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BoonSat 30-Aug-08 01:16 AM
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#595, "Found Celebeleni in the qhcf archives, but not the others..."



Before you stands the willowy figure of a slim half-elven nature
woman. Looking at her from head to toe, you see a crown of lilies
of the valley atop the silvery-grey hair that marks her in her
croneage. The woman's hair swirls loosely down her back, nearly
to her ankles. Peeking through her hair are the tips of your
typical smoothly pointed elven ears. The woman's cream coloured
skin reminds you of cotton in it's bloom, pale yet beautiful, even
though it is age-wrinkled. In her free dance, the woman turns her
eyes to look at you, silver-grey almondine eyes that remind you
of looking upon the stars at night. Looking upon the rest of the
woman's face, you note her finely chiseled nose, and her high
cheek-bones. On the woman's left cheek, you note a finely shimmering
sapphire teardrop. Smiling at you, the woman's deep, full lips seem
ready to burst into song in but a moment.

The woman wears clothes of the forest, in colours of greens and
browns, although attached to her belt is a pouch made of a deep blue
colored material, which she reaches down to grasp at from time to
time. Her clothes are free flowing and natural, much as she herself
is. No matter her troubles, she always seems to be in revel of life

You examine the rest of the woman,
noting her health and clothing:

Celebeleni, a female half-elf, is in perfect health.

Furthermore, I think Seantryn Modan must be destroyed.


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