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dahlgrenTue 16-Jun-15 02:17 PM
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#679, "Truly epic exploration"


I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this - I've been playing off and on since 2003, but never been very active in the community

I've never made it into the higher levels in CF, though I think my current character might make it this time. With that in mind, the following may not impress those of you who are used to wrecking lives as heroes, but for me... it was intense.

**** IC ****

My last foray into the Aryth ended with being sucked down into the ocean and devoured. Not a pleasant experience. I was determined to make it to the jewel of the south - Seantryn Modan. I had some seaweed (just in case) and a brand new raft and headed out from Hamsah Mu'tazz. I generally tried to head south by southeast, but my sense of direction wasn't great out in the open ocean. I continued on cautiously, making sure to avoid the grizzly end that got me last time. After hours and hours in the ocean, I finally caught sight of land to the south!

Looking at my world map, I believed myself to be in the coastal wetlands of the south. I tried to head generally east and south, but kept finding myself in a forest. I was scared to venture too far in, but getting frustrated I eventually headed east, all the way through. Next thing I knew, I was in the Jade Mountains! I again looked at my map and saw that I was far to the east of my target. I headed back west until I hit some plains, then tried further west, then south, then west again, then maybe south west, again running into what appeared to be dangerous forest territory. Dismayed, I headed back north into the Aryth.

I decided to skirt the coast a bit and head west to see what I could find - than I stumbled across it! The Seantryn Bay! I had made landfall far to the east of where I expected. I was now reoriented and excited to reach my destination. I had spent several days in the plains, forests, and mountains east of Seantryn Modan and was in need of some rest and resupply. I followed the bay around, looking for land. The first sight of it I made was the edge of a refuse filled swamp, which I assumed must border the town. I headed off into the stinking mire, trying to find a road, a light, something to the south or east.

Days later, I was still in the swamp. The muck was exhausting and I found myself needing to rest several times a day. It seemed no matter which way I headed, I would end up back at a landmark I knew I had seen before. Add to this the mosquitoes, the *terrible* stench, and the physical exertion and you'll understand that I wasn't exactly happy. After some time, I came across the bleached bones of another victim of the swamp. Someone apparently trapped out here for too long without food or water. I looked at my own empty canteen and meager rations and began to fear I'd join him.

I continued trying to find my way out of the swamp with a renewed sense of purpose and within another day I had managed to find myself back in the bay. I doubled back, searching the east and south for the harbor I hoped was out there; I began to fear Seantryn Modan had been wiped out, or worse, turned into the disgusting swamp I had narrowly escaped! Eventually I found a narrow channel leading inland, and followed it around to the docks.

I was so excited to be back in civilization that I literally kissed the filthy docks as soon as I drug myself onto them. I promptly found food and drink and collapsed in a heap to get some rest.

I have never had such an accidental, impromptu adventure. I expected crossing the Aryth to be the hard part of this trip. Luckily my poor sense of direction and stubbornness didn't get me killed!

Trying not to die


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