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MaquiavelTue 06-Nov-07 04:27 PM
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#586, "The ones I have"


What appeared to be a small mound of earth is a bit disconcerting as it blinks
eyes as big and round as the full moon resting in the clouds of the night sky
and stares up at you. Pale moonbeams reveal the small figure cloaked in moss
and lichen that meld seemlessly with his sinewy form. Wide and long blades
of grass entertwine in strange weaving to form a deep cowl that rests low on
the creature's forehead just above its bushy eyelashes. As the druid raises
a small staff of rohan above his head, his robes open to reveal a large wound
that spans from collar bone to naval, the wound is undressed but unbleeding,
and though he appears mindful of it, the mark does not hinder the druid's
motions, rather it appears a natural part of him. With a resounding clap of
thunder the small druid brings his staff to the ground, and in the same motion

Brilliantly vibrant wings extend from beneath the blackened
platemail of the heavily cloaked figure before you. Although
he appears out of place within plain view, the winged creature
does not shy away from your penetrating gaze. His body is small
but still possesses, in a somewhat diminished form, a compact
strength that can easily dispatch much larger foes. He returns your
scrutiny with a devilish glare, clearly judging your worth to him.


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