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FjarnFri 18-Dec-09 09:15 AM
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#608, "Chapter 7"


Kaetla looks up from the maps laid out on her table in the southeastern
watchtower. A grizzled dwarf stomps in with a gleam in his eye.

"They're movin'."


"The bloody Whitecloaks are pushin' north."

Kaetla sits back, pressing her fingers against her eyelids.

"That's suicide."

Freg Oathcrusher grins, opening his mouth to speak, but he catches his clever
retort when he sees the expression on Kaetla's face. Brought together by
circumstances, they had become close in the years that they'd battled here.

Grimacing, the dwarf says, "Yer gonna follow 'em, aren't ya?"

"We'll leave a contingent here, to keep the nightwalkers from pushing beyond the
palisade," the paladin replies, her eyes still closed.

"Yer ain't goin' alone. I'll rally me men."


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