 AM, #3
          Reply So maybe he forgets to go to bed all weekend. NT, Martainn, 26-Nov-10 12:53 PM, #4
Topic Santa Zulg 2010 [ View all ]ZulghinlourFri 26-Nov-10 12:53 PM1503
Reply ROFL, DurNominator, 26-Nov-10 12:53 PM, #1
Topic CF WikiNnaeshukMon 25-Oct-10 05:26 PM997
Topic Tweak: Faceslash + Felar A-P's [ View all ]ZulghinlourTue 19-Oct-10 12:20 AM1697
Reply But only if they single wield, ie sword or mace and not..., Abernyte, 19-Oct-10 12:20 AM, #2
Reply YES!!, TrapperJohn (Anonymous), 06-Oct-10 10:52 PM, #1
Topic October Role ContestNnaeshukWed 06-Oct-10 10:52 PM798
Topic Creep/Camo highlightingZulghinlourSat 02-Oct-10 08:24 PM1002
Topic New addition to noteZulghinlourSat 02-Oct-10 08:16 PM899
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