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HopelessdwarfTue 13-Nov-07 01:53 PM
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#587, "RE: Figures from Thera's past"


Heres a couple semi recent ones.. hope this helps

Before you stands one of the biggest dwarves you've
ever seen. A face set with a fierce scowl upon
it, a beard that hangs well down below his waist,
this dwarf looks to be having a very bad day. His
arms look proportionate to his body, his legs
are short, giving him a stumpy posture yet not
short. He seems to be covered with various smudges
and soils telling you that he must be a craftsman
of some kind. The strong scent of ale catches
your nose.....

An aged, mature fire giant stands before you. From years
of training, his muscles are toned and extremely well defined.
From the years of battling, you just sense a presence within
him. Of average height and weight for his ancestry, his
demeanor appears confident, one would say borderline arrogant.

Weapons of all array lay sheathed about him, indicating his
profession as a warrior. Twirling around what seems a very
heavy polearm, you also see in particular more hammers than
any other types of weaponry.

As he appears to keenly observe his surroundings, you notice
a brand of sorts on his left cheek. The brand is that of
the Imperial Codex. It almost appears to be...pulsating.

Midnight black feathers swirl menacingly around this tall figure. Standing well over seven feet in height this wiry Arial stands hunched in a seemingly ever prone hunting stance. A large silver beak hooks menacingly down to the nape of his neck. One menacing bloodshot eye seems to emit hatred as it peers down his beak. The other eye is covered with a ragged brown patch marked with a faded red X across it. Broad shoulders give way to lean arms that are covered in more ragged black feathers. The feathers here are frayed
and ill kept in comparison to those upon his torso and face. Age has ravaged this Avian as his feathers have turned from black to grey and his two black wings have begun to droop and turn a spotted grey and black. Upon the tips of his hands and feet are short pointed talons each shaved to take on the form of small daggers.


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